Friday, August 28, 2020


It's Friday!

So far I have no real "work" to do so might be a fun day.

Yesterday after work I got a bunch of masks made, someone ordered one out of each of these fabrics so I went ahead and sewed up all the ones I had.

I sold 3 of these already

This fabric is awesome. I sold all but the 2 middle ones

Last night Trevor and I went for a walk. I was so tired. Pretty disgusting. I can't believe I used to run 6 miles all the time and now I'm like oh I walked for a bit and I need a break lol. After our walk we went to the grocery store since we were out of dog food and cat food. I do not want that stress in my life first thing in the morning lol. Usually I have Scott pick that up when he does his mom's shopping but he went before work one day and didn't tell me he was going. Winco is much nicer at 10pm, hardly anyone in there. What's funny is my bedtime alarm when off when we were walking in the store. Yes I'm like 90 now. 

Today's plan is to make up some kids masks for my cousin's family. They live somewhere around Seattle and sounds like they are actually going back to school in the classroom. Hopefully some of the ones I have in my pre-made stash will work so I don't have to make up a bunch more :)

Oh and yesterday the Lodi Street Fair was cancelled for October. I knew it would be but just a little sad. I finally asked for a refund since I already deferred my payment once. I can just pay the $150 again if it is actually going to happen next May.

The gal that does the local events is still trying to get things going but I don't know if I want to be out and around that many people. All my stuff is fabric and people like to touch it all. I've thought about ways that I could package my mug cozies but I don't really want to add that much plastic. Things to think about. I need to work on putting stuff in my handmade Etsy store or just put more on my Facebook page & Marketplace. 

ok off to read some blogs while I wait for work emails with stuff to do. I hope you all have a good day!

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