Friday, June 30, 2023


Good morning happy FRIYEAH!

Still waiting to find out if my request for Monday off is approved sigh. I'm going to assume it is and call it a 4 day plus 2 hour early release weekend!

Last night Trevor and I went to dinner before the grocery store. I don't know why he has one eye closed lol. He got this soup that was still cooking while he ate it. I got the ramen bowl since it was one of the only things that wasn't spicy on the menu and full of fish. It was "ok" lol but I wouldn't pick it to go back to.

SUMMER IS HERE. Here come the heat. If you need me I'll be inside with the AC. 

Tomorrow is the 4th of July party down at the clubhouse but I most likely won't go since my buddy Cassi has abandoned me and I'm not that close to my other friend I used to hang out with anymore. Scott never really likes to do those things.

Sunday will most likely be babysitting. We are invited to go over to my brother Louie's for the 4th. Not sure if we are doing that yet but probably.

I got groceries for to last a bit. Over $300 but I had to buy dog food and cat food so that was like $50. Little oinkers.

Work is DEAD. Fun! I need to go to Joanns and get more of the fusible fleece so I can finish up these bags I started. I guess I can work on some keychains until I get myself over there!


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Thursday, June 29, 2023


Good morning happy whatever day it is. Oh wait it's Thursday!

Way back on Monday night I made this Spinach Pasta dish for dinner. Does anyone else's stores no longer have chopped frozen spinach in the box? Every since Covid they don't have that anymore at my store. I had to buy a bag of it. Also my cheap store doesn't have the fancy chive cream cheese so I just used regular and it was fine.

Tuesday morning I had Trevor drive me to work so I could take the work car to Monterey for our area meeting. I get into the car I reserved and it is so disgustingly dirty outside. I can barely see through the window so do the wipers and the wipers are shredded. NICE! So I ended up just buying a car wash for it with my own money so I could see and wouldn't be embarrassed driving it. I haven't drove a work car in so long I'm not sure which place we can get a car wash from with the gov'ment card. 

I hit McD's on my way out of town and then drove the two hours there.  I followed this thing for like 20 minutes on a no passing 2 lane road. At one point the tractor tires on the right were almost touching the ground. Talk about sketchy!

After I finally got there just after 11 I see that we were supposed to bring our own lunch to eat from 11-12. Nice! I could have taken my time a little longer and probably should have planned something for lunch. I ended up running out on one of the breaks around 3 and getting a tiny sandwich for $12 from the hotel store.

I sat next to this gal who is a friend of my friend so we've hung out together before. That was nice to be called over and told to sit next to her.

This was the longest 45 minutes of the whole thing. The area boss (my bosses boss) is so into these rules. I've had them emailed to me at least twice and he went through and read them all. SNORE. Like Jesus if you are a rule breaker him reading to you for 45 minutes isn't going to change anything.

After that we had a lot of stuff I already forgot then they finally let us go for the day at like almost 5. My phone was totally dead so I got my room key, booked it to the car which was in a garage down the street a big and got my luggage, then went and plugged in my phone for like 5 minutes before going back town to meet my office co workers for dinner. 

We went down to the fisherman's wharf. The hotel is almost on the wharf so we just walked there. Super nice. Scott and I always stayed at the cheapy hotels when we were in the area but it would be nice to stay here for ourselves.

My $70 dinner minus the cup of clam chowder and the tip. I can't even remember the name of where we ate. Something crab lol. Every time we go there the names of the restaurants are different. I was too full to finish it all so took 1/2 the steak and some veggies back to the hotel but didn't end up eating it.

View from the table

We walked down the wharf after. It was Grace's 60th birthday. She is the one person in our agency who I have worked with the whole time I've worked in the office. So I've known her 17 years in August. 

This was our dinner dates lol. Lisa with the darker glasses has been my boss 2x but isn't my boss at the moment. The rest are kids lol. Could be all their mothers ;)

After the wharf we walked around the little famer's market that was across from the hotel. I didn't buy anything because I was stuffed. Then we just went back to the hotel and I was going to watch TV but got annoyed with all the commercials so just played on my phone and crashed out hella early.

The hotel room was nice 

I was on the 4th floor but these windows looked out onto the street (through some bushes) with people walking by so they got closed.

I just saw a tik tok about a girl who got bedbugs from a fabric headboard so I was like ewww lol. But I think it was ok.

The maid left her dust rag. At least I hope it was the maids lol. I didn't touch it.

The next morning I some how was running late so didn't get any breakfast but they had coffee and someone brought homemade cookies so that's what I had. We were done by 12. They spent a big chunk of the morning handing out 2 year old awards that never got done because of Covid. I didn't get one but I think I got the 5 year one they were handing out back in 2020 when we had our state meeting. People got pins and I'm like did I get a pin? What did I do with the pin??? lol I'm pretty sure the award is in my work desk.

Right before the meeting was over I went to the bathroom and saw Aunt Flo came early for the party. Man she is so rude messing up all my vacations. I didn't even bring any pads since I was thinking she wasn't due for awhile so after the meeting I had to run to the store and buy some for the ride home. 

I found this teriyaki bowl place for lunch so got fueled up for the ride home. I was starving so got the big bowl and ended up eating part of it later for dinner too.

Today's plan hmmm I have 2 eBay packages to mail out. I really need to go to the grocery store so will probably end up doing that. That's about it. Nothing too exciting.

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Monday, June 26, 2023


Hello good morning happy Monday!

Today is a little bit of a preparation day since tomorrow and Wednesday I'll be in Monterey for a 2 day work meeting. The agenda looks like I'll be trying not to fall asleep the whole time ;) Hopefully the hotel is nice and I find someone to hang out with. 

Yesterday I finished up the flamingo coin purses

and the other pinkish ones I had cut out from before in my finish later box.


Then I did the piecing for some zip bags and keychains. I am out of fusible fleece so I can't do the zip bags until I get more of that. I just remembered I still need to pick out zippers so I can do that part. I have a bunch of keychains I can work on but the interfacing part is my least favorite so I haven't started that step yet. I think I will take some buttons and cards to sew them on with me for something to do if I don't end up hanging out with anyone. 

Smoked paprika chicken thighs, some mini potatoes, mushrooms and carrots.

I put in for a ton of days off this morning. Hopefully my boss approves them all. I don't know why she wouldn't since it is so dead all the time. 

That's all I've got for this morning. I'm almost done watching Season 9 of Alone. Love that show except all the animal killing but at least they are eating them :( 


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Sunday, June 25, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday! I started to post yesterday but then Jess asked if I could watch the kids so I had to go vacuum lol. 

Friday morning I went to the office but stopped at the flea market first. NOTHING good so sad. hardly any of the garage sale type vendors were there. Mostly the new knock off stuff in bulk like you'd expect at a flea market. I'm wondering if there are more of the garage sale ones on the Saturdays. I'm going to have to try it one of these days.

After that I decided to go get a drink to take into the office with me and drove past a garage sale sign so I hit 2 of those on the way and got a couple pairs of shorts for myself and some kids clothes for like .40 each. 

Worked in the office for a bit (mailing out letters) and then went by my old boss/friend Lisa's house to get some veggies from her garden. She has a fantastic chocolate lab mixed with a horse or something. He was so big! Super cute baby but he got in trouble for digging up the cilantro and bringing something dead over from a close by dairy while I was there haha. They are definitely "farm" people and don't worry about the animals roaming around all day. 

After that I came home and worked for like 2 more hours doing nothing. Great work day! I think I took a nap after work and then went and got Trevor and I Chinese food. Here it is looking all pretty but the orange chicken I got was so nasty I didn't eat any of it. I know to stick with the sweet and sour there now.

Saturday I watched the kiddos for awhile. Daniel was extra snuggly even if he was picking his nose lol.

Rosie has started standing up in the middle of the floor now. Next comes running! Won't be long. After the kids left I was so tired so I laid on my bed for awhile and then eventually got up and got fixed up a bit and went down to the bar for a burger for dinner. I hung out until they closed a little after 10, (early since it was pretty dead).

Simon said TIME TO GET UP this morning lol. She is so funny even though she makes messes. 

Scott is here already this morning. He comes in first thing and starts looking for food. I'm like why do you come looking for food when you just came from town where all the food is. Would be nice if he at least asked if we needed anything before heading over. 

Summer is finally going to show up next weekend. Not that I'm excited about it but it has been so odd that it hasn't been that hot.  Probably be in the 100's all through August now ;)

Not sure what I'm doing with myself today. I should finish these flamingo coin purses I started. I haven't been that excited to sew them up. I think it's time for a new kind of project once I finish all this stuff I cut out. 

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Friday, June 23, 2023



Good morning happy FriYEA! This week actually went by pretty fast. 

Rusty getting annoyed by Trevor deciding he needed his paw fur shaved down lol. Thought for sure he'd bite him but he didn't.

Our team didn't do too hot for darts last night, we only won 2 out of the 7 games. I hung out for a bit after then Scott texted he wanted to go out to eat. LOL. Always on dart night. So we went to Applebees and got the sampler platter and some of their mini cinnamon rolls. 

Going to go wash my hair in a minute and then drive over to the office to print out some letters. I don't have any actual work to do so I guess that's something!

I got most of my laundry washed and put away yesterday. Just a little bit to go. Also worked on watering the yard 2 days in a row. It's already greening up a bit. I hand picked a bunch of tall fox tails out of the yard too. There are so many they are horrible. Need to work on the ones in the back yard that are all dry and dangerous.

That's all I've got for this morning!

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Thursday, June 22, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday!

Yesterday I got the coin purses partially done. Just have to sew around the edges! Mostly flamingos and then I had dug through my partially done box and pulled out pink things. I think I've sold enough Winnie The Pooh ones to add a few more to the mix. 

Jess sent me this picture of Rosie yesterday. She's so cute!

I've been combing Tina a lot and she LOVES it. Like is a pest and won't go away lol

I made pepper steak for dinner! And mashed potatoes. It was so good. There is some left overs so maybe some for lunch if Trevor doesn't beat me to all of it ;) Finally got all that steak cooked so I can do another of the recipes I had planned for. Just have to figure out which one.

I was going to go to the office to do letters today but I think I might just do it tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have a few more to add to it. 

Darts tonight! Hopefully I do good. I've been a bit sucky lately lol. 

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Wednesday, June 21, 2023


 Good morning happy Wednesday! I had to look to see what day it is. Half way through the week already. I didn't take any pictures yesterday so here is Lucy this morning sun bathing

Yesterday I found enough work to keep me busy all day. Tomorrow I'm going into the office to mail some letters out. Exciting! Tomorrow night I have darts too.

After work I washed all the dishes that have accumulated. I swear them multiply every time I leave the room. Then I made a few more dishes by cooking up some chicken fajitas. I make this recipe all the time and they are so good.  Tonight I need to use up the rest of that steak so I will probably make pepper steak. I'm going to have to get some more bell peppers for the other recipes I had planned out. Maybe I'll go by the store on my way home tomorrow.

I didn't sew at all yesterday. I didn't really feel like it. Maybe today I'll work on those coin purses.

I don't have any plans for this weekend so that is good. I should work on the yard! It's so weird the weather is only in the 80's. Usually all summer is 90's-100's. Looks like next week it will work it's way up to the 90's again. 

Scott got a surprise on his paycheck yesterday. A nice raise! I guess going on vacation for a week and being unavailable for phone calls makes you a lot more valuable lol. Nice he's finally getting some recognition for it. I mean the man went to work with 3 broken ribs. You can't say he's not loyal.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2023


Hello happy back to work Tuesday! So far I've listened to the big boss do his usual rambling, had my "review" for the quarter, updated my "accomplishments" and the spreadsheet that I'm supposed to send to the offices but don't really bother with because they can look it up too. Almost time for another meeting if it's actually happening. Not sure if it's a real one or one left over that shows up on my calendar.

Apparently I'm the only one that is unhappy with their job now. Surreee I am. 

This reminded me of a story my biker friend told me of how back in the 70's early 80's they'd bring the baby home from the hospital on the bike. Crazy! 

I did some work with my "flamingo" fabrics and some other pink ones. I played with the 1" scraps and cut them into a couple zip bags but they aren't finished yet.

I did get some coasters done. They are so cute.

I'll probably do coin purses next. I haven't looked to see what I have for zippers yet so hopefully I have some matching ones otherwise I'll have to order some.

I made this vegetable soup for lunch. It should be called vegetable beef soup. It was pretty good and there was only a little over a container left since I had 2 big bowls yesterday ;)

We had steak for dinner and Trevor made us chicken fried steak for breakfast lol. I have one more pack of steaks I had taken out for the weekend that we didn't use so I might just make some pepper steak with those. 

A boy came by yesterday and knocked on the door. He asked if I wanted to sell my paddle boat. WELL I had been thinking about selling it! So I told him $150 and after he went home and came back he asked if I'd take $125. I told him sure and showed him the trailer Scott had built for it and told him he could have that for another $50. He came back for a 3rd time with money and took them both. Two more things out of the yard! I was a little sad to see it go but we can't really use it in the lake anymore since the grass is so high in the lake. It makes it really hard to paddle it around since the grass gets stuck. We probably haven't taken in out in at least 5 years.

Trevor left hours ago to take the recycling in. I bet he got a few dollars since there was so much! Jess had given him her huge stash to take in. Nice to get all that crap cleaned up. 

My whole yard is crap and fox tails. Wish I could just take a torch to it lol. What I really need to do is to get on a good watering schedule and order more dirt to fill in a bunch of holes and uneven areas. I need pick an area and get busy working out there it is embarrassing. I know once I start I'll get all into it, I just need to get started.

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Monday, June 19, 2023


Good morning happy Monday! I logged into work today and was going through my 200 plus emails when I saw someone mention that Monday was a holiday! So then I logged off. Happy Juneteenth!

Yesterday I went over to Jessica's house to watch the kids but after a short bit I just brought them back to my house because Daniel insisted lol. He went and got his shoes and was like lets go! So we came back to my house for about 2 hours. One way to get my house picked up real quick. I had to run the vacuum and clean up the crap the boys leave around all over. 

Rosie was asleep when Jess came to pick them up so she stayed until she woke up. Scott was here then and I took her home. I came back and was in my sewing room for like FOUR HOURS when Scott starts texting me. I'm like WTF why is he texting me from the other room. He thought I had never come back lol. That's what happens when you sleep in the recliner all day.

We went over at 6:30 and had tri tip, potato salad, beans, corn, watermelon and root beer floats for dessert. I was so full on the way home I had to unbutton my pants lol

I only took one people picture. It was cold and windy. Such weird weather for June!

This morning I got my eBay packages ready for the mail (not that it matters since there is no mail today). I'll probably do some sewing since I am almost done cutting out the linings & backings for my current project of FLAMINGOS and pink stuff that was in my finish later box. We'll see if I have enough fusible fleece for everything I have cut out!

Oh and today is my baby brother's 40th birthday! We are all in the same decade now. Joe is 40, Louie will be 42 next month and I am 49. The one time a decade I don't feel so much older than them ;)

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Sunday, June 18, 2023


Good morning happy Father's Day Sunday!

Yesterday we went over to my brother Joe's house for a BBQ. I didn't take any pictures. I must have something wrong with me haha. We were home by 7 since Scott had to go take care of his mom. It was a nice relaxing afternoon-evening.  Tonight we are going over to Jessica's for dinner. She asked me to come over and watch the kids for a little bit this morning so I'll be doing that.

I've been making protein/smooties for breakfast. They are so nice in the summer time.

I finished my little rag wreath. I think it turned out cute. I didn't end up trimming the pieces down since it looked fine after doing all the rows.

Sad I have to log into work tomorrow. Booooo. I had someone covering for me while I was on vacation so I'm assuming I won't have a lot of stuff to do when I come back. We shall see!

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Saturday, June 17, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday! My brother invited us over for a bbq today so that will be what I am doing this afternoon! Not sure if anyone else is going with me or not.

Yesterday I finally made a menu and grocery list! I stopped by the vet to get flea meds and of course they were closed for lunch. I thought oh I'll just stop back by after the store but of course I forgot. So annoying!

I think I need to start a company that goes into public restrooms and realigns things. Or a consultant of sorts. Like why is the purse hook WAYYYY over there (this is the handicap stall). I'm not leaving my purse that far away. I love pooping with my purse on my lap...

This caught my attention in the spice aisle. I've never seen lime pepper, and look! Orange too! It's so pretty but I wonder what you'd use it on. Chicken?

Dinner last night. Kung Pao Chicken which is always good.

I had darts last night and actually won a game woohooo. I forgot they were doing karaoke after so I stayed for most of that. That was fun! I just sang back up with groups lol. 

Scott showed up with no money to be my chaperone or something. Who goes to a bar with no money lol. I only had $5 left so I wasn't sharing. He used his card to buy a beer, hung out for a bit and then went home. He was in the recliner when I came home. 

This is my view from bed when the tv is on. It is so bright. I have to move to the middle of the bed so it's not in my eyes. Not sure what time he went back to his mom's but he wasn't there when I woke up. 

I started working on this little rag wreath yesterday. I think the fabric pieces are too long. I am probably going to give it a hair cut. I still have a lot more to fill in. I figured a good way to use up some scraps while I decide what to work on next. 


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