Thursday, August 13, 2020

Blocking and Filing

Hello! Good morning! Did anyone miss me yesterday? Probably not haha.

Wednesday Trevor had his first day of school (distance learning) and was done by 10am! That's a nice Senior day at school. They mix up all the classes so one day you have 3 classes and another day you have 3 classes and Wednesday you have a little bit of everything. Weird. So far the Art teacher is the only one requiring the kids have their cameras on. I think if I was a teacher I'd have them all on, but then that might be distracting with kids picking up their cats or dogs or something lol.

I picked up my little secret project Wednesday, it is so pretty! I have one step left to go. I tried doing it all on my machine but I didn't like it so I picked it all out and have to hand stitch it. So it is pinned and waiting for me to get to it.

Before I did that I finished up this purple crumb block I had started. Sewing these is so relaxing. Weirdest thing ever lol. Plus it is fun to make something out of stuff you'd usually throw away. Downside is now I can't throw anything away ;) I used to send all my little pieces to someone but they said they are good on scraps now so I've been playing with them myself.

Yesterday I went to work for the entire day and ended up staying 3 hours over. There is so much stuff that needs to go into files. Before we could ask the other 2 girls to print and file but they are gone now so I've just been saving it all on my computer. It is a good thing most audits use our online file system for now (really it should all just go online and paperless, I hope they end up going that way)

This was my filing to do before I went home. I couldn't find half the files I needed and I was too tired to go look around for them so I have a stack to start off when I go back in the office in two weeks.

Today looks to be another slow day at home. We have a teleconference in a few minutes to teach us how to do what we've already been doing all year. You'd think they'd have had these "refreshers" before we got started.

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