Friday, December 24, 2021


Happy Christmas Eve!

Yesterday the kids came over to make cookies! 
All set up and ready to party

Trying out the first batch out of the oven, Melissa's spritz cookies.

Loves grandma's bell wreath. So funny to hear Jess talk about how this wreath made so much noise when she tried to sneak out that she got really good at opening the door and taking it off lol.

Helping mom

Melissa grating the chocolate for the "Mrs. Field's" cookies

All the finished cookies minus the ones Jess boxed up for presents. 

I made have had a cookie for breakfast. 

I pretty much cleaned up as we went, even the taco I made for dinner so not too much of a mess this morning. just need to wash all the cookie pans. 

I put the $40 roast in the crock pot to take to Scott's mom's later. I will shred it for sandwiches, it goes farther that way. I'm going to make a macaroni salad in a few minutes. I need another cup of coffee first. Moving slow today at 10:30am lol

I've got the washer going too, two more loads to wash then that will be all caught up again.

I'm going to make a lasagna to take to my brother's house for dinner tomorrow and  some muffins (boxed) for breakfast at our house so I'll probably get those going too. Fun times! 

I just need to wrap my niece's present that finally got here yesterday and then all of that is done.

The wind is really whipping outside so we'll probably have another rain fall soon. Apparently it was raining a lot this morning but I didn't hear it.

Ok off to read a few blogs then get busy! Hope you all have a great day!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

$40 Roast - crazy what beef is costing isn't? Rick said he was in the mood for a steak. We were at Costco and 2 sticks were $82.00 so we decided against it. And it's not like they were fine cuts of meat.
Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holiday with that cutie patootie.

Julie H said...

@Peg, yeah the meat at Costco doesn't seem like such a deal anymore!

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