Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Following Directions

With this whole work at home thing we have to keep getting people to sign contracts. Usually I would have that all printed out at work and make them a little packet and the planner would go out and get signatures.

This time around I'm getting the papers all ready, highlighting where they need to sign and giving directions via email.

It's so amazing to me how many people cannot follow directions. I have one girl that just sent me stuff with one of the papers not signed correctly again. Now she has to go make another whole trip to go see this guy to re-sign one paper.

You'd think she'd print out the instructions and take it with her...

Having a staff meeting time. I hate staff meetings. Usually like 5 minutes of an hour long staff meeting has anything to do with me.

I saw this picture yesterday, it's real. Why is this happening? I'm so glad the health department stepped in and was like nope no school in person here. It will be different but it will be so much safer.

I woke up and rolled over and saw this. Murder cat! Just kidding she's super sweet. My Lucy.

Took me all day to get this done yesterday. I like it :)

I got the next set cut out. After this set I have to switch back to making masks again. I got a bunch of orders.

Saw this and cracked up, I have these grow in my yard sometimes. Step on those with no shoes on. So painful.

Too funny

This was my office/craft room when I went to bed last night. I should really get a sewing room chair. Such a mess. Good news is if I keep sewing I might run out of fabric at some point right? Well maybe if I didn't keep buying some too haha.

Ok off to work! Taking off early today to go do something for my secret project. Glad I only have to work for 1/2 a day-ish today.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Okay this is as bad as my office! We both should be ashamed of ourselves. But will it get better soon for me. Doubtful. :-)
If I awoke to a cat looking at me I would die. I am petrified of all house cats. (shiver)
I would never come to your home because you have cats. Unless I knew they were locked away and could not open a door, but even still, I would always be jumpy. I even tried hypnotherapy to get over this, only got worse. I know it's not logical, but then is any fear really?

Julie H said...

@Peg did you get attacked by one when you were younger?

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