Monday, August 31, 2020

Weekend Progress

Well Scott was on fire this weekend! 

Getting close to having all the walls back up in the living room. We went and made another deposit to Lowe's yesterday. (the plan is to get a bigger TV there, yes it's little because I never watch it haha, also a large shelf or something under the tv and there won't be wires hanging all over (I hope))

He just needs to do a little bit more wiring stuff on this wall and then he can close it back up.

He also got a new weed eater and did some work in the front yard. Go Scott!

I on the other hand made masks on Friday, Saturday went and bought some baby shower stuff (drive through) with Jessica and then spent the rest of the day playing on My niece did 23 and me was asking me questions so I finally got the book out that I have and sent her all the info. Then I got sucked into the Ancestry worm whole and stayed up all night following leaves.

Sunday I worked on sorting up what was left of this giant box of scraps I have and then I was going to work on some crumb blocks but we went to Lowe's and then we had some drama time, then dinner, and then Trevor and I went for a long ass walk and it was 11pm when we got back. So not quite a productive weekend for me but now we have some baby shower stuff sorted out. Just going to decorate my tent I use for craft booths and make some favors up. Nice and simple.

Listening to my neighbor make her cattle calls to her dogs (chihuahuas). I swear she's so freaking weird. If you are working in your front yard and you have to constantly call your dogs back to the yard you should either tie them up or put them in the house. (going to have to close my windows she's driving me nuts)

I'm already all caught up with "work" so just waiting for an email for something to do.

I got some more of my fabric boards from Amazon yesterday so I should work on another box of fabric while I wait :)
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie - I didn't wish to leave it all here - look at your email for the answers to your cable issue coming out of the TV

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