Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Good morning happy Wednesday! 

Yesterday the little one came over while his mom went to the doctor for the new baby!

About 10 minutes after he got here, crashed out. Cracks me up. He found the afghan my Grandma made in my room the last time he was here and kept playing with it so I brought it out for him. Kind of fun to have a little bit of Grandma with him.

Rusty is a total pain in the ass the entire time he is here. He is constantly trying to get my attention. I've put him in my room, put him outside, yesterday I gave him a Benadryl lol. Probably should have gave him a couple for it to do anything.

His poor little ear is broken now. When we all had Covid it was swollen (we think Snookie bit it) and now the cartilage is messed up. 

I decided to go down to the kitchen/bar to get tacos for taco Tuesday. They are $2 each. Last time they were soft taco size. This time? TINY. I ended up ordering 2 more after I saw how small they were. Not really worth it for how small they are. (that's like a 4" box)

I finished up the masks I was working on for this round, these are all kids

and 2 adults

Then worked on the rest of my stuff. I did a little bit of piecing on the coin purses and a lot on the keychains. We'll see what I get finished tonight :)

Currently listening to our staff meeting with our substitute boss. FUN! Sounds like we will be going into the office two days a week really soon and I can sit at my old desk woohoo. I miss my desk.  All my plants are mostly dead because I keep forgetting to water them when I go in.


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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I love how the baby is sprawled out like he's dead on the sofa. Ah, to sleep like that again!
Do you get to pick what 2 days a week you have to go to the office or do they do that? Probably Friday and Monday to make your life hell. :-)

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