Sunday, March 31, 2024


Hello happy Easter Sunday!

Are you ready for some pictures? We went to the Easter Egg hunt down at the campgrounds with the kids yesterday. 

Rosie looked around saw all the people and the swings and said YEAH!!!

I took her on the swing and that's all she wanted to do lol.

Scott tried to take over for me at one point and she said no lol

Pulled her away for the egg hunt but that only lasted a minute for her. She'd open it then throw it all down haha. Then she made a bee line for the swings.

Scott & Jess did the egg hunt with Daniel he got a ton!

They got bubble wands from the special egg pick lol

Scott and I were ready for a nap when we were done haha

I got the mac salad & potato salad done and had to do a taste test. Scott saw me and I ended up giving him half.

Scott and Trevor got the yard mowed before it rained again. I have to go put everything back on the porch since I think they forgot that part.

Trevor went to work and Scott and I went to sushi.

While we were there we missed a hail storm at home. We got some rain on our way back and a cool sunset

Last night and this morning I'm having some pain in my lower stomach area. I thought maybe it was cramps then maybe I'm dying. Maybe it's just gas. Ugh sucks. Hopefully it stops soon. So much to do still. Going to be a "good enough" day I think lol.


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Hope you are feeling better! The sushi perhaps?

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