Monday, April 26, 2021

Weekend ReCap

Good morning! Happy Monday! I kind of feel like I had a busy weekend but didn't really go anywhere. Friday this cutie pie came over for a couple hours so his mom could nap but I think she just cleaned instead haha.

Ahhh so cute, that lasted like 5 minutes he only ever takes a cat nap here lol.

Drum lessons with Uncle Trevor

Look at his beautiful eye lashes! Jess had eye lashes like that too.

Saturday I mostly worked on cleaning up some more fabric and posting some for sale. I only sold a couple pieces. Might try listing it on another group before I just put it away. Saturday night we went over to a neighbor's house for a little bit. They have this cool patio area. They were almost three sheets to the wind as my grandma used to say (drunk) so entertaining haha. 

Sunday I made up a mask order for a return buyer, four kids masks for the kids going back to school I'm sure. My brothers kids got sick right after they went back to school so that shows how well that works for the little ones.

Here is the fabric I got from my trip. I got a few panels to play with and just some other prints I haven't seen before. The Smurfs is a pillow case. Some of their stuff is one offs.

I decided to work on this little patriotic print first.  I think the orangy-red is supposed to be more red but they turned out cute anyways.

I made 2 of the bike since my mom wanted one right away when I showed her.

I had that little flag in the left corner in my scraps, glad I saved it it turned out cute. My friend claimed that one and the 2 chairs this morning. I think I might make more of the chairs and the bikes for my booth.

I was supposed to do a booth at the Livermore Outlets on Sunday but there was a 70% chance of rain so the organizer moved it to the end of May. I think it got the yard a little bit wet here but not much. 

Tina has been my little buddy lately. Her and Lucy mostly hang out with me. Tubz shows up occasionally but she LOVES Scott so mostly hangs with him or Trevor. Guys cat for sure.  Hoping eventually I can get Tina to be more of a snuggler. She lets me hold her and love on her for a minute with some purring but that's about it. I miss snuggling with Buster.

I need to work on finishing up my records so I can get my taxes done. Definitely have to do my income tax ASAP. Most of that is from Etsy sales this time since last year I only did the one booth that was pretty dead. I have like 3 emails of stuff to do for work today so far. I'm on the calendar to go into the office on Friday. I have a ton of stuff to print out again.

Hope you all have a great day!


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