Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Alll byyy myyyy selllff

Happy Tuesday!

Anyone else sing that song when they are home alone? I'm home all by myself except for the animals, who are all reminding me that I'm not home alone haha.

This morning Melissa came and picked Trevor up to go to his last school registration day. He could have went himself but she has went with him to all of them so he called her up. So sweet. I signed him up that he needs his a laptop and a hot spot for school at home since he uses my laptop and hogs it and sometimes our internet sucks. Figured it wouldn't hurt for him to have his own school device.

 Anyone else like this working at home?

Beginning of stay at home for the pandemic,
Get up at normal before work time, take a shower, get dressed, sit to work

Couple months in
Get up at time I start work, run in and get the computer started up
Take a shower or wash my hair and get dressed
Start work

Get up and get work lap top, bring back to bed
Check emails until something important comes along that I really have to concentrate on
Go back and sit at the desk and work
Shower? Maybe.
Dressed? Usually change into something comfy by noon.

Yesterday I finished my last blue block, I think they look nice together. The upper corner one stands out a bit with the brighter blue and yellow

I thought I'd make 4 yellows with some blues next. This one seems a bit funky lol

That odd ball blue one with the yellow next to it.

If I make a bunch of colors I can mix them all up maybe...

We'll see what I end up doing! I pulled out a bunch more yellow fabrics to work with todayPin It

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh I wish I could check emails and go back to bed. Darn it anyhow!
When this pandemic is over it is going to be so damn hard to wear a real bra (not a sports bra) and real clothes. I am schleppy every day. The new guy next door told me last night I looked nice. NICE? it was just that I wasn't in one of Rick's old T-shirts down to my knees and an old pair of short and a baseball cap. I actually did my hair and put on makeup so I'd feel better. I did except I wanted to rip off the bra! Post Pandemic will be very hard for me. :-)

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