Thursday, August 6, 2020

Just another boring day

 Hello Happy Thursday! Hopefully it will become happy. I went to bed depressed and woke up the same way. Currently listening to the neighbor sing badly and a lawn mower. Might be time to close the window already.

So I took my secret project to the place for the magical things to be done but I just had to leave it there and will get called when it is ready. Bummer, I thought it was going to be done while I was there. Oh well.

Yesterday I finished up one more patchwork square

Here are all the yellow ones I have done. I want to do one more with yellows. I played around with them a bit and they will mix in with the blue squares if I mix them all around.  IDK if that's what I'm doing with them or not still though lol.

Back to making masks since the orders are piling up. Here's the first order. I only bought a 1/2 yd of that sunflower fabric and have requests for more than that already. It's so cute, I might have to try and get some more.

Today's plan? Probably finish off that bottle of wine I started last night. I keep telling myself my job for the day is to get the kitchen table cleaned off and I want to take out the leaf since hardly anyone sits there and it is a catch all. 

Oh Lord that woman is singing louder than the lawn mower.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Following Directions

With this whole work at home thing we have to keep getting people to sign contracts. Usually I would have that all printed out at work and make them a little packet and the planner would go out and get signatures.

This time around I'm getting the papers all ready, highlighting where they need to sign and giving directions via email.

It's so amazing to me how many people cannot follow directions. I have one girl that just sent me stuff with one of the papers not signed correctly again. Now she has to go make another whole trip to go see this guy to re-sign one paper.

You'd think she'd print out the instructions and take it with her...

Having a staff meeting time. I hate staff meetings. Usually like 5 minutes of an hour long staff meeting has anything to do with me.

I saw this picture yesterday, it's real. Why is this happening? I'm so glad the health department stepped in and was like nope no school in person here. It will be different but it will be so much safer.

I woke up and rolled over and saw this. Murder cat! Just kidding she's super sweet. My Lucy.

Took me all day to get this done yesterday. I like it :)

I got the next set cut out. After this set I have to switch back to making masks again. I got a bunch of orders.

Saw this and cracked up, I have these grow in my yard sometimes. Step on those with no shoes on. So painful.

Too funny

This was my office/craft room when I went to bed last night. I should really get a sewing room chair. Such a mess. Good news is if I keep sewing I might run out of fabric at some point right? Well maybe if I didn't keep buying some too haha.

Ok off to work! Taking off early today to go do something for my secret project. Glad I only have to work for 1/2 a day-ish today.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Alll byyy myyyy selllff

Happy Tuesday!

Anyone else sing that song when they are home alone? I'm home all by myself except for the animals, who are all reminding me that I'm not home alone haha.

This morning Melissa came and picked Trevor up to go to his last school registration day. He could have went himself but she has went with him to all of them so he called her up. So sweet. I signed him up that he needs his a laptop and a hot spot for school at home since he uses my laptop and hogs it and sometimes our internet sucks. Figured it wouldn't hurt for him to have his own school device.

 Anyone else like this working at home?

Beginning of stay at home for the pandemic,
Get up at normal before work time, take a shower, get dressed, sit to work

Couple months in
Get up at time I start work, run in and get the computer started up
Take a shower or wash my hair and get dressed
Start work

Get up and get work lap top, bring back to bed
Check emails until something important comes along that I really have to concentrate on
Go back and sit at the desk and work
Shower? Maybe.
Dressed? Usually change into something comfy by noon.

Yesterday I finished my last blue block, I think they look nice together. The upper corner one stands out a bit with the brighter blue and yellow

I thought I'd make 4 yellows with some blues next. This one seems a bit funky lol

That odd ball blue one with the yellow next to it.

If I make a bunch of colors I can mix them all up maybe...

We'll see what I end up doing! I pulled out a bunch more yellow fabrics to work with todayPin It

Monday, August 3, 2020

Living Room Remodeling and Scrappy Quilt Squares

Well we had a productive weekend here!

Friday I cleaned the fridge since it was pretty much empty. Yes that really is all the food that was in there.

So here is our before picture for the living room windows (just noticed that picture on the TV)

This is how it is now! Scott got a lot done this weekend. Now he's decided that we should take the sheetrock off those 2 walls (I've been saying that all along) because there is for sure no insulation in them.  He needs to fix some wiring while he's at it (like hard wire the AC in, move the internet line and cable line). He keeps talking about moving the air conditioner but I'm like I think it's good where it is. All I know is I scraped off that damn border off those walls for nothing LMAO.

We went to Home Depot on Saturday and got trim for around the windows for inside and out but that was before he decided that the sheetrock should come down so maybe he'll just get it put up on the outside windows.

So that is what Scott did all weekend. I of course did some sewing!

I sewed up 5 masks, 4 for an order but it was the sunflower fabric I used in another post so they all look the same. Then I fixed one mask for a friend.

Did a little work for my secret project that just needs 2 more steps done now (waiting on someone else for that)

I had been looking for some ideas for doing some scrap quilting and decided I liked this idea since it was simple and free haha

So I made up a bunch with blue fabrics (after cutting all my scraps I had in a pile into the correct size pieces, that was dumb and a waste of time really) and then decided that I didn't like the big piece of color in the middle so cut it in half on the diagonal and mixed them up.

I got 2 bigger blocks finished, I kind of like them (you fancy quilters don't look at my seams lining up too closely!)

I made up enough to make 2 more blue blocks but then one of the smaller squares doesn't quite match so I need to make up one more and then sew them together. Debating on doing my other colors or just making a bunch of blue ones. I'm kind of leaning towards just doing blues now. 

Well my boss worked over the weekend so I have like 20 emails of stuff to do today. I guess I should get to it. I've already had to close the window in here since the neighbor is using a jack hammer. I guess he wanted to get done before it got too hot. 

Here is my Tubby in a tub being carried around the house, she's so cute :)

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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Cat Dairy Chronicles 10/4

Cat Diary Chronicles
What are the cat diary chronicles? These are two diaries found in a storage locker by storage locker pickers. The author of the diaries is now deceased. I thought it would be fun to share them. All traceable names will be changed.

We will be starting with the Siamese Diary. The beginning of the diary does not have the year but it is added a few pages later so I'm assuming we are starting in 1987.

10/4 Skipped several months

This last months have been most traumatic. 

Got a job and started on March 31-just in time for a year end audit that lasted forever. 

Tom and Diana's marriage hit the rocks on June 20 and Tom moved home. He was so depressed-and on July 11th he died. At first we accepted that he killed himself-the Lord only knows he took enough pills and booze to sink a ship. I found an expired vial of Valium that he appeared to have injected. But the coroner's report said there were no drugs in his system.-his heart simply gave out.  It all seems such a waste- and now we struggle to put our lives back into place. He walked out of life leaving me holding the bag-as usual. The roof will still leak, the bank will still slide and now I don't have his muscle to help.  I don't know what I'll do-I sure can't do it alone and I don't know where to turn. I'm angry and I feel such a loss. He was still my brother-with all his faults-and I still loved him-but never told him. Damned dummy-the ultimate rank-but this isn't funny.  I don't think I'll ever be able to erase the memory of him sprawled in the hallway-he looked just like he was asleep. But so cold. Maybe if I had been patient-as in bit more caring-it would have made a difference, but I'll never know. All I know is that I keep hoping I'll wake up from this very bad dream and his smart-assed remarks and jokes will return.  

If its been hard for me, its been worse for mom-she was with him when he died. In a way, his going brought us closer together. Not unselfishly. I am much more aware that her life will not be forever and cannot deal with losing her. I want to spend as much time as possible making it easier for her. She's been hurt so much-and I can't deal with her being hurt by anyone anymore. 

It's been hard on Jim-I've withdrawn from him and he doesn't understand. I still love him, but my feelings for Mom are stronger. I could use his help, but I will not ask for it. He doesn't like her, nor she him. This is my problem to resolve.  He can stand on his own, she can't now.  But how can I get him to understand? I feel like I'm in a loop-between and betwixt and don't know up from down.  I don't even know if I care which is which. I do know that here is a security here that I need-and want-but I cannot divorce myself from other's needs. I don't know how long I can hang-loose without grasping for help. I know I can't do the house alone, nor can Mom stay there once the weather turns foul. Tom won't be there to help with buckets this year and I'm just tired of trying. I want to fold up in a cocoon and wait for a better time. 

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