Tuesday, June 20, 2023


Hello happy back to work Tuesday! So far I've listened to the big boss do his usual rambling, had my "review" for the quarter, updated my "accomplishments" and the spreadsheet that I'm supposed to send to the offices but don't really bother with because they can look it up too. Almost time for another meeting if it's actually happening. Not sure if it's a real one or one left over that shows up on my calendar.

Apparently I'm the only one that is unhappy with their job now. Surreee I am. 

This reminded me of a story my biker friend told me of how back in the 70's early 80's they'd bring the baby home from the hospital on the bike. Crazy! 

I did some work with my "flamingo" fabrics and some other pink ones. I played with the 1" scraps and cut them into a couple zip bags but they aren't finished yet.

I did get some coasters done. They are so cute.

I'll probably do coin purses next. I haven't looked to see what I have for zippers yet so hopefully I have some matching ones otherwise I'll have to order some.

I made this vegetable soup for lunch. It should be called vegetable beef soup. It was pretty good and there was only a little over a container left since I had 2 big bowls yesterday ;)

We had steak for dinner and Trevor made us chicken fried steak for breakfast lol. I have one more pack of steaks I had taken out for the weekend that we didn't use so I might just make some pepper steak with those. 

A boy came by yesterday and knocked on the door. He asked if I wanted to sell my paddle boat. WELL I had been thinking about selling it! So I told him $150 and after he went home and came back he asked if I'd take $125. I told him sure and showed him the trailer Scott had built for it and told him he could have that for another $50. He came back for a 3rd time with money and took them both. Two more things out of the yard! I was a little sad to see it go but we can't really use it in the lake anymore since the grass is so high in the lake. It makes it really hard to paddle it around since the grass gets stuck. We probably haven't taken in out in at least 5 years.

Trevor left hours ago to take the recycling in. I bet he got a few dollars since there was so much! Jess had given him her huge stash to take in. Nice to get all that crap cleaned up. 

My whole yard is crap and fox tails. Wish I could just take a torch to it lol. What I really need to do is to get on a good watering schedule and order more dirt to fill in a bunch of holes and uneven areas. I need pick an area and get busy working out there it is embarrassing. I know once I start I'll get all into it, I just need to get started.

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