Wednesday, December 29, 2021


 Guys! Guess what happened this morning? 


I know it's a freaking miracle haha. Well they did miss one little piece but still. Yesterday I broke down a bunch of cardboard boxes and left them in a pile on the floor in the kitchen. This morning I got up and some magical fairy actually took them out to the recycling bin. I've never had the fairy show up and do things for ME before! 

I feel like I should leave a thank you note.

Anyhow, happy WEDNESDAY, yes I had to look to see what day it is and I'm technically working all this week except for Friday. This has got to be the most boring week to work all year. Like EVERYONE is on vacation. Except me and apparently the girl in the other department that I share some job duties with. Although I think she is off today too.

Yesterday I finished up the key chain pile. I need to get some more of the display racks I have for them if they still sell them. 

Now I'm working on sewing up the left over pieces of coffee fabrics I had. I had cut them all into coaster size (and some mug cozies I still need to sew up) and this is the leftovers that weren't big enough. I stayed up until after midnight working on them and I still wasn't even tired but went to bed anyways.

Trevor had to get his ingrown toe nail cut out yesterday (so gross) and wanted me to go with him. I was like I'll wait in the car lol. Then he wanted to go to sushi. This sushi place is a lot more expensive I think. But it was super yummy. We had a spicy one on the left, I can't remember what it was called, then the other two were a tiger and a fancy dragon of some sort.  Yes we ate it all lol.

No plans for today (or this week/weekend) other than sewing. I got the Christmas tree out and down but just set all the ornaments and lights in a box for now. I still need to go out and bring the actual boxes they go in into the house. Maybe later..

My friend's daughter and her husband finally made it back to Nevada. They came home (to their parents houses) for Christmas and then got snowed out.  My friend said they finally got home at like 1:30am, like 12 hours for normally a 3 1/2 hour drive. No thanks! Glad they made it home though.

It is supposed to rain again today, then we have a dry spell until Tues & Wednesday next week (40% chance of rain). There is record snow fall in the mountains so you know what that means, we'll be on flood watch when it all melts. It's either feast or famine here in the valley.

I should probably call and order more gravel for the driveway when it's done raining. That would be the responsible thing to do.

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Annsterw said...

That is awesome that someone took the initiative to take the boxes out for you!! You should definitely leave a post it thank you for them in the middle of the floor - HA! Maybe it will happen more often if they are can hope, right? HA!
Your sewing is so impressive to me - that is a skill that I do not have. They all look great and I love all the choices of fabrics!! That stinks that you have to work all week especially if everyone if off - I remember those days at work dragging on for what seemed like 70 HOURS in an 8 hour day! At least enjoy your day off on Friday!
Happy New Year!!!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Could you send your cleaning fairy to my house please?
Did you mean they got snowed in somewhere? I have never heard the phrase snowed out before. Learn something new everyday. :-)

Julie H said...

@Peg, they were here in the valley where there is no snow but they had to go home through the snow lol, so not really snowed "in"

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