Thursday, April 1, 2021


Good morning! I feel like I have a sleep hangover. Yesterday after work I laid down for a bit and had a little dozing off here and there with my bedroom crew. I keep waiting for Tina to sleep with us since she's been laying on the bed a little now but she takes off after I get in there.

I got up and made dinner which was done promptly at 8:15. Sheesh I'm such a slacker lol. Scott was passed out in his chair by the time it was done. 

While dinner was cooking I worked on my mug cozies. I am running low on the elastics I use. They come from the dollar store and last time I was in there they didn't have the kind I use. Really hoping they didn't stop carrying them.  I think I can order something similar online but they aren't $1!

Does anyone else have an on the way to bed routine? While I was doing mine last night I wondered if any men actually have a routine. Mine starts with lock the front door, turn off the porch light, maybe sure any food in the kitchen is put away, pick up the trash so Rusty doesn't get in it. Make sure the animals have water, sometimes scoop the cat box if I didn't do that yet. While I was scooping the box I was thinking it must be nice to just go to bed and not worry about anything. 

Ok  off to do something maybe productive. Hope you all have a great day!


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