Monday, August 31, 2020

Weekend Progress

Well Scott was on fire this weekend! 

Getting close to having all the walls back up in the living room. We went and made another deposit to Lowe's yesterday. (the plan is to get a bigger TV there, yes it's little because I never watch it haha, also a large shelf or something under the tv and there won't be wires hanging all over (I hope))

He just needs to do a little bit more wiring stuff on this wall and then he can close it back up.

He also got a new weed eater and did some work in the front yard. Go Scott!

I on the other hand made masks on Friday, Saturday went and bought some baby shower stuff (drive through) with Jessica and then spent the rest of the day playing on My niece did 23 and me was asking me questions so I finally got the book out that I have and sent her all the info. Then I got sucked into the Ancestry worm whole and stayed up all night following leaves.

Sunday I worked on sorting up what was left of this giant box of scraps I have and then I was going to work on some crumb blocks but we went to Lowe's and then we had some drama time, then dinner, and then Trevor and I went for a long ass walk and it was 11pm when we got back. So not quite a productive weekend for me but now we have some baby shower stuff sorted out. Just going to decorate my tent I use for craft booths and make some favors up. Nice and simple.

Listening to my neighbor make her cattle calls to her dogs (chihuahuas). I swear she's so freaking weird. If you are working in your front yard and you have to constantly call your dogs back to the yard you should either tie them up or put them in the house. (going to have to close my windows she's driving me nuts)

I'm already all caught up with "work" so just waiting for an email for something to do.

I got some more of my fabric boards from Amazon yesterday so I should work on another box of fabric while I wait :)
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Friday, August 28, 2020


It's Friday!

So far I have no real "work" to do so might be a fun day.

Yesterday after work I got a bunch of masks made, someone ordered one out of each of these fabrics so I went ahead and sewed up all the ones I had.

I sold 3 of these already

This fabric is awesome. I sold all but the 2 middle ones

Last night Trevor and I went for a walk. I was so tired. Pretty disgusting. I can't believe I used to run 6 miles all the time and now I'm like oh I walked for a bit and I need a break lol. After our walk we went to the grocery store since we were out of dog food and cat food. I do not want that stress in my life first thing in the morning lol. Usually I have Scott pick that up when he does his mom's shopping but he went before work one day and didn't tell me he was going. Winco is much nicer at 10pm, hardly anyone in there. What's funny is my bedtime alarm when off when we were walking in the store. Yes I'm like 90 now. 

Today's plan is to make up some kids masks for my cousin's family. They live somewhere around Seattle and sounds like they are actually going back to school in the classroom. Hopefully some of the ones I have in my pre-made stash will work so I don't have to make up a bunch more :)

Oh and yesterday the Lodi Street Fair was cancelled for October. I knew it would be but just a little sad. I finally asked for a refund since I already deferred my payment once. I can just pay the $150 again if it is actually going to happen next May.

The gal that does the local events is still trying to get things going but I don't know if I want to be out and around that many people. All my stuff is fabric and people like to touch it all. I've thought about ways that I could package my mug cozies but I don't really want to add that much plastic. Things to think about. I need to work on putting stuff in my handmade Etsy store or just put more on my Facebook page & Marketplace. 

ok off to read some blogs while I wait for work emails with stuff to do. I hope you all have a good day!

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Thursday, August 27, 2020

What Day Is It?

Hola Friends!

I was so busy at work yesterday I forgot to post. Currently I'm waiting for my map program to open for like EVER so here we are.

I went into to work yesterday. It's so weird driving to work now. My work days are like the longest I've driven since March. Funny how now it's a big deal when I used to do it every day.

It is nice to have a little bit of chatting with people at work, although I'm not really friends with anyone that was in the office yesterday and these young ones don't seem to get my humor lol.

Found out we are going to lose ANOTHER employee. Our office is really going to be hurting for planners. We have two new ones that have never worked in the agency so they will not be much help. They will have to get trained up and good luck with that and COVID restrictions.

I didn't take any new pictures and didn't sew yesterday so here is Buster in his new sleeping spot. I messed up his favorite sleeping boxes.

Didn't sell any of the fabric I posted on the Facebook group so that's a bummer. Might try listing them on another group since I took pictures and lower my prices a bit. It's hard to prices things now since fabric is hard to come by. I had one non payer for the books I had sold. I don't know why people say they want stuff then never pay. Such a waste of everyone's time.

My friend was talking about how a co worker has a cabin in Tahoe that she's been renting out to friends and other co workers. I'm like sign me up!! She's like oh there wouldn't be any point in going since she has her mom who can't hike or go to the lake. I'm like I'd kill just for the change of scenery. I'm tempted to just go for a ride ANYWHERE. So tired of every day being the same. 

Well that's all I've got for now, we'll see what the rest of the day brings ;)

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Rearranging Again

Good morning, happy Tuesday!

Yesterday I decided I was tired of sitting on a higher up chair and rearranged my little sewing room/office.  It looks like such a mess but it is so much better being able to put my feet on the floor.

Now I need to get a rolling office chair to replace my sad pillow on a wood kitchen chair lol. I took down the tapestry Jess left on the white wall, I kind of miss it but it was super dirty and needs to be washed. Eventually I'll take down the other one and paint the walls. All this is kind of a temporary set up. I thought I was just going to be working from home for a little bit but that is starting to seem like it might be forever so idk. If Trevor moves out some day and I'm still working from home I can make that room an office and keep this one the sewing room (or flip). We shall see! Who knows what the future holds.

I have so much stuff I need to just start getting rid of some. I put all the crafty books up for sale on a FB group yesterday and sold a few. They are all on Etsy too. Kind of thinking of just doing some big lots up on eBay to get rid of them. They are good money makers but I think all the really good stuff I had is sold and I haven't been out sourcing anywhere lately.

I need to work on all the oddball stuff I have to sell and get it out. I have all my inventory for craft shows and most of that isn't even in here lol. I need a bigger house ;)

Apparently it rained last night. It's still smokey outside. I haven't looked up the fire situation to see if it helped at all. Scott got stuck on the freeway for five hours yesterday trying to get home. All the back roads are closed since that is the where the fires are and some asshat wrecked his big rig across all the lanes on the freeway. He was in a lovely mood when he got home. Hopefully today will be better!

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Monday, August 24, 2020

Monday Monday la laaa la la laa la

Good morning, happy Monday! Is anyone else as tired as Tina? I know I am. All weekend I slept until 9 am. Either I'm really tired or my body just naturally wakes up 3 hours later than I make it during the week.

This weekend I pulled out my Halloween fabrics since I've had a lot of people ask for them. I ended up getting orders for all of these

and this is what I've made up so far just to offer up. I figured I'd sew like 5 of each print I have to have available. I spent most of the day Saturday cutting fabric. I cut up all the Halloween fabric I had except for the tarot cards and the pumpkin/candy corn fabric. I have enough of that one for probably 100 masks, so that one is going to get to sit on the shelf for a bit!

This is what Scott got done this weekend. He only got one splinter that he eventually got out (I swear he needs bubble wrap). It took him several hours to go to the dumps and Home Depot. Over an hour for him to get into the dumps since they only had every other dumping stall open. Seems ridiculous. Like you can park in every stall at Wal Mart and the grocery store. 

He worked on doing some rewiring (moved the internet and cable lines)

We've now removed every wall of sheetrock in our house. The only ceiling left is the one in the living room which he is terrified to do because it has blown in insulation. I wish he would do that one too since it's all funky.

Just a bit of ripped newspaper in the wall. Tracy Press from 1971. I still want to look at all the pieces but I haven't got around to it yet.

Looks like my boss didn't work all weekend so only a bit to do this morning. Also I had 3 Etsy sales over the weekend. My poor store has been so neglected. I really need to spend some time on it.

Looks like the hills are still on fire. It rained a tiny bit last night but it is still super smokey so I don't think it did anything.

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Friday, August 21, 2020

Days of Our Lives

Like sand through the hour glass, these are the days of our lives.

Yes yes we do live in soap opera world. This year for sure haha.

Well by the time I was off work yesterday I had to take an anxiety time out/nap. Around lunch time there was a evacuation notice alert sent to people's phones for wayyyy over there but everyone was freaking out. Freaking out is contagious. But we are all fine, it is just really smokey out. I was thinking we should rent a house in Oregon or something for a week to get out of this craphole. I'd have to take my animals with me though, can't leave them here. Hopefully they won't get sick from all this smoke.

The oval here is where I'm at. It doesn't look that far on the map but that red is like a huge mountain range to put it in perspective.

The smoke last night, TG I have a working inhaler

Last night I went to the building committee meeting to get whatever it is that the county needs to allow the septic guy to get the permit. I'm still not entirely sure what it is that I need but there are two guys coming out to measure the lot today (they are late already, we'll see if they show up). When I got to the meeting no one was wearing a mask. I sat as far away as possible, debated on waiting on outside (but yeah smoke), and then just sat there thinking well this is how I will get the Rona.  I ended up sitting right next to one of the guys while he helped me. The price I'm paying to get this shitter fixed up is crazy. I may have posted about the lack of masks on my FB page. I'm friends with a lot of neighbors and club members so hopefully there will be some pressure put on this committee for the next meeting for everyone to be wearing masks. I didn't want to just be a "Karen" during the meeting so I guess I just did it afterwards lol.

I did get to see my house file while I was there. Snapped a couple pictures of my original blue prints. The building permit in the file is February 1952 so most of my house is at least that old. I'm pretty sure I saw my house on a picture from the late 40's once though so I think maybe there was a bit here before they made it official. My bedroom was added on in 64 I think.

Where the porch is drawn on this is where I am sitting right now. It is not a porch it is a room. I think a lot of times people acted like they were going to put on a porch and then slowly enclosed it to get around the size limits they have on the houses out here.

Waiting for all the emails today (again). Yesterday was a lot slower than I thought it was going to be. My friend had invited me to go with her to San Diego but I told her I was too busy with work to take off. If I sit here doing nothing all day today I'm not going to be happy. Although I don't think I could leave my animals here just in case something happened and we had to get out of the area.

Here's to a less smokey weekend. The fire is like 10% contained right now. I hope by some miracle it stops burning soon.

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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Random Thursday Thoughts

What is this? Well it's not Friday that's for sure.

Yesterday I had to revise my spreadsheet to help my boss keep track of stuff and OMG we are never going to get done with all these contracts that have to get obligated. We aren't even close. I guess I'll be busy as long as the emails keep coming to me haha.

I got some cleaning done yesterday, ahhh it's so nice to clean up clutter. I can't wait until my whole house is organized again. It's been so long! Hopefully we can get the little reno work in the living room done soon. The kitchen and entry way need a new floor too since the tile is all broken. Pretty sure we are going to go with linoleum for those. I HATE tile with a passion. Hindsight is 20-20 on that shiz.

I think I confused everyone and you guys think we don't have air conditioning? We do have a wall unit in the living room, which is usually fine until it's 110 for 20 days in a row. We have a small house so it does a pretty good job if we have fans on to help direct the air flow. The problem is if someone keeps turning it off ;)

Scott said he not only had a piece of metal in his eye he also had a piece of wood! I guess it would have been a splinter. So gross and painful yikes. I'm glad he went and got it taken out. (he's fine now)

Last night I got all these ninja turtle masks sewn up. Now I just have to sew up some Star Wars for an order and then I'll be back to sewing for me. I have a few more masks that I had cut out just to sell to finish sewing too.

I need to start planning Jessica's drive by baby shower. My yard is a disaster. I was trying to work on pulling out all the Bermuda grass out of my hedges but now I can't really even be outside with it being so hot and too much smoke in the air. Might just have to start with taking the hedge trimmer to them and cleaning them up a bit while I'm waiting for the apocalypse to be over.

I was watching some videos last night of people evacuating in Salinas (by Monterey where we always go to vacation and day trips) and Santa Cruz. So, so sad. They are doing evacuations not that many miles away from us but they are like 3 a highway, freeway and quite a few big water canals distance.  Just looked it up it is 14 miles away. The Del Puerto Canyon Fire is the one near us.

This evening I need to go to the building committee and get some paper that is supposed to be what the septic guy needs for the county to get the permit. I guess I'll have to put some real clothes on for that.

Ok that's it from me, have a good day everyone!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Them Hills Are On Fire

Happy Wednesday! It is Wednesday right? All these days blend together but Saturday and Sunday when Scott is home all day and I don't have to turn on the work computer.

So to add to yesterday's excitement Scott came home with a piece of metal in his eye. He gets that a lot from work. Usually he can get it out himself but sometimes he can't. After 6000 sighs he finally decided to go to the ER and get it taken out. I don't know what time he came home but it was after 2am and he left for work a bit before 7. Hopefully he doesn't fall asleep while he's driving.

The hills across the way are still burning. It's quite a bit away like 20 miles or so but we can see the smoke and the flames and glowing hills at night. Our sky outside is just gray. Here is a picture someone took a few miles from where I live.

I thought it was supposed to only be like 97 today but I just looked and it is still supposed to be 107. The nights are super hot if someone *cough* *Scott* keeps turning off the air conditioner. It really needs to be on to make the night bearable. We just have the wall AC in the living room, which is fine until it only cools off to the high 80's at night. Last night it was over 90 at 10pm (outside).  Not like we can open the windows with all that smoke.

One positive thing about yesterday was I finally got the kitchen table leaf taken out and stored under my bed. Trevor didn't even know the leaf came out, which I guess he wouldn't know since he's the baby in the family. It feels like there is so much space in the kitchen now. 

I did a little bit of sewing last night but I stopped around 10 because I was so sweaty and it was time for bed anyways. Still working on a few mask orders. Hopefully I'll finish up the ones that are ordered tonight so I can just sew for "fun". 
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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Covid Craphole

Well Tuesday is almost over and I missed Monday entirely because I have been slammed at work. I know! It is either feast or famine around here.

So this weekend they had the board meeting and my 1/3 lot expansion was approved. The septic guy went today to try and get the permits at the county and they said they will need a lot line adjustment first before he can do that. Which is weird since I don't pay taxes on my lot I pay taxes only on my house. It's like mobile home park with houses where I live. So now I have to figure that out. I called down to the club office and left a message but no called me back. The office ladies don't seem all that smart on a lot of things so we'll see how this goes. It's open again tomorrow evening so I'll call again. If they don't know I'll have to ask someone from the building committee maybe.

Fun times.

So SUNDAY Scott decided to take the air conditioner out of the wall. Did you know we have record high temperatures right now? Over 100 for more than 10 days is the forecast. Scott called me in to show me what was under the sheet rock and all I could see was that he took the air conditioner out. I may have plotted his demise.

I went for a ride with my friend Cassi to Safeway so she could pick up her Fed Ex package that they said was there (but wasn't) and to get out of the house so I wouldn't have to go to jail. When we pulled in the parking lot a bunch of people were looking in one direction. Turned out they were waiting for the police because someone left two little chihuahuas in the car with the window open like an inch. Now I've heard of people doing this but I never seen it happen. It was the car next to us and there they were.

I ran in the store to get a few things I wouldn't have to cook for dinner and while I was in there they were paging for the person with the two puppies in the red car to come out because the windows were going to get broken. When we came out there was a police officer there talking to the young woman and the windows were rolled up and the AC on in the car. I just can't believe how dumb people are. Didn't even try to park in the shade and it was 108.

We passed Scott on his way to Home Depot on our way home. The man didn't even have the supplies he needed to put the AC back in how he wanted before he took it out. When he came back he was like "it's not even that hot in here". uh Luckily it didn't take him too long to get it back in the wall and turned on.

But that night was miserable. I finally got up after a couple hours and went into the living room and Scott had turned the AC OFF. Like wtf. I turned it back on and hours later was finally able to go to sleep.

Snookie was overheating at 5am and I had to get up to get her wet. Before I did that she crapped all over the bathroom and kitchen. Yeah! Fun. I put her in the sink to cool her off and she finally calmed down and fell asleep after that.

Now we have fires in the hills not too far from our house from the lightening storm on Saturday (that was fun with Rusty). It is so smokey outside, the air quality is horrible. We are just living in a miserable Covid craphole.

Oh wait there is more! PG & E is doing rolling black outs because it's so hot it's "overloading the grid" with everyone running their AC. Uh we've been running ours all summer...

Now Aunt Flo showed up to make the party even better.

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Friday, August 14, 2020

Rolling into the Weekend

Woohoo we made it to Friday!!

Yesterday was a bit of a rough day for awhile so I didn't end up doing anything productive in the evening.

Jess is finally going for a real sonogram today. Lets hope everything is fine with the baby! She is 30 weeks now. Won't be long before the little guy is here!

I saw this yesterday and it cracked me up

Look at the size of this sunflower! That thing is huge.

Listening to Trevor's Auto Shop class right now in the background, I might learn something this school year ;)

Ok that's all I've got! I know, not much of anything. 

Weekend plans are finish my little secret project and probably do some mask sewing since I have had a few people ask for them. Maybe a purple scrap block too :)

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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Blocking and Filing

Hello! Good morning! Did anyone miss me yesterday? Probably not haha.

Wednesday Trevor had his first day of school (distance learning) and was done by 10am! That's a nice Senior day at school. They mix up all the classes so one day you have 3 classes and another day you have 3 classes and Wednesday you have a little bit of everything. Weird. So far the Art teacher is the only one requiring the kids have their cameras on. I think if I was a teacher I'd have them all on, but then that might be distracting with kids picking up their cats or dogs or something lol.

I picked up my little secret project Wednesday, it is so pretty! I have one step left to go. I tried doing it all on my machine but I didn't like it so I picked it all out and have to hand stitch it. So it is pinned and waiting for me to get to it.

Before I did that I finished up this purple crumb block I had started. Sewing these is so relaxing. Weirdest thing ever lol. Plus it is fun to make something out of stuff you'd usually throw away. Downside is now I can't throw anything away ;) I used to send all my little pieces to someone but they said they are good on scraps now so I've been playing with them myself.

Yesterday I went to work for the entire day and ended up staying 3 hours over. There is so much stuff that needs to go into files. Before we could ask the other 2 girls to print and file but they are gone now so I've just been saving it all on my computer. It is a good thing most audits use our online file system for now (really it should all just go online and paperless, I hope they end up going that way)

This was my filing to do before I went home. I couldn't find half the files I needed and I was too tired to go look around for them so I have a stack to start off when I go back in the office in two weeks.

Today looks to be another slow day at home. We have a teleconference in a few minutes to teach us how to do what we've already been doing all year. You'd think they'd have had these "refreshers" before we got started.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The Last First Day of School

Here it is, the last first day of school! I love that he humors me. Our school district (and the state) is doing distance learning now thanks to Rona, so no shoes, no backpack needed.

The original first day, awww so cute in his little dinosaur shirt.

Currently listening to his Auto Shop class in the background. I'm going to have to close my door when I have my teleconference at 10 so we don't have dueling people talking.

I've decided I need to work on making my little sewing room set up a little better for the work part. I've been sitting on a high up chair and while it works it would be more comfortable to sit at a regular level in a nicer chair. Doesn't look like we are going back to work full time anytime soon so this temporary set up might need a little work!

My secret project is ready for pick up! Going to go pick it up after work. Then just one more step and it will be complete :)

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Monday, August 10, 2020

Weekend Recap, some day we'll be grown ups!

Wow it's almost 1:00 already! My boss worked all weekend so I had an inbox of stuff to do this morning. Woohoo for the work day going by quickly!

I just went out to mow in front of the "first day of school" tree in the yard. Does anyone else's mower look like this? Like why does all our stuff look like shit? Aren't we adults now?

I used to do almost all the mowing back in the days when I didn't work. I haven't mowed in awhile. When it gets to the point where the mower has too many tricks I  usually go buy a new one. Might be about time with this one.

Trevor tried to mow on Friday but the mower was down at lets mow off the earth setting so it kept dying. The grass hasn't been mowed in "awhile" so that setting wasn't working too well haha. I told him just leave it I'll do it later. I asked Scott to raise it up and he said he'd teach Trevor how to do it. I don't think that actually happened since I just raised it up myself. Also the mower is almost out of gas so now I have to go find the gas can he thinks is in the garage.

At least I got the picture spot mowed so if all else fails that part is done. My yard looks like complete shit and really needs some TLC. I am going to try to work on it a little bit every day, even if it's just for a few minutes.

I got my letter turned in for next weekend's board meeting to request 1/3 of the lot next to us for the septic. They said the other lady turned in her letter to move her lot also. PROGRESS FINALLY! I called the septic guy on Friday and he said he was in the bank and would call me back but never did. What is wrong with people, doesn't anyone want to earn some money?

I made a shit ton of masks this weekend and told myself I am taking a week off from making them. I will take orders but tell them they will be a week out. They are so boring to make now, I want to play with fun stuff!

After I finally got all my orders done I did another green and yellow block for my scrappy quilt or whatever I'm making.

I'm thinking I'll mix up all the blocks so it won't be like well that one has too much green. After I got done with that I was sorting out scraps by color in my big box of scraps, Just about got that done. I am going to do some purple blocks next. 

Scott spent the entire weekend making the trim around the windows. I'm not quite sure why it was so difficult other than it was really hot outside (especially if you wait until later in the day to get going and you wear all black and sweat pants but what do I know).  At least that part is done other than apparently hole patching and some paint.

Saturday night I ordered fish & chips and it was so good. I got the family meal and we actually had leftovers. 9 huge pieces of fish, fries and hush puppies for 30 something dollars, not too bad for take out. We can spend that much at McD's for three of us.

It's already time to get some more groceries. Last time I got Instacart and then ordered a bunch of veggies & fruit from a place that delivers out here. My friend was full for a couple days! I still have a bunch of the fruit and veggies so I might wait a few days to order from them again but I like that they do a flat of eggs.

Hope everyone has a great start to their week! Tomorrow is the last first day of school for my house (until the grandbaby goes!). It will be a distance first day so should be interesting but we are still going to take the first day of school picture to finish it off :)
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Friday, August 7, 2020

French Toast Anyone?

Woohoo we made it to Friday!

Yesterday Trevor made us some french toast for breakfast. So yummy

Yes it appears my diet lasted like 2 days.  I went for a ride to get us some lunch from Wendy's. I needed a change of scenery for a bit. There was road construction on every road that connects us to town, 3 main roads. Isn't that crazy? I went one way and came back another and had to wait both ways. I'm pretty sure they are going to put gravel on the roads again. I HATE when they do that. My windshield is already broken so I might as well wait a bit to get it fixed. 

I got all these masks sewn up yesterday, just have to do the elastic. They are all for an order (plus a few more that need different color thread). My friend Cassi came over for a little bit in the evening so that was nice to have someone to chat with for a bit. She's such a fun person. Plus the animals all love her even grumpy Rusty. He barks at her with his tail wagging and she's just like "oh Rusty". 

I wonder if Scott will work on taking off the sheet rock this weekend. We'll see what he's in the mood for. Still needs to fill in that hole next to the door that just has cardboard tacked up over it too. I should work on taking off the rest of the border in the kitchen (and still need to take the leaf of the table!). 

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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Just another boring day

 Hello Happy Thursday! Hopefully it will become happy. I went to bed depressed and woke up the same way. Currently listening to the neighbor sing badly and a lawn mower. Might be time to close the window already.

So I took my secret project to the place for the magical things to be done but I just had to leave it there and will get called when it is ready. Bummer, I thought it was going to be done while I was there. Oh well.

Yesterday I finished up one more patchwork square

Here are all the yellow ones I have done. I want to do one more with yellows. I played around with them a bit and they will mix in with the blue squares if I mix them all around.  IDK if that's what I'm doing with them or not still though lol.

Back to making masks since the orders are piling up. Here's the first order. I only bought a 1/2 yd of that sunflower fabric and have requests for more than that already. It's so cute, I might have to try and get some more.

Today's plan? Probably finish off that bottle of wine I started last night. I keep telling myself my job for the day is to get the kitchen table cleaned off and I want to take out the leaf since hardly anyone sits there and it is a catch all. 

Oh Lord that woman is singing louder than the lawn mower.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Following Directions

With this whole work at home thing we have to keep getting people to sign contracts. Usually I would have that all printed out at work and make them a little packet and the planner would go out and get signatures.

This time around I'm getting the papers all ready, highlighting where they need to sign and giving directions via email.

It's so amazing to me how many people cannot follow directions. I have one girl that just sent me stuff with one of the papers not signed correctly again. Now she has to go make another whole trip to go see this guy to re-sign one paper.

You'd think she'd print out the instructions and take it with her...

Having a staff meeting time. I hate staff meetings. Usually like 5 minutes of an hour long staff meeting has anything to do with me.

I saw this picture yesterday, it's real. Why is this happening? I'm so glad the health department stepped in and was like nope no school in person here. It will be different but it will be so much safer.

I woke up and rolled over and saw this. Murder cat! Just kidding she's super sweet. My Lucy.

Took me all day to get this done yesterday. I like it :)

I got the next set cut out. After this set I have to switch back to making masks again. I got a bunch of orders.

Saw this and cracked up, I have these grow in my yard sometimes. Step on those with no shoes on. So painful.

Too funny

This was my office/craft room when I went to bed last night. I should really get a sewing room chair. Such a mess. Good news is if I keep sewing I might run out of fabric at some point right? Well maybe if I didn't keep buying some too haha.

Ok off to work! Taking off early today to go do something for my secret project. Glad I only have to work for 1/2 a day-ish today.

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