Monday, November 22, 2021


Hello happy it's almost over Monday!

I went into work today so that kept me busy all day. I finally got all the payments I've done since like March printed out and filed. Filed about 50 files into the completed contracts area. Pulled out a ton of really old contracts that are old enough to shred most of now and did a trash bag full of that and then saved the rest on my old desk to work on later. I'm exhausted! 

Of course I didn't go to the store afterwards. Oh and I forgot my work keys today so that was fun. Luckily someone was coming in the building when I was so I got in (don't even know who she is must be a new employee for the other department. For lunch one of my coworkers was there and I was like hey if I go run and get some thing can I call you to open the back door? Sure sure. I call and it goes to her voicemail. TWICE. Knocked on the window of the office she was in but the blinds were down. Then went back to the door and just missed that girl from earlier so knocked on the door and someone else opened it. That was annoying. I now have my work keys back on my keychain. 

I'm thinking maybe I should take Wednesday off to clean the house a bit. Maybe.. I think I might be babysitting a bit that day too.

Yesterday I almost got all the masks done. Just adding elastic and have to sew it together and then into place. I had to stop for the little guy.

He had fun playing with the toys

He had some dinner and then fell asleep not too long after. Little baby burrito on the couch. Scott was sitting in his chair not too far away and I put pillows on the floor. Usually he doesn't roll but he rolled right off the couch onto the pillows and bumped into the chair lol. He was fine! Then he laid down on my bed with me and went back to sleep.

This morning I woke up to my bed being wet. At first I thought it was from Scott taking the dogs out but then I was like that's a bit too much wet. Someone that wasn't me peed on the end of the bed. I think it was Rusty, he is really jealous of the baby. Good thing I have a water proof cover on my bed (plus an extra one under it). Sadly I have to wash all my bedding AGAIN (just washed it Friday). I should have got it started this morning but I didn't so now I have the sleeping bag I never got in the dryer rewashing in the washer first, then I'll start the bed. Good thing I can do it in two washes. Damn animals.

Trevor was home alone today while I was working and so far I can tell he made a cookie kit my mom got for Halloween. I'm not sure what else he made but there is a shit ton of dishes. Aye. When the kid moves out I might not have to wash dishes for like a week. 

Oh the other fun thing at work today. The girl who is in charge right now came in and was like we should be able to come back to the office now the numbers aren't that high. I'm like WHY? Ugh I no wanna go back to work every day. I wouldn't mind like 1/2 the time at work 1/2 at home. If we had people alternating who was in the office (kind of like we do now already but with the door actually being open) I think that would be fine.

The only time I've been sick in the last year and a half plus is when we got Covid. Usually I'm sick several times a year. It's been nice being home in our little bubble. Plus the animals are going to be so sad.  Too bad we can't take our dogs to work haha.

Ok time to feed the kitties dinner. I was bad and got a milk shake on the way home so I'm not even hungry. No idea what's for dinner, probably don't even need to eat!


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