Saturday, June 17, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday! My brother invited us over for a bbq today so that will be what I am doing this afternoon! Not sure if anyone else is going with me or not.

Yesterday I finally made a menu and grocery list! I stopped by the vet to get flea meds and of course they were closed for lunch. I thought oh I'll just stop back by after the store but of course I forgot. So annoying!

I think I need to start a company that goes into public restrooms and realigns things. Or a consultant of sorts. Like why is the purse hook WAYYYY over there (this is the handicap stall). I'm not leaving my purse that far away. I love pooping with my purse on my lap...

This caught my attention in the spice aisle. I've never seen lime pepper, and look! Orange too! It's so pretty but I wonder what you'd use it on. Chicken?

Dinner last night. Kung Pao Chicken which is always good.

I had darts last night and actually won a game woohooo. I forgot they were doing karaoke after so I stayed for most of that. That was fun! I just sang back up with groups lol. 

Scott showed up with no money to be my chaperone or something. Who goes to a bar with no money lol. I only had $5 left so I wasn't sharing. He used his card to buy a beer, hung out for a bit and then went home. He was in the recliner when I came home. 

This is my view from bed when the tv is on. It is so bright. I have to move to the middle of the bed so it's not in my eyes. Not sure what time he went back to his mom's but he wasn't there when I woke up. 

I started working on this little rag wreath yesterday. I think the fabric pieces are too long. I am probably going to give it a hair cut. I still have a lot more to fill in. I figured a good way to use up some scraps while I decide what to work on next. 


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