Thursday, April 29, 2021

Jessica's 27th Birthday!

Good morning!
Today is Jessica's 27th Birthday! Here are a few cute pics from when she was little/first hatched.

She LOVED the jumper thing we hung up in the door frame.

Scott's parents, ahh they look so young. 

My mom, look at all Jessica's hair! So cute.

My baby shower. I made this top, I think I made pants too but must have decided not to wear them. Scott's mom next to me. Look at how straight and tall she is!

Cutie patootie! We are going over to her house for dinner tonight. I have to make a macaroni salad and go to town to pick up her cake that I ordered after work.

Today is also my friend Dee's birthday too! I dropped off a gift for her when I was in town yesterday. Might have ended up drinking one on her porch outside lol.

I finished all these cute yellow lab/green trucks yesterday. All are sold already! They are so cute. I am going to have to make a couple more for my booth.

My dog Rusty is whining at me. I just took him out so he's been out twice already today. What the hell is his problem? He has been driving me nuts. I put him outside on the tie out but then Snookie ends up barking too much so I have to bring them in. Yesterday it was a nice break from the dogs to go to town haha. This is what my life has become, needing a break from the dogs!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Taxes and Sewing

Good morning happy hump day!
Raise your hand if you're exhausted...

me! me! me!

We had some kind of wild animal kingdom thing going on last night and the dogs kept barking and barking and barking. Scott got up and went outside at one point and said there were like 20 cats in the front yard. This morning when I took the dogs out there was a small branch broken off the tree in the side yard. Hopefully no one got eaten by a coyote or something. 

I finally got my taxes done yesterday. Money back from state and owe federal like 2x what I get back from state. So dumb. So federal will be getting back some of their "stimulus" money that I haven't been stimulating the economy with haha. Also got my sales tax taxes done so whew glad that is all done for this year.

I turned my strip squares into bags! I like them. Tried making a coin bag with the one square I had left over and a few more scraps. It is too long so I know when I make some more things with those little zippers to make them shorter. I think they are fun though. 

Next up I'm going to play with this fabric. I cut some apart last night. I think I'll make some little bags and maybe some mug rugs. The whole trucks are pretty big so will take up almost a whole mug rug but there are some partials on the sides that still look really cute.  

At some point today I have to go pay for Jessica's birthday cake I ordered. She said they won't make it until I pay for it. Jess also wants to borrow my car at some point today to take her boyfriends mom to the airport so we'll see how all that works out.

Work is still dead. It is going to blow up next week I'm sure! Guess I'll just enjoy the down time. 
Hope you all have a great day!


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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Patriotic Strip Squares and Mug Rugs

Good morning! I woke up this morning thinking I had a car registration due in like 4 days but I looked and whew not due until the end of the month. We have THREE car registrations due in May. One needs to be smogged and has the check engine light on (my old car I gave to Melissa and she gave back). Scott has been working on Jessica's car for like a month. I think he's almost done with it for awhile.

I spent most of the day yesterday sewing. 

I made 4 more mug rugs to add to my booth stuff

and then decided to make some strip quilt blocks with some of my small fabric pieces. I think I'm going to make these into some zip bags. My friends suggested a lap quilt (not big enough), a table runner (not big enough) and a pillow cover, which might be cute but doubt anyone would buy it.  I've learned small and inexpensive works best for my booth.

Look how cute this old TV is converted into a dog bed. Although my dogs sleep on my bed at night. The cats would probably like it. I saved the picture to show Scott, I think his mom has some old TV's in her garage.

That's about all I've got for today. Nothing too exciting going on, just the way I like it!


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Monday, April 26, 2021

Weekend ReCap

Good morning! Happy Monday! I kind of feel like I had a busy weekend but didn't really go anywhere. Friday this cutie pie came over for a couple hours so his mom could nap but I think she just cleaned instead haha.

Ahhh so cute, that lasted like 5 minutes he only ever takes a cat nap here lol.

Drum lessons with Uncle Trevor

Look at his beautiful eye lashes! Jess had eye lashes like that too.

Saturday I mostly worked on cleaning up some more fabric and posting some for sale. I only sold a couple pieces. Might try listing it on another group before I just put it away. Saturday night we went over to a neighbor's house for a little bit. They have this cool patio area. They were almost three sheets to the wind as my grandma used to say (drunk) so entertaining haha. 

Sunday I made up a mask order for a return buyer, four kids masks for the kids going back to school I'm sure. My brothers kids got sick right after they went back to school so that shows how well that works for the little ones.

Here is the fabric I got from my trip. I got a few panels to play with and just some other prints I haven't seen before. The Smurfs is a pillow case. Some of their stuff is one offs.

I decided to work on this little patriotic print first.  I think the orangy-red is supposed to be more red but they turned out cute anyways.

I made 2 of the bike since my mom wanted one right away when I showed her.

I had that little flag in the left corner in my scraps, glad I saved it it turned out cute. My friend claimed that one and the 2 chairs this morning. I think I might make more of the chairs and the bikes for my booth.

I was supposed to do a booth at the Livermore Outlets on Sunday but there was a 70% chance of rain so the organizer moved it to the end of May. I think it got the yard a little bit wet here but not much. 

Tina has been my little buddy lately. Her and Lucy mostly hang out with me. Tubz shows up occasionally but she LOVES Scott so mostly hangs with him or Trevor. Guys cat for sure.  Hoping eventually I can get Tina to be more of a snuggler. She lets me hold her and love on her for a minute with some purring but that's about it. I miss snuggling with Buster.

I need to work on finishing up my records so I can get my taxes done. Definitely have to do my income tax ASAP. Most of that is from Etsy sales this time since last year I only did the one booth that was pretty dead. I have like 3 emails of stuff to do for work today so far. I'm on the calendar to go into the office on Friday. I have a ton of stuff to print out again.

Hope you all have a great day!


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Friday, April 23, 2021


Good morning, Happy Friday! I guess it isn't so bad coming back to work on a Friday. Catch up on 70 emails and then get 2 days off haha.

Reno was fun! I ended up driving. We took the long way to get there so more of the old highways than the big interstate. Honestly I would have liked to go home one of those ways too, the freeway is so stressful.

Do you like this enormous chair? It was in the area by the elevators and our room. We stayed at the Grand Sierra Resort. I stayed there once before with my Mom & Melissa when we did a road trip but I only remember sleeping there. 

This is the view from our 22n'd floor room. 

The machines there were TIGHT. I don't think I won a dollar for more than 5 minutes lol. We played there a little Tuesday night then had dinner in our room.

Wednesday we went to Mill End fabric store. Check out these aisles!
When you walk in this is to the left. Mostly upholstery and specialty fabrics.

On the right is notions and other fabrics, only a couple rows of cottons. I still need to bring in what I bought from the car. Not a lot surprisingly. If I had been by myself I would have looked up thrift stores and more fabric stores but the trip wasn't just about me haha.

I didn't take whole lot of pictures. After the fabric place we went to "The Row". My friend wanted to get players cards at all the casinos we went to so now I have a collection. She had never been to the strip so we went through there and then walked a bit. Here is a whale sculpture (should have cropped it sorry) that was kind of neat next to the river but it was surrounded by homeless people.

When we got back to the room we hung out for a bit then I was like I so want that little cheesecake I saw in the morning.  It was yummy. 

Later we went back out and went to Atlantis where the machines also didn't want to play. This was the only place we went that actually checked temperatures. They had this fancy machine that you faced and it would some how take your temperature. Things have come a long way since the rectal thermometer haha.

After we left our deposit there we went over to the Peppermill where we FINALLY found 2 machines that would play that were also close together. My friend won $120 and I won enough that it covered everything I had spent that evening haha.

Thursday we got up, checked out and then went to the big antique store I like. Then we went to Boomtown. We had lunch at Mel's there and then my friend wanted to play a bit. They had a play $25 get $25 promotion which I had to ask the old grouchy lady if it was just a scam when it still wasn't working after I had spent $30. Amazingly she "got it to work" onto my player card. I then went back and won $50 off their $25 (would collect every time I had a good win). Then it was the ride home. Whew! Overall I had a fun. I like a little gambling a little looking around at shop (but not like the Reno on a mug shops). I probably would have went out to eat a little more, my friend just started a diet and I think one day she ate like 3 chips. I was like OMG I have to eat lol. 

Ok off to finish up my emails. I sold a bunch of stuff on FB before I left and have to ship the stuff that some people took forever to pay for too. Hope you all have a good weekend!


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Monday, April 19, 2021

1st Craft Show of 2021

Hello Happy Monday!

I had my booth on Saturday at the Waterford Museum. My friend Cassi went with me for the day. She is such a great sales person! I did really well for such a small venue. There were about 20 booths.

I need to make a 3rd tablecloth out of the sheets I have. You can tell the one that is not made up into a table cloth yet. They work really well because they don't really get wrinkled and I made them to fit the tables. The older ones have little holes in them so I can tie my stuff down to the table when it is really windy. It was a tiny bit windy and one rack of keychains fell over a few times. I am going to try making some sandbags to hold them down I think. I tried rocks in the past and it would still blow over.

My biggest seller was the zip bags, then key chains, wine bags and mug cozies were about the same. Funny how different things sell at different places. 

The roses there were amazing

Here is my Tubby looking all cute in the clean stuff I had just washed.

I spent almost all day yesterday cleaning up my items for my next show. Everything got a swipe with the lint roller and reorganized. Pretty much ready for my next show on Sunday at the Livermore Outlets. My friend won't be around to go with me so I'll be by myself. I hope it is a good show too!

Tomorrow my friend and I are going to Reno for two nights for vacation. Wooot woooot I can't wait. So nice to get out and about and do things. Being locked up for a year was way too long. Probably won't be back here until Friday (I should have taken the whole week off, I don't know what I was thinking). Hope you all have a great week!


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Friday, April 16, 2021

Sewing Room New Cabinet & Workspace

Good morning! Welcome to my mess haha. Got the big cabinet/work space in my room! Don't judge how much stuff I have haha

Waiting for Scott to fix my little book case so I can put this open bin of fabric away.

The kitties love it of course

It's a little bit tight but plenty of room to move my chair back and forth. Haven't tried sewing on it yet, it is 1" higher than my desk so hopefully it isn't too uncomfortable to sew on. If so I can just put my machine on the computer desk area and do everything else on the other side.

I haven't filled up the cabinets underneath completely, they are kind of square. I need different size boxes to put in there. they are mostly filled with scrapbook/paper type stuff so far.

I have a free table out front and have already got rid of a bunch of stuff. I'm just like why save a box of stuff I can buy at the dollar store if I need it. It's taking up too much room.

I have collected a lot of stuff for a ephemera Etsy shop over the years, I need to actually work on that one of these days. Before my latest sewing venture I did a lot of paper crafts too so I have all that!

This is why I haven't got the new Cricut stuff haha. Too many hobbies not enough room! 

I still need to get my craft show stuff ready to go so I need to focus on that. I did put some fabric up for sale yesterday and made about $75 if everyone pays! That was just one small stack of fabric so that was awesome. 

I found a bunch of misc sewing notion type stuff and left that out to put up for sale on the FB group next but I should wait to do that until after the craft show.

Ok off to make some breakfast and wash some clothes! Hope you all have a great weekend!


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Thursday, April 15, 2021

More Sewing Room Reorganizing

Good morning! You know what is sad? I thought yesterday was Thursday for about 1/2 a day. Well here we are, Thursday again haha. 

I finished up the last of the mug rugs I was working on yesterday. I have a nice little stack of them for my craft shows now.

After I got done with that I started shifting stuff around so I can get the new to me cabinet in the room. I took down the folding table I've been using for a work desk for almost a year. I wanted to have that for my show anyways so that is good timing for that. Then I shifted everything around until I could get my sewing desk onto the other wall. This included having to take out all the fabric from my 2 bookcases. What a mess! I may have knocked over my button tin and had to pick up like 500 buttons in the middle of that. I'm pretty sure the neighbors heard my reaction when that happened.

Here is where we are this morning. It was like 9:30pm when I got done playing with stuff last night and too late to bring the cabinet in. Scott thinks the best way to get it in is through the window. aye yi yi I hope that works. It is long so he thinks it will be difficult to get it in through the front door/hallway/sewing room door.  So I will have to take everything along the wall out of the room before that happens. I plan on having it ready so he can do it after work. 

Yes there is two holes in the wall. No it wasn't me that put it there. Those will have to be repaired before I can paint. I was just going to use the leftover paint from the living room and then color will come from my stuff haha.

If we ever go back to work again I'll be taking all these monitors back to work. It feels like it might be coming soon but they still keep talking about people teleworking.

This bookshelf needs to be reinforced before I put anything in it again. if you touch it it will do a long lean lol.

Not sure how I will have everything organized once I get the cabinet in. While I was moving stuff around I found all my boxes with misc paper stuff I had bought for etsy/crafting. I have quite a bit that needs to be organized. I had a few totes under the folding table so those are out in the open now. I'm hoping with the cabinet I can get rid of some more totes! 

After I get caught up on work today I'm going to work on redoing some of the fabric I have on boards. Originally I was trying to put everything on the full size boards but lately I have cut them down to smaller sizes. It is easier to see what is on there when it is on the shelf for the smaller pieces.

Ok off to do some work! Hope you all have a great day!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

More Mug Rugs and Babies

Good morning happy hump day! This time next week I'll be on vacation wohoo. Should have taken the whole week off instead of just 3 days but it will still be nice to go somewhere and get out of the house.

Mostly just worked on my mug rugs yesterday. I have 7 more little prints that go with this set to finish today.

Jess was going for a walk and asked me if I wanted to meet up with her so I threw on some shoes and joined her. The little guy was sleeping until we got back to her house and then he just sat content watching his mom, dad and uncle playing with basketballs. His dad would come over and bring him the ball and he'd put his little hands up. So cute! I am wondering if his eyes are going to stay blue. He is 6 months old now they would have changed by now I would think? 

I had just hung up these lace curtains for a quick fix, they are way too long, but the cats seem to enjoy them. I like that I can see out and people can't see right in too. They make great backdrops for pictures of the kitties too. Lucy has a resting bitch face, she was happy here I swear! She has a tiny scratch on her nose. Probably from Tina they like to smack each other every so often. Mostly because they both like the same spot in the room here haha.

I'm getting excited for my craft show this weekend. Looks like there are 21 vendors. It is going to be like 85 outside so a little on the warmer side but not the world is on fire hot yet. 

Hope you all have a great day!


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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Sewing Room Fun

Oh man where am I what day is it? Oh yes only Tuesday blah. 
Just listened to a required work teleconference that was all about no one knowing anything. Love those.

Yesterday I finished up these butterfly mug rugs (like oversized coasters). I really like them. They are so much fun to make. I cut apart some floral fabric I have for the next ones. I have 4 almost done, just need backs. 

After those I think I am debating on working on my sewing room. I have a big cabinet I got from my mom's house to replace the folding table I've been using as a teleworking desk. It is big so won't be able to be moved around a lot so I'm thinking maybe I should paint the room before I bring it in. Also want to paint the cabinet but it is sitting in the back of Scott's truck so I need to get him and Trevor to take it out so I can do that. I'm kind of thinking of painting it pink :)

I also have a craft show on Saturday and going on vacation for Tuesday-Thursday so there is that to think about.

Yesterday I saw this cutie for a few minutes. This is his I'm done with this face haha. He was smiley most of the time so just caught the grouchy face when I snapped a photo. 

Trevor made me this fabulous pile of mini pancakes for breakfast. So nice to have my personal chef haha. 

Hope you all have a great day!

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