Saturday, November 20, 2021


Good morning happy Saturday! It's a miracle I actually slept all night without waking up. It could have been because I went to bed after midnight BUT I didn't wake up again haha.

Look at this beauty watching her boyfriend make breakfast in the kitchen.  This table cloth has exceeded it's $5 worth of usefulness I think haha. I was trying to get it to last until Thanksgiving. We're almost there! I love these kind with the vinyl on the top and the flannel on the back. I 'm sure all the Christmas ones are sold out already.

My friend Cassi invited me to go to the movies with her yesterday. We went and saw the new Ghostbuster's movie. It was pretty good for what it was. When we first got there I had the sleepies and I was like oh God please don't let me fall sleep during the movie but I made it lol.

I remember when the first Ghostbusters came out and my friend's mom took us to see it at an old movie theater somewhere. I don't remember what town it was in. That was my friend when I was younger that always had someone else that was her best friend. It was like revolving but I was there all the time. So weird. She is also the one that doesn't like me anymore apparently since she gave me the cold shoulder when we had our high school reunion and I went to give her a hug. Yep, wrote her off. Have a nice life!

After the  movies I was starving even though I had popcorn. I asked my friend what was for dinner and she said "popcorn" and then drove home. Sad panda lol. When I got home Trevor was destroying my clean kitchen making an apple pie from scratch. So that's what I had for dinner. 

I stayed up late sewing and watching the latest episode of Survivor that is on Netflix (season 567 I think ;))

I got almost everything I was working on done but here is the mouse & mushrooms print. It is so cute! I have a matching mask that I had made the other day too.

Just need to finish up the Pokémon keychains and then that group will be done too.

No plans for the weekend other than sewing. Should probably do Instacart or go to the grocery store but I don't really want to. Still have plenty of stuff to eat just not ready made stuff. I should probably start making a list of what to get for Thanksgiving and get that done after work on Monday since I'll already be out and about. 


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