Sunday, June 11, 2023

6/11/23 post 2

Hello another Sunday post! Trying to catch up all of my vacation so I can be up to date ;)

On June 7th we got up and had breakfast at the cute little restaurant and then got back on the road. We had to drive through Yellowstone and then out the south exit to get on the road to "home".

We drove through the Grand Teton's on our way to Jackson Hole which was our next destination.

It was so pretty! Definitely seemed like the best way to experience this park was on a bicycle or taking hiking trails though. Otherwise you could see almost everything from the highway.

Eventually we made it to Jackson Hole! We had a hotel to stay in for the night. Originally I was thinking we'd go on the gondolas that take you up to the top of the hill but the more I thought about it the more I decided I don't really like heights that much haha. So we mostly just went and walked around.

This area is all just for tourists. Kind of a let down. No antique or original stores around. Just lots of name brand clothing and art stores. 

Scott really wanted pizza so that is what we had for dinner followed by ice cream!

We stayed at the Super 8 that was a little bit out of town. I'm sure I picked this one for the price but I was kind of sad it was farther away from the happenings. This was the worst free breakfast hotel lol. They didn't even have waffles. Just a sad pancake machine that was too close to where people were sitting and spit out teeny tiny pancakes. I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

When we left here we took a route south to head home. We didn't have reservations yet since we weren't sure how far we'd make it on the way home. 

The road took us through southern Wyoming

A tiny bit of Idaho

Then back to Wyoming

Then to Utah!

Then back to Wyoming!

Back to Utah!

I had to get these at a gas station we stopped at. My freshman year of high school we would walk over to Pizza hut and SHARE an order of breadsticks. I'm pretty sure they were $1.25. 

Salt flats in Utah

Finally made it to Nevada!

We stopped at the Peppermill to take a break and hit a few slots! I gave this back before we left haha

Taco salad for dinner

We found a hotel to stay at in Winnemucca while we were there so now we had a destination. 

This town is so cute! I wish we would have had more time to hang out here. If I go this direction again I'll make this place a day spot.

The hotel room had a full kitchen! It was also the ONLY hotel room available when I booked it. They were telling people they were full when we checked in so I got lucky. 

We went to a little bar for a drink. Then walked to a little casino where Scott got grumpy he lost $10 so that was a fun way to end the night ;)

Another sad free breakfast. Didn't eat the sausage that was nasty. It was saved by a muffin that was very good (not pictured!). 

AND then the drive home. I slept through most of the Reno area. As soon as we got to California (no sign picture since it was ripped off and laying on the ground, go figure!) TRAFFIC!

The traffic was HORRIBLE and I could not wait to get out of the car. It took us like 2 extra hours to get home because of the traffic. We stopped two times for Scott to go to the bathroom in one area but all the bathrooms were locked so he lost his shit and tried to kill us on the freeway because that makes it better. Nothing like ending the trip on a high note! 

Eventually we stopped in a nicer area and went to In & Out for lunch/dinner and OPEN bathrooms.  There was a Wal Mart in the shopping center so we went there after to get Rosie her birthday present.

FINALLY we got home! I'm good on road trips for awhile. That was a lot of time in the car.   I sold quite a few patterns (and a couple sewing needle lots) while we were gone so I got those packaged up while hiding in my sewing room from everyone haha. 

Scott went to his mom's after a bit. His brother was in charge of her while we were gone. When he got there she was still wearing the same shirt she was wearing when he left and it had poop on it. WTF. Her bedding was all stripped off and she had put plastic bags all over it (trash bags off the roll). His brother had been there but apparently didn't notice the clothing hadn't changed. Hopefully she had just stripped the bed after he left a while ago or something. Sigh. That will be the end of trips until she is either gone or has some better care. I will probably end up going back over there at least part of the time during the week now. I hate that she is home alone all day and her brain is clearly not working right. These stupid boys can't seem to figure out how to get her someone to watch her. It pisses me off that his brother is retired and can't seem to get it going OR be there all day and make sure she is taken care of properly. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Well, I just had a nice trip following you!!
Why don't you guys use Aging care for mom? There are sites that have home care for your area and one is called Aging Care. Fill it out and get a rate. Worth a shot. It would be worth you sanity if it is affordable. Split it with the brother who isn't good for much. :-)

Glad you had a nice vacation. The best thing of this area is not much traffic. And I heard about it daily from my SIL, the pain in the ass that she was. :-)

Julie H said...

@Peg, because the brother in law is a dipshit and "in charge"

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