Friday, July 14, 2017

4th of July Parade Downtown Tracy

Jessica came over for dinner on Monday and the kids all decided they wanted to go to the parade downtown. I don't think we have been to the parade since they were in Girl Scouts. Teenagers want to go to parade? Ok, let's go!

Jess came over in the morning and then we were on our way. We sat in front of where Tredways used to be. I used to work there and would watch all the parades in the window. They just tore it down though. So sad.

Hey Trevor, look at me! yeah that never happens unless he's making a face.

Jess was excited to see "Sparkles the Clown" was still around.

Finally it's starting!

Yeah, Girl Scouts!

This kid had to have been exhausted by the time he got to the end. He made that little cart go by pulling the lever.

These people were handing out fans. I was like is he a republican or a democrat ;)

Hey, is that a pig?? Yep..

These guys did a fun little dance

Handing out free water, how nice!

Oh there's the fire engine, must be done!

Just kidding.

Sad but true

These girls were lifting weights on the trailer. That takes talent! I probably would have fell over.

The parade had so much space between all the floats and such that we left after an hour. I can't believe the kids made it that long lol. I was complaining more than anyone I think. Like 3-5 minutes between things walking down the street is way too long!

After we left we went to IHOP where Melissa ordered the biggest "sampler' breakfast and ate it all but the bacon. I don't know where she puts it!

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Karyn said...

That looks like an excellent parade, Julie, especially with the teenagers in tow! I still love seeing my boys enjoy things that they used to when they were was like after they left for college all of a sudden they appreciated their home town so much more and the things that caused them to roll their eyes, just a few years earlier, were now cool...I loved those teen years when they would spontaneously show their kid selves. (did any of that make sense? LOL)
I too would have been fidgety after a short while in the heat, but there's nothing that can't be topped with a trip to IHOP! Yummmmy!
Have a great weekend.

Chris H said...

I wouldn't have bothered sitting there for that long ... floats should be fairly close together. Melissa is a growing girl... like Brylee. They can eat and eat and never put on weight... GAH! Griffin is the same as Trevor in so many ways.... virtually impossible to get him to JUST SMILE! Boys!

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