Wednesday, November 3, 2021


Good morning happy hump day!

Yesterday I went and donated blood. It's kind of crazy how fast my body could fill up a bag with my blood.  Scary haha.

After work I hung out with this guy at his house while his parents were working. We went for a walk with his little trike.

He wanted to swing so long I had to get a chair haha

This cat is CRAZY. He was looking out the door and she ran and like did a jump right above his head, bouncing off the door. Doesn't hurt him at all but definitely plays with him.

Uncle Trevor went and picked us up some dinner from the corner store.

I put his 101 Dalmatians on his little tv in his room and he was mesmerized. So cute.

When I got home I finished up the keychain pile! It was late so I didn't take individual pictures. Most of them are Care Bears.

Next I am going to work on a tote bag for someone that asked me with Animal Crossing fabric. She wants a zipper added to it so I need to figure out how to work that out.

I am going to watch the baby this afternoon again but at my house. Really need to do some laundry so I'm going to work on that as soon as our staff meeting gets done. 

Probably going to go into the office tomorrow since we are allowed back in and finish up those letters. 

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