Wednesday, November 17, 2021


Good afternoon Happy Humpday!

Last night I did the depression 7:30 go lay in bed and look at Tik Tok until midnight. Not allowing myself to do that again tonight lol.

I HATE this time of year it is so depressing. Plus it is weird when you are basically alone.

I had sent Scott my "notes" on my phone with what I wanted from the grocery store. He comes home and is like did you send me a list or something? I just saw potatoes. I'm like yes if you touched that it would have opened up... Apparently his phone was dead and he didn't get it charged until later but somehow still got my message to bring the wheelchair home that we borrowed from my friend. Suspicious haha.

This morning seems like it's been 3 years long already. All caught up on what I ignored yesterday while I was in the office. Now I'm just doing some prep stuff for when I'm in the office again to make stuff go faster.

I'm pretty sure I have PMS this week (surprise). I just want to eat a chocolate cake or something.

No plans tonight for after work so I guess I will sew (probably). There is bingo tonight but I don't really feel like going. I have darts tomorrow and that is enough times to hang out in the kitchen/bar when I'm being sober. 

I'm a bowl of excitement today! No pictures so far today since I shared them all last night. 

Guess I'll finish working on this boring project!

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