Thursday, December 23, 2021


Good morning happy Christmas Eve Eve! Also known as cookie baking day!

Here is the list I made one time with all the cookies and what ingredients I needed. Jess said we can skip the reindeer cookies this year. I don't see sugar cookies on the list and we usually make those hmmm

I took the day off today since work is slow and boring and I didn't know what time the kids were going to come over. They aren't coming until 2ish now so I have some time to clean and do some prep. Already got laundry going and a shower done.

I saw this and kind of laughed since this year Scott has shown NO INTEREST what so ever in any of the Christmas presents. I was bringing everything out to put under the tree while he was sitting in the recliner and I was wondering if anything is even going through his head. I'd be like oooo what did you get for this person and that person. Nope nothing.

I saw this while scrolling FB last night and I was like hey that looks like someone made a tooth fairy pillow just like mine. Duh it was one someone bought from me haha. Nice to see it is in use.

I bought myself some socks while I was out shopping, all my socks from before keep getting holes in the toes. They are all probably 10 years old lol.

I got a box of scraps from someone, yesterday I put them all on cards and put them away

After work yesterday I went grocery shopping and got everything "good enough" for stockings.  I was going to cook something when I got home but Trevor offered to fry up some hamburger patties we had so I just sat on the couch until I went to bed.

I looked over and Rusty was in his dog bed. He hardly ever sleeps in there.

Lucy uses me as a pillow all the time now, so funny. 

My driveway is a muddy mess. It is supposed to rain forever too. I wonder if they can deliver me some gravel and just dump it on the end area there lol

Ok that is all I've got for this morning! Hope you all have a good day!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

We are in a drought so I'd take some of that rain.
You are so busy. I did not bake or do any decorating this year since we are all alone. It's been kinda nice. I made a batch of homemade eggnog today though. I mean you have to have booze you know :-)
Merry Christmas Julie!! (oh and that is everyone's dad!)

Chris H said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS my friend from afar. I'm glad my driveway is not the only one that's a mess!
Men don't usually give a rats arse about Christmas and presents. Only the food counts.

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