Sunday, November 21, 2021


Good morning happy Sunday! 

I finished up these bags and keychains yesterday morning.

I was going through my stuff trying to decide what to make next and doing a little cleaning up and decided on some Christmas masks and some more Pokémon since I sold most of the kids ones I had made already. Also have some Mario's. I cut out some other stuff for bags & keychains but just working on the masks so far. It is kind of fun doing a theme set.

I finished watching that season of Survivor and then it automatically started another one that I was like I think I've watched this before? But couldn't remember who won so just kept watching it. Still working on that one although I Googled one of the players so now I know who wins again darn it.

It is just so interesting watching people's personalities come out.

We went to Jessica's work and had dinner last night. It's like a little dive bar and restaurant. I had a Western burger it was so good and I was stuffed for the rest of the night.  The place was pretty dead when we were there. She said it is dead if there is a fight on and a new bar opened somewhere in town too.

Scott is making breakfast. I slept all night again and slept in this morning. Too bad I have to get up at early time tomorrow and go into work. I need to make my list tonight of stuff for Thanksgiving and go to the store for it tomorrow. I don't want to do be doing that on Wednesday lol. 

We are going to watch the little one while the kids work this evening so that will be busy time :) They came over for a few minutes yesterday and he is just so stinking cute.

Today is my high school bestie and maid of honor's birthday. Can't believe we're turning 48. Sheesh almost to 50 already.  My birthday is in a couple months but we're making the turn! We sure had some fun doing stupid shit when we were kids haha.

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