Wednesday, June 21, 2023


 Good morning happy Wednesday! I had to look to see what day it is. Half way through the week already. I didn't take any pictures yesterday so here is Lucy this morning sun bathing

Yesterday I found enough work to keep me busy all day. Tomorrow I'm going into the office to mail some letters out. Exciting! Tomorrow night I have darts too.

After work I washed all the dishes that have accumulated. I swear them multiply every time I leave the room. Then I made a few more dishes by cooking up some chicken fajitas. I make this recipe all the time and they are so good.  Tonight I need to use up the rest of that steak so I will probably make pepper steak. I'm going to have to get some more bell peppers for the other recipes I had planned out. Maybe I'll go by the store on my way home tomorrow.

I didn't sew at all yesterday. I didn't really feel like it. Maybe today I'll work on those coin purses.

I don't have any plans for this weekend so that is good. I should work on the yard! It's so weird the weather is only in the 80's. Usually all summer is 90's-100's. Looks like next week it will work it's way up to the 90's again. 

Scott got a surprise on his paycheck yesterday. A nice raise! I guess going on vacation for a week and being unavailable for phone calls makes you a lot more valuable lol. Nice he's finally getting some recognition for it. I mean the man went to work with 3 broken ribs. You can't say he's not loyal.
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