Sunday, June 25, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday! I started to post yesterday but then Jess asked if I could watch the kids so I had to go vacuum lol. 

Friday morning I went to the office but stopped at the flea market first. NOTHING good so sad. hardly any of the garage sale type vendors were there. Mostly the new knock off stuff in bulk like you'd expect at a flea market. I'm wondering if there are more of the garage sale ones on the Saturdays. I'm going to have to try it one of these days.

After that I decided to go get a drink to take into the office with me and drove past a garage sale sign so I hit 2 of those on the way and got a couple pairs of shorts for myself and some kids clothes for like .40 each. 

Worked in the office for a bit (mailing out letters) and then went by my old boss/friend Lisa's house to get some veggies from her garden. She has a fantastic chocolate lab mixed with a horse or something. He was so big! Super cute baby but he got in trouble for digging up the cilantro and bringing something dead over from a close by dairy while I was there haha. They are definitely "farm" people and don't worry about the animals roaming around all day. 

After that I came home and worked for like 2 more hours doing nothing. Great work day! I think I took a nap after work and then went and got Trevor and I Chinese food. Here it is looking all pretty but the orange chicken I got was so nasty I didn't eat any of it. I know to stick with the sweet and sour there now.

Saturday I watched the kiddos for awhile. Daniel was extra snuggly even if he was picking his nose lol.

Rosie has started standing up in the middle of the floor now. Next comes running! Won't be long. After the kids left I was so tired so I laid on my bed for awhile and then eventually got up and got fixed up a bit and went down to the bar for a burger for dinner. I hung out until they closed a little after 10, (early since it was pretty dead).

Simon said TIME TO GET UP this morning lol. She is so funny even though she makes messes. 

Scott is here already this morning. He comes in first thing and starts looking for food. I'm like why do you come looking for food when you just came from town where all the food is. Would be nice if he at least asked if we needed anything before heading over. 

Summer is finally going to show up next weekend. Not that I'm excited about it but it has been so odd that it hasn't been that hot.  Probably be in the 100's all through August now ;)

Not sure what I'm doing with myself today. I should finish these flamingo coin purses I started. I haven't been that excited to sew them up. I think it's time for a new kind of project once I finish all this stuff I cut out. 

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