Tuesday, November 30, 2021


Good morning, happy last day of November! Hard to believe this year is almost over.

Yesterday I spent most of the day with my little buddy. Him and his mom have a cold. I went over to help out a bit and then brought him back over to my house so she could take a nap. 

When I brought him back to the house he fell asleep right away. He woke up and I was holding him and he fell asleep again. So he got a pretty good nap in.

I got an email with a pizza coupon so Trevor went and got some and that is what we had for dinner. The little guy hadn't wanted to eat all day but scarfed down some pizza!

Before and after he was here I started on some more of my use it up fabric sewing. I've started doing at least one animal theme, one character and now one sports.

This time we've got some elephants, Hello Kitty, an Elvis, Nightmare before Christmas, Ninja Turtles, Looney Tunes, and some Raiders and 49ers. Most of these were small pieces but I was able to get a few masks out of them. Mostly kids since I'm doing that craft show at the school. People are always wanting the kids once since they have to wear them to school here.

I got an email this morning talking about the new telework agreement. Sigh. It will be back to work in the office soon. Looks like they are saying we would have to go in two days a week so that is not too bad if that is the case. It is so nice staying home and just going in occasionally. The only thing I really ever need to go in for is letters and filing. If only they went all digital that would all be eliminated. 

Today Jess has a dr appointment and has to work so I will have the little guy for awhile. If she doesn't call out of work that is. Hopefully she is feeling better today.

I saw this last night and thought it was funny!

Snookie's stomach is making so much noise I just heard it from across the room. So weird how it does that. She's fine 90% of the time.

Ok have to take the dogs out and that requires pants! Have a good day!


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