Thursday, June 15, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday! Today and tomorrow left of vacation and then it's back to turning on the old ball and chain lol. 

Apparently I no longer sleep in. I've been awake by 7 for the whole 2 weeks I've been on vacation. A bit annoying but it is nice to be up earlier and not exhausted.

Yesterday I finished up all the coasters, labeled them up and packed them away for the next craft show. I put 2 in each package. 

And then I started cleaning up my sewing room a bit. What a mess. 

This is all the stuff I got at Mills End in Reno

Pretend this is going the right way I'm too lazy to turn it. These were only $1. For a few minutes I contemplated going back and buying whatever they have left in the box. I'm sure I could easily sell these for a few dollars more. They are like little sample packs (fat 8ths I think) and each one has 4 pieces of coordinating fabric. I googled the company and they got bought out/merged. 

Found a bag of fabric from the thrift store. Whoopsie.

Apparently this fabric is super rare. I could only find one person selling it on the internet and they were in "vacation mode" on Etsy. They were selling it for $25 a 1/2 yard so I put it for $30 a 1/2 yard on eBay. We'll see if I sell any. I have over 3 yards. I sent offers this morning to watchers for $25 a 1/2 yard. Figured I can always go down in price lol.

I spent all evening straightening up. This is my crime scene this morning. What a mess but I can see part of my smaller desk now. I need to take that out and bring in the other bookcases I got for in here. They have stuff on them in the living room so I'd replace those.  

If Scott was never coming back I would swap my sewing room with my bedroom. It is tempting since I only use my bedroom to sleep in and I spend all my time in the sewing room. I'd have to get a smaller bed but that would be ok. Scott slept in the recliner a lot when hew as here all the time too so he could squish in on a smaller bed when he decided to show up haha.  Probably won't do it but it is an idea. I do like looking out the front window though. I could just look out the back window in my room too.

Just ideas that swirl around lol.

I'm going to watch the kids in about an hour for a little bit. Which means I need to vacuum in about 1/2 an hour. Darn animals and their fur all over.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

You need to add on a room just for your sewing/crafts. :-)
You won the lottery didn't you?

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