Tuesday, June 13, 2023


Hello happy Tuesday! Woohooo another day of vacation with no plans. 
Yesterday I worked on putting all the 1 1/2" scraps into a roll.

Got that done

Then worked on making some string blocks (yes I could probably do this without doing the roll first). I got this stack done and still have 1/2 a roll

Thinking I will make these into a tote bag. 

I've been catching up on my You Tube videos I missed while I was on vacation. Most are resellers.
Here are some pictures from babysitting on Sunday.

Rosie played in the jumper for a little bit. She is really almost too big for it but she still liked to play in it for a bit. Going to pack it up when Trevor isn't here. He thinks it needs to stay out for Tubby since she likes to sit in it lol. I was thinking of getting rid of it but we'll have another baby sooner than later lol.

I made casserole for dinner. My mom used to make this when I was growing up. Usually it's in a rectangle pan but I like to just throw the skillet in the oven and it saves washing a dish!

Ground beef, rice, a can of tomato sauce, a can of corn, an onion cheese and olives. Easy peasy.

They both ate some so it was a hit haha. Daniel doesn't talk a whole lot but he kept saying no no no no like I say it while he was sitting here. Then he'd laugh lol

Snuggles with Papa. They both sat there for quite awhile

Rosie usually takes a nap or two but she didn't fall asleep until right before Jess came. Then her brother took the blanket and her binky out and woke her up. I guess that's what big brothers are for.

Next Sunday is Father's Day and Jess said she won't be working so I won't have them for a week unless they drop in.

I spent all morning working on ebay stuff, buying plane tickets to go hang out with my friend in Denver the end of July and I don't know what else as it's almost 11!  Today I hope to finish the string blocks I started. I still have the 1" scraps too which I will use for coasters.

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