Friday, December 17, 2021


Good morning, Happy Friday!
My neck and shoulder are killing me today. Hurts so bad, might have to cave and take an ibuprofen. Currently all lathered up in Biofreeze lol. Aunt Flo has arrived to make the weekend more fun. Yeah! Nasty beotch. Yesterday I picked up the little one after work and brought him back here for dinner and playing until bedtime. Him and the dogs had chicken and rice for dinner haha. Look at them, please sir can I have another? haha

I gave him a little corn cob but he wasn't sure what to do with it so I cut the corn off and then he ate it.

Looked over and he was in the toy basket lol

He already figured out how to get the bathroom door open. That is the only door we have left with the flip type handle. We changed them all over because the animals could open the door and the kids didn't want them in their rooms at the time. I think we were already shelling out a bunch of dough so we decided the bathroom one could be done later. I guess now is the later ;)

Tina. Tina, Tina, Tina. This girl is so funny but makes so many messes. She thinks the Christmas Tree skirt is her personal hiding spot or something. She pulled it out from under the tree (again) and had herself all wrapped up. Yes Tina, no one can see you...

Rusty was cracking me up. What about me dad? Am I a good boy? I'm your best boy right? He's finally relaxing more when the baby is here, TG. But he definitely wants the attention!

Tonight we have DARTS! I need to look up who we are playing. Jess said maybe Daniel's sister can come over and hang out with her to help with the little one. Hopefully they will have a good dinner at the bar tonight so I don't have to cook. Need to go check.

Tomorrow I have my craft show I signed up for in Hayward. Let's hope it's a good one since it is a ways away. People that way have more $$ so hopefully I'll have some good sales lol. It doesn't start til 12 and goes til 5 so less hours and I won't have to get up at the crack of dawn. That reminds me I still need to wash my tablecloths! I had tried to keep all my stuff in the car but I had to take it out to get Jess from the hospital and stuff. My mom is going to go with me too so that will be nice to have someone to talk to all day.

Not much work work to do today other than the boring stuff. Boooo! Guess I should get cracking!

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