Monday, June 12, 2023


 Good morning! Today is Rosie's actual 1st birthday! Hard to believe she's only been here a year :)

I babysat them yesterday while mom went to work. They were pretty good. Daniel had fun taking off all my numbers off my boxes for my patterns. TG I had pretty much put them in number order. I am going to just write on the boxes with a sharpie now. I knew he was going to do that if he got the chance! Funny how you can just see that happening before it does.

Scott is back to work today but lucky me I have a whole week off still! I'm so glad I planned that. Work is going to be so weird when I come back. Probably take me a week to figure out what's going on.

I finally weighed myself this morning and I weigh like 20-30 pounds less than I was expecting. Not quite the fat ass I was thinking I was but I sure feel it. Started my plan over on Lose it. If I could lose 20 pounds I would feel so much better I'm sure. 

My lower back/hip is hurting quite a bit. It was feeling better about 1/2 way through our trip and then started hurting again on the way home. I gave Snookie and Simon a bath last night and it was SCREAMING by the time I was done with Simon. I laid on the floor and got it to pop and it felt quite a bit better but it hurts again this morning. 

Today's plan is to work on my 4th of July scraps to coasters. I got all the scraps cut into 1" and 1 1/2" strips so now I need to sew them together into the rolls I make. I love doing that, what a weirdo lol. I just had a thought that maybe I should pull out some of my other rolls and pick out the red, white and blues. 

Saturday was Rosie's birthday party. This was the least I've ever helped with a party. I babysat for the morning and made a mac salad. Oh and ordered a cake but they picked it up. 

Are you ready for a million party pictures? 

Preparty! She had a strawberry before I got there and wiped out her dress already lol. Look at her piggies! So cute :)

Jess got this cute kit off Amazon

My friends Allen, Carolyn and their son in law Tyler. 

Pizza for dinner!

Brian & Luke

Dress #2, glad I got both of them lol

Daniel and my brother Joe's kids little Joe & Stella

My goof balls

Mom & Dad

Next door neighbors Steve & Joyce


Yeah presents :)

So funny she hated that hat and we didn't notice she only had one shoe on for a few minutes
Trevor brought Simon over, they had a blast playing

Melissa brought Daniel some more animals, he loves them!

The big cake 

The smash cake. Did you know Safeway gives a free smash cake? She LOVED it!

Trying to get a picture of them all haha

and then down for a nap with Grandma Norma!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Rosie is adorable but all the kids are!!
Enjoy your week off!!

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