Monday, December 27, 2021


Good morning it is back to work Monday! Booo

Trevor is home today too so I have company. Yesterday I worked on keychains for most of the day. They are all ready to sew the edges so they are almost done. No plans for this week other than working. I don't want to go to the New Years Eve party at the club this year so we'll probably just be home.

Pictures from my brother's house on Christmas Day. My kids have all said next year they just want to stay home so I guess that is what we will do even though it makes my mom mad. It is just too loud with all the little kids and too many people. It didn't help that it rained all day so no one could go outside. 

Here is my brother Louie's 4 kids

Daniel got a bunch more presents (look at Fancy the dog in the background, she is so cute)

We all got there around 3ish for dinner at 5 but I think it was probably like 7 or something when we ate. We passed my phone around to try and get pictures of everyone.

This is the big kids after hanging out (Adrian is behind the wall)

We were short a couple seats so the boys got moved to the tiny table lol
Little Joe & Vincent

Nephew Tony, Dad and Mom

The girls Adrian, Ava & Emma

Little Daniel loved the pasta 

Jess & the little guy

My brother Joe, Maegen & Stella

Brother Louie & Michele

Melissa & Eric

Trevor with a meatball in his mouth apparently ;)


We hung out for awhile afterwards and somehow I didn't end up helping to clean up at all (that was great haha) but I did hold Stella for awhile to "help". She is only 4 months younger than Daniel but she is SO tiny. 

So Christmas is in the books! I'm glad that is over with because it makes everyone so stressed out worrying about buying things and all the gatherings. Now we have a break for a bit! (unless someone plans something for my mom's birthday in January lol)

Tomorrow I am going to take the tree down (that's what I'm telling myself anyways) and put the Christmas stuff away. Need to wash the Christmas fabric stuff so I can put them in the boxes too. It is still raining off and on here so it's all wet and icky outside. Not fun for walking back and forth to the outside garage to do laundry and such.

Sounds like more sewing in the future for me ;)

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