Thursday, April 15, 2021

More Sewing Room Reorganizing

Good morning! You know what is sad? I thought yesterday was Thursday for about 1/2 a day. Well here we are, Thursday again haha. 

I finished up the last of the mug rugs I was working on yesterday. I have a nice little stack of them for my craft shows now.

After I got done with that I started shifting stuff around so I can get the new to me cabinet in the room. I took down the folding table I've been using for a work desk for almost a year. I wanted to have that for my show anyways so that is good timing for that. Then I shifted everything around until I could get my sewing desk onto the other wall. This included having to take out all the fabric from my 2 bookcases. What a mess! I may have knocked over my button tin and had to pick up like 500 buttons in the middle of that. I'm pretty sure the neighbors heard my reaction when that happened.

Here is where we are this morning. It was like 9:30pm when I got done playing with stuff last night and too late to bring the cabinet in. Scott thinks the best way to get it in is through the window. aye yi yi I hope that works. It is long so he thinks it will be difficult to get it in through the front door/hallway/sewing room door.  So I will have to take everything along the wall out of the room before that happens. I plan on having it ready so he can do it after work. 

Yes there is two holes in the wall. No it wasn't me that put it there. Those will have to be repaired before I can paint. I was just going to use the leftover paint from the living room and then color will come from my stuff haha.

If we ever go back to work again I'll be taking all these monitors back to work. It feels like it might be coming soon but they still keep talking about people teleworking.

This bookshelf needs to be reinforced before I put anything in it again. if you touch it it will do a long lean lol.

Not sure how I will have everything organized once I get the cabinet in. While I was moving stuff around I found all my boxes with misc paper stuff I had bought for etsy/crafting. I have quite a bit that needs to be organized. I had a few totes under the folding table so those are out in the open now. I'm hoping with the cabinet I can get rid of some more totes! 

After I get caught up on work today I'm going to work on redoing some of the fabric I have on boards. Originally I was trying to put everything on the full size boards but lately I have cut them down to smaller sizes. It is easier to see what is on there when it is on the shelf for the smaller pieces.

Ok off to do some work! Hope you all have a great day!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

More Mug Rugs and Babies

Good morning happy hump day! This time next week I'll be on vacation wohoo. Should have taken the whole week off instead of just 3 days but it will still be nice to go somewhere and get out of the house.

Mostly just worked on my mug rugs yesterday. I have 7 more little prints that go with this set to finish today.

Jess was going for a walk and asked me if I wanted to meet up with her so I threw on some shoes and joined her. The little guy was sleeping until we got back to her house and then he just sat content watching his mom, dad and uncle playing with basketballs. His dad would come over and bring him the ball and he'd put his little hands up. So cute! I am wondering if his eyes are going to stay blue. He is 6 months old now they would have changed by now I would think? 

I had just hung up these lace curtains for a quick fix, they are way too long, but the cats seem to enjoy them. I like that I can see out and people can't see right in too. They make great backdrops for pictures of the kitties too. Lucy has a resting bitch face, she was happy here I swear! She has a tiny scratch on her nose. Probably from Tina they like to smack each other every so often. Mostly because they both like the same spot in the room here haha.

I'm getting excited for my craft show this weekend. Looks like there are 21 vendors. It is going to be like 85 outside so a little on the warmer side but not the world is on fire hot yet. 

Hope you all have a great day!


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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Sewing Room Fun

Oh man where am I what day is it? Oh yes only Tuesday blah. 
Just listened to a required work teleconference that was all about no one knowing anything. Love those.

Yesterday I finished up these butterfly mug rugs (like oversized coasters). I really like them. They are so much fun to make. I cut apart some floral fabric I have for the next ones. I have 4 almost done, just need backs. 

After those I think I am debating on working on my sewing room. I have a big cabinet I got from my mom's house to replace the folding table I've been using as a teleworking desk. It is big so won't be able to be moved around a lot so I'm thinking maybe I should paint the room before I bring it in. Also want to paint the cabinet but it is sitting in the back of Scott's truck so I need to get him and Trevor to take it out so I can do that. I'm kind of thinking of painting it pink :)

I also have a craft show on Saturday and going on vacation for Tuesday-Thursday so there is that to think about.

Yesterday I saw this cutie for a few minutes. This is his I'm done with this face haha. He was smiley most of the time so just caught the grouchy face when I snapped a photo. 

Trevor made me this fabulous pile of mini pancakes for breakfast. So nice to have my personal chef haha. 

Hope you all have a great day!

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Monday, April 12, 2021

Sewing Weekend and more

 Good afternoon! I had to update that since I'm finally getting back here to finish this post and it is 1pm. Today has been 6 miles long already.

Trevor is doing school from home today since he was sick last week. He had a sore throat all weekend still but didn't seem to be like super bad. 

 Totally overslept this morning. I stayed up late working on my project and watching The Pianist. I had to wait until the movie was over to go to bed since I was so far into it. Such a good movie but so terribly sad.

I pretty much sewed all weekend. Friday night I finished up this huge pile of mug cozies I started like 2 weeks ago.  I still need to put them on my boards for my craft show but I think I'm going to go through all my boxes and organize them a bit for Saturday anyways.

Then I made a mask order for my sister in law (and 4 more black ones for another person). Lodi Unified School district went back to school today. From online to FULL DAY starting today. Kind of crazy. My nieces were excited to go back to school though. Hope it goes well for them and my nephews.

After masks I worked on some mug rugs. My friend had requested "Spring Mug Rugs" in pink, green and yellows so this is what I ended up making. I always start off all straight lines on these and then get wonky towards the end lol. They are like a painting being made as you go. I really like the way they turned out and will probably make up some more with the rest of the fabric I have. My friend decided to buy them all!

Sunday afternoon I went for a ride to deliver the masks and then stopped by Target. Can you believe they sell plants in tin cans? So funny to me. Like if I'm going to buy something why would I buy something I could just make myself with a soup can? Stupid.

I also took a picture of these flowers outside In & Out, I really like the orange. Maybe some day I'll get my yard going again.

After working on mug rugs I was trying to decide what I wanted to do next so ended up sorting my scraps out and cleaned up a bag of pink scraps into some crumb blocks. 

I'm getting a bit of a stack going now!

Some sister cuddling in the window sill. Also I should clean out the bottom of my light there. Gross.

I decided to make some more mug rugs last night and got these three done. I have 2 more I think to finish up with the butterfly fabric. It is fun to do a series with them.

My aunt posted this picture from siblings day on FB with my mom and her siblings. We literally don't talk to any of them anymore. My Uncle Ronnie bottom left has come over for masks a few times (his wife does FB and keeps the communication going a bit). My uncle Randy upper left lives by me and every once in awhile I'll talk to him for like 3 minutes. My aunt on the upper right I see every few years in the grocery store or Target and we'll chat for a minute. My mom (bottom) looks so young in this picture. Actually they all do. I think I was about 11 when they took this (we did a cousins one at the same time with my me and my brothers and my cousin Randy II. So probably about 1985 or so.

Back then it was every holiday at Grandma's house and swimming in the summer in Grandma's pool. I can't smell coconut tanning lotion without thinking of my aunts laying out. Sad that the family falls apart after the matriarch dies and the family falls apart. Happened on both sides of the family. 

Anyhow, hopefully today will get better than it started. We shall see! All caught up on my work now so I guess I'll go make some lunch :)
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Friday, April 9, 2021

Birthday Dinner

Good morning! Yeah it's Friday!!

So yesterday Trevor was running a low grade fever all day so he stayed home from Melissa's Birthday dinner. Weird missing a kid. The fever is gone today so hopefully whatever he had is short lived.

This is the rest of us at Texas Roadhouse, first family dinner out since my birthday in Feb 2020. Nice to go out since that way I don't have to cook or clean up BUT  it took like an hour to get a table and we had to wait outside and that was even with calling ahead.  I had a nice blouse on but it got covered up with the random sweater in the car since it got cold waiting.

Melissa's boyfriends birthday is the day after hers, isn't that funny?

I got the pulled pork dinner with the loaded sweet potato and side salad. I was pretty much full after the side salad and a roll (and a margarita). Just LOOK at this pile of meat. I have enough meat to make lunch for like 3 days.

We all ended up driving separate to the restaurant and I had to get gas before I went home. Noticed my car now has 67K miles on it. (2017) It would have a lot more if I hadn't mostly stayed home for the last year so at least that was good for the wear and tear on my car.  I have been paying a little extra each month on my car payment but I think I should try and bump it up a bit more. I hate paying on a car that has a ton of miles on it.  Also there is no way it was only 68 outside. 

I have like 3 things to do for work today that I didn't do yesterday so I guess I'll do those now ;) I got all the mug cozies I had cut out sewn together so now I'm just working on clipping and turning them. Then it will be topstitching and buttons and then done! Probably take me a day to get that done then I'll work on some masks.

Scott took the day off to be with his mom while his sister goes to work (she works like 1/2 a day Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday). He forgot his phone so he'll have to come back to get that before 2 something when she has a video appointment with her doctor. She has the worst doctor's office ever. Any office that takes three days to call back about a 90 year old's meds being refilled gets a big fat F in my book. I think we should change her over to our doctor but so far that hasn't happened since it involves changing the doctor with the insurance. 

OK hope you all have a great day and a great weekend!


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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Happy Birthday Melissa!

 Good morning! Today is my middle child's 22nd birthday! Happy Birthday Melissa!

This pictures is from her senior pics that this loser mom never passed out to anyone. Not sure what happened there. Some day maybe I'll frame the kids pictures again and put them on the walls. I used to have pictures all over.

We are supposed to go out to dinner tonight to her favorite, Texas Roadhouse. 

Yesterday Trevor went to the dentist and I just sat in the car. He needs two fillings it looks like and then they want to do the deep deep cleaning stuff that I had before. Estimate? $1000 out of pocket. Like he just went to the dentist 6 months ago. So guess we'll start with the fillings...

That was about all I got done yesterday except for a load of laundry and cleaning up the kitchen again. Oh and I played with my veggie seedlings. I had them in the seedstarter but they were getting too big so got some cups to replant them in for now. So far I have lots of squash, lots of cherry tomatoes, lots of bell peppers and a couple other tomato plants. I bought these seeds last year but never planted them so I had a bunch that were duds. The bell peppers and cherry tomatoes need to be thinned out but I thought I'd wait til they are a bit bigger and see if I can salvage the extras. I don't need that many plants but I can share :)

That's about all I've got for today so far! Hope you all have a great day!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Babysitting, Work and Life

Hello happy Wednesday!  Yesterday was a long day of work, mostly just going through apps and seeing what I need to scan to have it all uploaded to the system. Super boring. I got a few loads of laundry done but need to do some more today.

This little guy came over around 3 yesterday so his mommy could go get some new clothes and go out to dinner with his daddy. We started off good but then he got cranky.

We went for a little walk in the wagon but it was pretty bright outside for that fair skin so didn't stay out too long. He seemed to like it though. I probably should have got that extra stroller my mom was trying to give me.

He took a little cat nap, I didn't dare move lol

Watched some Shrek when he woke up

He was happy again for a bit but then got mad at me because I was NOT his mommy and he just wasn't having it anymore haha. Luckily they got back just in time. His mom took him and he looked at me like maybe he might like me a little bit again haha. Jess said he went to sleep right after they got home and he slept until 4am so he definitely got worn out at my house!

Scott got home late after going to his mom's to do her shopping. He was all upset because his mom was moaning that she was in pain. Sigh. Poor woman. I told him if she's still in that much pain she needs to go back to the hospital. At least there they can make sure she's getting pain meds regularly. He had to make her take a pain pill when he was there because she won't ever take them on her own (always has some reason-too big/makes her sick/etc). 

Trevor has a dentist appointment at 3 today. Trying to decide if I'm going with him or just sending him with a card to pay for anything that has to get done (just in case). 

I still have a bunch of masks to make so I need to get on those today after work if I don't go with him. 
Oh and I'm feeling all normal day 2 after my vaccine so that is good! Although I read an article about a woman who is stuck in Mexico because she has Covid and she was vaccinated. Of course it doesn't go into detail about what vaccine she had or anything. I'm wondering if these are just going to be like the flu shot where you can get the shot but still get some other strain of the flu it didn't cover. Sounds like it. 

Our county just moved into the red tier finally. There is a recall the governor petition that has got a lot of signatures and is moving onto the next level so I'm guessing that also has something to do with California saying they will be fully open by June. My boss said that the FPAC (what they call the umbrella agency) wants us to open our office by April 14th or something like that. Which is funny since we were just told over and over we'd have 30 days notice before we opened to the public/had to go back into the office. She had a meeting with the other managers in our office building (we have 3 agencies in our one building) yesterday but didn't fill me in on what they came up with. 

Apparently my boss was looking for some files in the office the other day and couldn't find them. I'm pretty sure I made the files but maybe I didn't. Every time I go in I'm trying to do what needs to be done RIGHT NOW but I did spend a few days making up new files. I'm like you can print the stuff off and put it in a file if you need one? IDK drives me nuts. Have everything digitally if it's not printed out so I don't get what the big deal is. Mostly because I know she wanted it to scan it haha. So that will be my next thing to do when I go in the office. Catch up the new apps that don't have files yet. Yes they do not MAGICALLY APPEAR I have to make them. People don't seem to get that. Kind of hard to do when you are mostly working from home.

Ok off my soap box for the morning haha. I have like 4 things that I need to do for work then just busy work stuff. Yeah fun fun. Hope you all have a great day!


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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Slow Day Hopefully

 Good morning happy Tuesday! My arm is just a little sore from my vaccine yesterday but no other side effects. 

My friend and I are going to go to Reno in a couple weeks for a little vacation. I booked the hotel and asked for the time off work so everything is in place. Woohoo so excited to go do something. Probably won't go out of the hotel much but I definitely want to go to the three story antique store. I hardly ever buy much there but it is a lot of fun to walk around. 

I had myself on the schedule to go into work today but took myself off. I don't have a whole lot that has to be done in the office and after yesterday I'd like to have a low key day. Tomorrow Trevor has a dentist appt in the afternoon, although he's 18 now so he just needs me to pay for things haha. Thursday is Melissa's birthday and she wants to go out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We are going to go to the one in Modesto since that is closer to where she lives. They have a lot of outdoor seating there so maybe the weather will be nice for us.

Today I need to do LAUNDRY LAUNDRY LAUNDRY. Also I have a few mask orders so I need to either finish up the mug cozies I started or put those to the side to get the masks done. Leaning towards finishing up the mug cozies so I don't have partial project laying around. 

Hopefully that is all the excitement today. Hope you all have a great day!

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Monday, April 5, 2021

Easter 2021

 Hello did you all survive Easter? We had the kids over and it was fun but I spent a lot of time cleaning before and after so I'm glad Melissa wants to go out to eat for her birthday haha. This morning started with Scott calling me telling me his mom had fallen. He had just got to work so it would take him awhile to get back (like 1 1/2 hours commute). I asked Jess to go with me and we went into town to check on her. She was sitting on the edge of  the bed changing her clothes when we got there. She had fallen right next to the bed and landed on her butt. Scott's sister got her back up but she was hurting and wanted to get X rays. So we got her in the car and I drove her to the ER. Scott drove in right ahead of me (no idea how fast he drove to get there). He got her out of the car and they let him go in with her. They did Xrays and then a CT Scan and couldn't see anything broken so he said they were sending her home. He still isn't home yet so he's probably trying to get her situated if they ever got out of there.

I went from there to home real quick to change my clothes and get cleaned up a bit and then to get my 2nd vaccine. That took about an hour all around to get that done (why have you fill out a form they send you in email if they then want you to fill out almost the same form again and then ask you 12 times if you are pregnant or have covid, it's all on the paper...) So that is done yet. Trying to get some work done but I can't really concentrate with 5000 things going on.

Here is the basic bunny cake you can make with 2 round cake pans and a little imagination lol

Presents! The one on the left is from me to the baby and the others are from my mom to all the kids. My friend gave me that pretty orchid I'll probably kill.

Opening bunny gifts

He was so funny when the glasses were put on he would be startled like "who turned off the lights?"

Grandpa time!

Baby egg dying with rice & food coloring in the bags. He mostly wanted to just eat the bags.

Kids dying eggs. Eric was there but didn't make it into a picture.

Me being a dork taking selfies with the baby

Kids eggs

That we turned into deviled eggs 

and playing with his auntie Melissa.

I did all the dishes and put them away before I went to bed. So glad I did that. There were a lot! 

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Thursday, April 1, 2021


Good morning! I feel like I have a sleep hangover. Yesterday after work I laid down for a bit and had a little dozing off here and there with my bedroom crew. I keep waiting for Tina to sleep with us since she's been laying on the bed a little now but she takes off after I get in there.

I got up and made dinner which was done promptly at 8:15. Sheesh I'm such a slacker lol. Scott was passed out in his chair by the time it was done. 

While dinner was cooking I worked on my mug cozies. I am running low on the elastics I use. They come from the dollar store and last time I was in there they didn't have the kind I use. Really hoping they didn't stop carrying them.  I think I can order something similar online but they aren't $1!

Does anyone else have an on the way to bed routine? While I was doing mine last night I wondered if any men actually have a routine. Mine starts with lock the front door, turn off the porch light, maybe sure any food in the kitchen is put away, pick up the trash so Rusty doesn't get in it. Make sure the animals have water, sometimes scoop the cat box if I didn't do that yet. While I was scooping the box I was thinking it must be nice to just go to bed and not worry about anything. 

Ok  off to do something maybe productive. Hope you all have a great day!


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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Busy Day!

 Ahhh I've finally got all those letters done. Now just waiting for my boss to sign them all and then go back into work to print them out and mail. 

Yesterday I went to swap cars with Jessica in the morning and when I got in my car it had 7 miles of gas left in it. It is 11 miles to the gas station. So I had to come back home and had Trevor put what we had in the gas can for the lawnmower in my car. Then I'm on my way and just down the road and get to wait for this. I'm like I'm never getting to work.  They were putting gravel along the side of the road. Yeah more broken windshields to come. I still need to replace mine..

I got off work at 1 (more like 1:15 but whatever) and then came home for a few minutes to take the dogs out and brush my teeth. Then off to the dentist. I swear the people that work at the dentist office are so awkward.  I got some x rays and then they put me in the room to wait for the hygienist with this on the screen. Like LOOK. JUST LOOK at how ugly your teeth are. Who wants to look at that?

The hygienist here is like a little ninja  with knives cutting up your gums. Hurts so bad. I always have to get the extra cleaning because I'm old.  This time she had the water sprayer thing shooting right into that part in the back of my throat that always makes me cough and sputter when I sip water the wrong way. I had to stop her several times so I could choke cough. TG I was wearing a pad since of course that makes me pee my pants too. I'm so fancy. I told her it felt like she was drowning me. Which she brought back up later so I know she didn't like that. What is so funny is my daughter said she had told her the same thing when she did her teeth. Guess it's not just me..

Apparently I have no cavities but who really knows since the Dr didn't actually check my teeth other to blow some air on them after I told him that they are sensitive when getting cleaned. Yeah thanks! The cute dentist apparently only sees the big cases now. The last 2 times I had a woman dentist who was like eh ok. This guy did nothing. I have to go back in three months for another torture cleaning so I'm sure if I have any problems that's enough time to fix things. Next time I am going to do a couple shots in the parking lot before I go in so I can relax a bit sheesh.

After the dentist I went and got my hair cut. It looks nothing like I was hoping so no picture haha. I did come home and decide I definitely needed bangs instead of just some blended in bangs so cut some of those myself. We'll see how it looks next time I try to do something with it. Probably tomorrow if I go into work. I think it might need to be a little bit shorter.

This is Rusty when I get home. MY GOD MOM I THOUGHT YOU DIED. How did the dogs ever survive with me being gone 9 hours every day.  Look how gray his face is getting :( He is getting so lumpy too. It's too bad dogs can't live forever. 

My mom has been going through pictures. She sent me this one last night. She said it is my brother Louie but it looks a lot like my brother Joey. Hmmmm

This is at my step dad's mom's house. If you look real close you can see his dad in the background. I don't remember a whole lot about anything he ever said but I remember he would poor his coffee in his saucer and drink it from there when we sat at the kitchen table visiting. She made the coffee in a metal percolating coffee pot on the stove so it was probably pretty hot. I imagine that was his way of cooling it off. My mom isn't a big coffee drinker but she used to add like 1/2 a cup of water to the coffee there because it was so strong haha.

And see those ribbons hanging down, those were my barrettes. I think we might have made those in girl scouts. This was either 1982ish or 1984ish depending on which brother that is. 

Here is what they looked like (not my store)

Anyone else remember making those?

Well that's all the excitement I have today. I need to make a shopping list for Easter stuff. I asked my kids what they want for Easter Dinner and 2 out of 3 said nachos. Well that's easy. Was thinking maybe some steak to go with it. We need a new BBQ. We keep borrowing the one at Jessica's house but we need to go buy ourselves a new one. Ours has died. At one point my mom inquired about maybe coming for Easter but now she says no even though her and my dad both had their vaccines. Sheesh. Never going to hang out with them again apparently.

Ok have a great rest of your day!

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