Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Them Hills Are On Fire

Happy Wednesday! It is Wednesday right? All these days blend together but Saturday and Sunday when Scott is home all day and I don't have to turn on the work computer.

So to add to yesterday's excitement Scott came home with a piece of metal in his eye. He gets that a lot from work. Usually he can get it out himself but sometimes he can't. After 6000 sighs he finally decided to go to the ER and get it taken out. I don't know what time he came home but it was after 2am and he left for work a bit before 7. Hopefully he doesn't fall asleep while he's driving.

The hills across the way are still burning. It's quite a bit away like 20 miles or so but we can see the smoke and the flames and glowing hills at night. Our sky outside is just gray. Here is a picture someone took a few miles from where I live.

I thought it was supposed to only be like 97 today but I just looked and it is still supposed to be 107. The nights are super hot if someone *cough* *Scott* keeps turning off the air conditioner. It really needs to be on to make the night bearable. We just have the wall AC in the living room, which is fine until it only cools off to the high 80's at night. Last night it was over 90 at 10pm (outside).  Not like we can open the windows with all that smoke.

One positive thing about yesterday was I finally got the kitchen table leaf taken out and stored under my bed. Trevor didn't even know the leaf came out, which I guess he wouldn't know since he's the baby in the family. It feels like there is so much space in the kitchen now. 

I did a little bit of sewing last night but I stopped around 10 because I was so sweaty and it was time for bed anyways. Still working on a few mask orders. Hopefully I'll finish up the ones that are ordered tonight so I can just sew for "fun". 
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie, because everyone here has A/C even if only window ones in the hood, everyone has A/C. So I was surprised to see in CA that you wouldn't. Is this unusually warm for you guys? Come over to my house. At night it goes down pretty low and I like to say that Rick likes it like a meat locker to sleep but in all honesty so do I.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Oh, wow, that is really hot without AC!

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