Friday, April 16, 2021

Sewing Room New Cabinet & Workspace

Good morning! Welcome to my mess haha. Got the big cabinet/work space in my room! Don't judge how much stuff I have haha

Waiting for Scott to fix my little book case so I can put this open bin of fabric away.

The kitties love it of course

It's a little bit tight but plenty of room to move my chair back and forth. Haven't tried sewing on it yet, it is 1" higher than my desk so hopefully it isn't too uncomfortable to sew on. If so I can just put my machine on the computer desk area and do everything else on the other side.

I haven't filled up the cabinets underneath completely, they are kind of square. I need different size boxes to put in there. they are mostly filled with scrapbook/paper type stuff so far.

I have a free table out front and have already got rid of a bunch of stuff. I'm just like why save a box of stuff I can buy at the dollar store if I need it. It's taking up too much room.

I have collected a lot of stuff for a ephemera Etsy shop over the years, I need to actually work on that one of these days. Before my latest sewing venture I did a lot of paper crafts too so I have all that!

This is why I haven't got the new Cricut stuff haha. Too many hobbies not enough room! 

I still need to get my craft show stuff ready to go so I need to focus on that. I did put some fabric up for sale yesterday and made about $75 if everyone pays! That was just one small stack of fabric so that was awesome. 

I found a bunch of misc sewing notion type stuff and left that out to put up for sale on the FB group next but I should wait to do that until after the craft show.

Ok off to make some breakfast and wash some clothes! Hope you all have a great weekend!


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