Saturday, July 15, 2017

4th of July BBQ and Fireworks

What? you don't have 12 posts for every holiday? Oh me neither, just 3 lol.

So after we got home from the parade, breakfast, and a trip to the grocery store for bbq stuff, we went to my brother Louie's house to hang out and swim.

I only have a couple pictures since I spent most of the day getting in and out of the pool.

Funny story, Emma, age 3 swam up to me and then pulls her arm up and she's been swimming around with this big plastic tea pot on her arm. What a goof ball! She had a great time pouring it out.

We left around 8:30 to go watch the fireworks in the Costco parking lot with all my neighbor friends.

Oh look it's Melissa with a hula hoop.

We had a good view of the fireworks minus that street light

and of the idiots trying to set Costco on fire

Here is just part of the group hanging out. 2 minutes after the fireworks were over Scott was all packed up and ready to go. I'm like uh we have to hang out a bit before we try to leave?

Who ever designed this area was a complete moron. There is only one 2 lane exit out of the whole shopping center and ball park. So we hang out for about 20 minutes and then it's easy to leave :)

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Friday, July 14, 2017

4th of July Parade Downtown Tracy

Jessica came over for dinner on Monday and the kids all decided they wanted to go to the parade downtown. I don't think we have been to the parade since they were in Girl Scouts. Teenagers want to go to parade? Ok, let's go!

Jess came over in the morning and then we were on our way. We sat in front of where Tredways used to be. I used to work there and would watch all the parades in the window. They just tore it down though. So sad.

Hey Trevor, look at me! yeah that never happens unless he's making a face.

Jess was excited to see "Sparkles the Clown" was still around.

Finally it's starting!

Yeah, Girl Scouts!

This kid had to have been exhausted by the time he got to the end. He made that little cart go by pulling the lever.

These people were handing out fans. I was like is he a republican or a democrat ;)

Hey, is that a pig?? Yep..

These guys did a fun little dance

Handing out free water, how nice!

Oh there's the fire engine, must be done!

Just kidding.

Sad but true

These girls were lifting weights on the trailer. That takes talent! I probably would have fell over.

The parade had so much space between all the floats and such that we left after an hour. I can't believe the kids made it that long lol. I was complaining more than anyone I think. Like 3-5 minutes between things walking down the street is way too long!

After we left we went to IHOP where Melissa ordered the biggest "sampler' breakfast and ate it all but the bacon. I don't know where she puts it!

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

4th of July Party (Kids Games & More)

We had our annual 4th of July party out at the club on the 1st. 4th of July, 1st of July, whatever works right?

I had been trying to not be too involved this go around but ended up doing a bit of helping. Like cutting up a million watermelons.

At least I wasn't the one making this GIANT mac salad

I helped with some decorations and running the kids games. It was nice to "help" with the games and not be in charge.

The kids started with bike decorating and then being "judged". Hard to judge though when they all used the same supplies.

Next we had the water balloon toss. She used the ones that you see in the infomercials that fill up real fast. Much easier than the time I did the old fashioned ones.

Last year the other gal made this water station, notice how it's full of bigger kids playing with it? lol

We did a bean bag toss next but I only had pictures of the kids so that wasn't too excited. One girl kept score so we had a winner for the most points (wood clown with holes worth different points)

Then it was the sack race! I love some of these action shots!

and the adults got in on it, I declined to "take pictures" haha

Next up! Watermelon eating contest! This is a must have for our 4th of July party. The kids really look forward to it (and the adults!)

I had precut 24 pieces for this. We usually don't have 20 kids. Oh my, we had over 30 kids lined up to participate! I had to think fast and ran in and got the smaller pieces that were for lunch for the little kids to eat. Whew.

Mid sized kids haha

"little" kids (let them use their hands) they were so cute

and then the teenagers

next we had a new one, whipped cream! Adults got in on this with the kids. The girl that won basically just sucked it all up.

after this we had lunch, which I didn't help serve this time. That was kind of nice. That's always so stressful. People always want more or less or we are running out of something.

Look at all this food for $10. That's one big Lockeford Sausage (locally famous!)

After lunch the kids did a tug of war which I missed since I was helping get the cake booth ready.
Then the kids did a relay race of some sort (I didn't help) and got all colored up with some color run type chalk someone donated. The big kids thought it was great.

Meanwhile the people were going bonkers at the cake booth. This giant wheel got an updated paint job and brought out. So much fun!

These people are crazy I tell you! You'd think they hadn't had cake in years. Like a mob wanting CAKE CAKE CAKE.

after that was over I just hung out!

Don't my guys look happy?

Melissa & Jessica bring their hula hoops where ever they go now. Some day we'll be like "that was the hula hoop phase" haha

there was a ton of raffle prizes, sadly I didn't win the one thing I put all my tickets in for.

The party was a success and everyone said they really enjoyed it. The next big party is going to be a Hippie Party. I need to work on an outfit!

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