Thursday, March 25, 2010

I guess I need to sleep with the coach...

Well Jess had another softball game yesterday. The coach had been telling her all week that she was going to play catcher at the game. She practiced catching all week. She was pretty pumped up about it.

I got to the game and guess what?
She was playing left field.

Yeah. Nice, huh? I just don't get this coach.

So of course with the head games going on she struck out the two times she got up to bat. Not making excuses for her but she really is a "it's in her head" type of player. And of course, after striking out she was put on the bench.

She sent me a text saying

"I give up"

Little mommy heart breaking.

I'm really not liking most of the parents this year either. With all the freshman players they bumped up, they are all comp players, which is REALLY competitive. The parents are really rude and demanding on their kids and the other teams.


Hopefully it will get better.
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

too funny!

seriously just laughed my ass off when I read thisPin It

Quick way to weight loss

Well Monday was fun. After a day filled of work and softball I made it to line dancing. I had a drink with my friend right before and soon started feeling kind of ill. I went home and was soon hit by a full blown stomach flu. I have not been that sick in I don't know how long. I thought I was going to pass out a few times.

After a mere 5 hours of emptying out the contents of my stomach I finally fell asleep. Lucky for me Scott took pity on me and made the kids lunches and got Jess off to the bus. I still had to take the little kids but it wasn't quite as painful as it could have been, although Trevor acted like it was pure torture to have to get out of the car before the bus was actually in sight. The horrors!

I went back home and slept on and off. The good part was I actually got my book club book finished. I also found out that the dog likes to eat bananas (he snagged them off the counter) and likes to get into mischief all day long. Unfortunetly I had to get up and shower so I could pick up Jess and get her to softball practice and Trevor to baseball practice. I would have just said fuck it all but I didn't want to hear the drama from the girl.

I'm finally feeling quite a bit better after eating lunch today. I'm just hoping the kids don't get it now, although I know that's probably inevitable!Pin It

Monday, March 22, 2010

The weekends just go by way too fast.

Well here's a little weekend recap!

Friday no one had practice or anything so I got home and mowed the yard.

 Then I got a huge headache and ended up going to bed around 7:30. I woke up a few hours later and felt better and read my book a bit. I'm reading Grapes of Wrath for my book club. I need to get it finished soon!

Got up early Saturday morning and went to the Scrapbook Expo. Wore my shirt my friend got me for my birthday. Look Triplets!!

Said I wasn't going to buy anything but I did! After we got done spending money we went to Mimi's for lunch. We had tried to go to the Cheesecake Factory but the wait was 45 minutes (at 2:30 on a Saturday) and I was starving so we left.

Got home and then packed up and went over to my friend's house to use some of that scrapbook stuff I bought. Hung out there until amost midnight.

Sunday I did some cleaning then dropped the kids off at the movies and did some grocery shopping and then went back and picked them up on the way home. Put the groceries away and realized the fridge is dying. Lovely!

Finished painting the entry way.

(here's the before)  

Horrible picture but you get the idea. Need to do one the other way without all the lights on all I could get was glare. Put up a picture and two silk flower things on the walls and it looks ok. I'm going to look for a cute rug I think.

Scott was sick pretty much all weekend. He thinks he had food poisioning (maybe from the fridge/freezer not working right?). I tried not to hate him too much while he slept and I cleaned.

I'm on the hunt for a fridge, I think I might get one off Craigslist for now. I don't want to spend a bunch of money.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Lovely Day, Looking forward to a LOVELY weekend!!

Hello out there my little bloggy readers. I've been seriously sucking in the "theme" blogging department lately. But really I'm more of an "all over the place" type of gal anyways!

So I'm getting off work in 15 minutes and THANK GOD I don't have to go anywhere after I pick the kids up. I have to pick them up at school today because their rinky dink country school only has two buses and the one they ride is bra-oken!  Sucks for me. So I went in to work an hour late this morning and have to leave a little bit early. Good thing it's the "try to find something to work on" time around here.

My big dilema for today is; after I get home, should I

1. work out in the yard and plant the $30 worth of petunias I bought
2. finish painting the trim in the hallway.

I'm leaning towards #1 since it's so nice outside and I've been sitting in a room with no windows all day.

Anyone have any great plans for the weekend? I'm going to the scrapbook expo with a couple friends tomorrow. I haven't "scrapped" in ages but it's a good excuse to go out and have some girl time. I'll be missing Trevor's 2nd T-ball game but hey, it's T-ball and I do the run around all week so I think we'll give Scott a chance to play the "only parent available" card.

Nothing planned for Sunday but that will be ONE WEEK until bookclub and I haven't even broke out the toothbrush to clean the grout yet. I need to get busy and stop being such a slacker at 10:00 when I can hardly keep my eyes open.Pin It

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I guess we're a sports family now

Well yesterday was fun and busy. Work, rush home, clean up after the puppy, take him out, put him back in and then rush over to get the kids. Stop to get cash since Jess said that the other team was charging to get into the game. Get there and it's $6 for adults and $4 for kids to get in to watch a JV softball game. FREAKING REDICULOUS!!  I want to complain but I'm not sure who to complain to.


I missed the beginning of the game. I guess the catcher on the other team and the 3rd baseman collided and the 3rd baseman's 2 front teeth got knocked out. Seriously!! If that was my kid I would be totally freaking out. Hopefully they were able to save them.

Jess didn't get on base :( BUT She still did better than the last game and played left field for most of the game. I had to leave before it was over to rush Trevor to HIS first game.

We got there just in time for him to get on the field. They rotated the kids around. He started off in left field, then played pitcher and catcher. I'm pretty sure he had no idea what he was supposed to be doing and I laughed the whole game because it was beyond funny!

Kids playing in the dirt.

picking their noses

Getting yelled at by their parents to THROW THE BALL TO 1ST!!! lol. It was great!

Afterwards we went to pizza. Came home and passed out!
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Busy Weekend

Well we had a busy weekend! Saturday morning was opening day for baseball. This was our first time for a baseball opening day as opposed to a softball one. Much different and I think I prefer the softball! We all had to get up and Trevor was in uniform to stand around and watch kids from LAST SEASON get awards.  They never even introduced the teams or anything. Total waste of the morning. When that was over we went out to breakfast at IHOP (almost $40 and we didn't even have Jess with us!). I remember why we don't go out to breakfast much anymore. After that it was a trip to Wal Mart to pick up a few things and listen to Trevor cry about wanting toys the whole time and then back home so I could give Jessica a ride to her friend's house.

I broke out the paint and started painting my entry way. Here is a before picture

and my "helper"

Colors are horrible in those pictures! I really need to buy myself a new camera. I think I've said that a few times huh? I'm painting the door wall and the little entry wall there the dark green. The other walls and the ceiling are a light green which is a little more mint than sage unfortunetly. The trim and the doors are nice white. I got most of the painting done but I need to get more of the white to finish the trim. I had only bought a quart. I wish they made 1/2 gallons for paint! It seems like everything is always too much or not enough.

Saturday night we ended up going over to my brother's house to hang out and BBQ. That ended up with us spending the night and nursing big hangovers the next morning. Woopsie!

Sunday I had a girls day out date with 2 of my friends. We went and saw Valentine's Day, which I thought was totally cute and then went out to a late lunch at Chili's. I'm loving their Quesadilla Explosion Salad. Yummy! Came home and threw some chicken in the oven for everyone else to have for dinner. Followed by more painting.

I went in to fold clothes and Scott actually came in to help me. WOW I about fell over. So nice to get some help!

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Another dose of "life's not fair"

So yesterday was fun. Not really but sheesh I'm tired. Did the work thing. Followed by rushing home to let the dog out. I loaded him up in the car and then off to pick up the little kids and go to Jessica's game.
The game in which, her coach said she'd be playing left field, but was once again put in right field. The game where poor Jess struck out twice and then the coach put her on the bench for the rest of the game for punishment. The game in which afterwards the coach pointed out who struck out and made a point of be-little-ing them in front of everyone. The game in which my daughter cried most of the whole way home after.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?
So then we went home and I threw some food together and then I drove Jess to the batting cages. I paid for an hour because that was what she wanted. An hour at the batting cages? REALLY LONG. She took a few breaks so I tried it out.

I think that's the first time I hit a ball since 6th grade when I somehow made it on the softball team for our elementary school. Have I mentioned that I'm afraid of the ball?

While we were there Scott was sending me messages asking if we needed help? Do we need him to come? WTH? I think we can figure it out on our own. I think he was hurt that I did his job and took her to the batting cages but seriously, if you want to be around, BE AROUND. I know he drives a lot for work but HELLO, if you leave on time you can be home for your family and that call to let me know you are leaving work is always nice.

Turn your head sideways and look at this picture of Melissa, isn't she cute. That's a garland lol. She's a nut.

So Jess was pretty tired when we were done but her spirits were much higher.

When we got home I had to do some laundry and put away the food. Huge sink full of dishes. Guess I get to do those tonight after work. I'm really starting to feel like a single mom with no one else helping to do anything except when it's convienent to them. It would be nice if people could pitch in and help because things need to be done, not because someone asked!

There is supposed to be another game today. It's sprinkling a little bit.

I'm praying for rain.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RIP Corey

Well I'm sure everyone has heard about Corey Haim passing away this morning.

Pretty sad. I always kind of liked him better than the other Corey. Especially after watching the Surreal life when Feldman was on there. That guy is a freak. I did watch one season of the 2 Corey's show and Haim was way out there. It's really sad. My teenage walls morn you.

Nothing too exciting happened yesterday in my little life other than sitting out in the freezing cold wind watching a softball game. None of my kids were even playing but Jessica had practice and the Freshman team had a game so I watched a bit of it. The other team's pitcher was obviously a new pitcher and I felt so bad for her as she walked in girl after girl after girl. Then I gave up and collected Trevor from the playground and went and got myself a coffee and sat in the car for the rest of the practice. I'm starting to think maybe I should join a gym and go work out while the kid is at practice. That's about my only down time during the day.

Today is more of the same. Although Trevor has practice too so I get to do the ping pong ball thing and drop one off, wait a bit then go drop the other off and then go pick one up then go pick the other one up.


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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well guess what? I got 3 emails right away about the piano! The first guy that emailed me actually showed up when he said he would too. He was a nice guy and was all excited to get it. I hope he enjoys it! So now I have a big empty wall. I'm going to push some furniture around as soon as I get some time to do so. I want to move my bookcases together and that involves taking off about 40 scrapbooks and putting them back on.

Yesterday Jessica had her softball pictures. It was windy as hell out there so those pictures should look great with their hair blowing all over. I started off outside with Rusty and the kids but it was too cold so we ended up hanging out in the car. Rusty's ears kept cracking me up when he was walking. They were doing a little bouncy thing. I guess they are going to start standing up soon!

Isn't he getting big already?!

After softball we rushed home to meet the guy for the piano and make dinner. We got done just in time to go to line dancing. Both girls went with me and Jessica picked up on it right away and Melissa sat on the floor and entertained a little girl lol. She said it was too hard but I think it was actually easier than the one from last week.

When we got done with that we went to the grocery store (yes it was after 8:00 but we were out of lunch stuff for the kids) Got that done and finally crashed out about 10:30. It was a LONG day but a pretty good one.

ETA: check out this blog I was reading this morning.
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Another day in paradise!

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day! I wish our weather was like that all the time. Nice sunny sky with just a gentle breeze. A sweatshirt if you are holding still or a t shirt if you are working. Which I did. Lots of working in the yard. I pulled out the grass all around the soon to be brick area and started working on where the new path is going to be. Trevor entertained himself by making a "stew" of tree leaves, weeds, mud and whatever else he could find. That lead him and Melissa over to the field where they ended up staying for a couple of hours.

Can you spot them? They had a great time playing out in that tall grass. It was like a big nature fort!

I worked a bit on my "design" for the side of the house since the area I'm working on now leads into it. I like measuring everything out and transferring it to graph paper.

Scott and I snuck off to Home Depot and got the rest of the wood we need to finish the pathways. I toured the garden center and came home with NO PLANTS! I must be ill! Really though I didn't see anything that I really wanted. I'm trying to figure out how I want to plant around the brick area, and once we get the rest of the paths in that is going to be more flower beds so I was trying to decide what I want to put in those areas. All I got was some Miracle Grow soil and a bag of bark!

 I was hoping I could get Scott to at least get the boards cut when we got home, but it was dinner time (picked up Chinese YUM) and then there was only a little bit of time left before the sun went down, which of course was filled by him watching TV.

I can't imagine sitting inside all day when it's so beautiful outside!

After it got dark I hung up some new curtains I picked up for the little kid's room and finally hooked up the big TV that my friend gave us. I've been paying for Direct TV for their bedroom for about  a year without actually using it because their old TV likes to shut itself off after you watch it for a few minutes. I thought my mom was going to get them one for Christmas but she changed her mind. I mentioned that to my friend and she said they had one that they didn't use that we could have. The kids are in awe of the big tv in their room, which FINALLY freed up the one in the living room. Scott was laying on our bed reading a book (Crazy I know) so I actually got to watch TV! It was only mildly interrupted by Trevor wrestling with the dog.

Since I pretty much had the room to myself I started cleaning on commercials. I finally took a picture of the piano and put it on Craigslist in the free section. I had 3 people interested this morning so I'm hoping someone comes and picks it up. 

I called the first guy this morning and got a voice mail so we'll see if he calls me back.

I ended up staying up until 12:30 last night cleaning. It was so nice to get up this morning to a clean picked up house. No one else seemed to notice that the cleaning fairy came while they were sleeping. It would have been  nice if someone would have at least said it looked nice!
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'll take a JUMBO coffee please, hold the Spanish lip sync.

Well it's about time for me to get dressed and go outside. Everyone is driving me nuts. That's about my cue to go find something to do besides collect gifts on Farmville. Trevor's laying on the floor in my room banging his feet on the floor because Scott told him he can't have breakfast unless he helps put some dishes away.


So anyways.

Yesterday we started our day off by sleeping until SEVEN THIRTY! Woot. I remember the days when that was getting up early.

Then it was off to the pancake breakfast for Trevor's baseball league.

Melissa DID have notice that I was taking a picture. I have no idea why she stuck another bite in her mouth. Apparently she was really hungry!  

Look at how BIG their cup of coffee was. Slightly larger than a dixie cup. (yes my man is missing the tip of his finger)

After we were done with the breakfast we went over to Target to get a few things, kill some time and get a REAL coffee at Starbucks. Then it was back to the field to get Trevor's baseball pictures taken.

Back home. It was so beautiful outside I went out and worked in the yard. I got this section all dug out and ready for some gravel and sand.

I asked the man to go get some but he was too busy sitting on his ass watching tv and playing Trevor's DS.

THEN I started clearing out the grass in a strip to the left there. I found a nice piece of re-bar and half a fence post that took me about 20 minutes to dig out. I'm glad I never stepped on it with my bare feet!

The whole time I was working outside Jessica was inside stressing about her Spanish lip sync thing. She was one ball of mean so I stayed out of her way. She came out the door and shouted at me that it was 4:15 so I had to go get cleaned up and drive her to another city and drop her off at the school it was going on at. I got her dropped off 2 minutes before she needed to be there (5:00) and then Melissa and I went to Chili's for some dinner, followed by Target and then visiting at my brother's house and my mom's house. She called at 9:00 and said she was done so we went and picked her up.

And guess what?
They freaking got 1st place.

So now they move on but that part isn't mandatory for their class grade. I hope it stays that way. I'm so glad she's done with that and can now just focus on softball and homework after school.

That was our excitement for yesterday.

The kids are helping put the dishes away, amazing. Guess being hungry is a good motivation to help?

I'm still going outside though!Pin It

Friday, March 5, 2010

If God throws a bunny at you, you might want to duck.

Well today was a rather exciting day! I spent the morning at work "out in the field". We were waiting for a dairyman at a dairy today and we were parked right facing a tallow truck that was getting ready to do a "pick up". What? You don't know what a tallow truck is? I didn't know anything about tallow trucks until after I started working at this job and all these farm people.

If you've ever drove by a dairy and saw a dead cow out front, it's out there waiting to be picked up by the tallow truck. Here's how it worked today.

Man backs up to the pile of dead cows & calves. He lowers this tray like part of the truck. Drags all the animals on it. Hits a switch and dead animals rise, rise, rise and DUMP into the back of the truck.

Yeah I kind of threw up in my mouth a little. I really don't want to know what happens to them next.

Moving on....

So I go back to work and our girl that is a Humboldt graduate is in tears. She's all worked up about "The Cove" (hasn't seen the movie, she's just hearing about it from a co-worker) which then leads in to a rant about how she "doesn't know if she can work in a business that doesn't support her beliefs" or something like that.  I guess I'm the only one that is just there for the paycheck??

Everyone is so deep.

I guess I'm shallow.

Oh and while I was at work today I heard that I *might* get laid off again. SOON. I'm torn between jumping up and down with excitement and mourning my job. I'm leaning towards the signing up for unemployment and actually being able to go a day without my eye twitching.

I got home and let the dog out  to chase the stick and look at this beauty in my garden.

Such pretty poppies! I've never planted poppies before but I'll definitely be looking for them in the stores this year. I just bought them on a whim last year and they are really doing well! Lots of buds! Yesterday these 2 flowers looked like their siblings hanging there.

Threw the stick
Threw the stick
picked up dog poop
Threw the stick

Loaded everyone up in the car, including Rusty so we could go get Trevor's baseball uniform. Picked it up (Detroit Tigers) and chatted with the coach for a minute. He's always going 20 different directions when they are having practice so it's impossible to talk to him. I told him how I used to wait on his wife and little girls (who are now in college!) when they used to come in a store I used to work in. 

Got in the car, picked up some McFlurries to enjoy while we waited for Jessica to be ready to pick up.

We ended up going to the park for a little bit since we still had half an hour to kill. I got out for a bit and the kids were playing on this monster thing.

Does anyone else get totally wigged out by these things? It's freaking HUGE! One slip of the foot and accidentally letting go and your head first into a bunch of poles and the ground!! I took the picture and then whimpered back to the car while the kids played.  I guess they are good for their motor skills but man they scare the crap out of me!

Finally time to go get Jess and we don't even get a quarter of a mile from the school and she's already digging into me. UGH. I swear the kid stresses me out!! She wants me to drive her to town tomorrow to a friends house so she can do her hair (the freaking Spanish teacher wants their hair curled for tomorrow night's performance?? Give me a fucking break!) and make up. Then I'd have to pick her up from town and then drive her to the bigger city (about 30-40 minutes away) for her performance, which she doesn't want me to watch, then pick her up afterwards to drive her home. 

That's in addition to taking Trevor to his pancake breakfast (which ends at 11) and his picture day for baseball (same place as breakfast) at 12:30. 

I was already feeling like a bit of a ping-pong ball so I put up a little fight about driving her for the hair and make up thing. Seriously the girl spends all her time straightening her hair. All she has to do is NOT straighten it and it will be fine. Of course she doesn't see it my way though. I'm just a big bitch for suggesting I DON'T DRIVE her somewhere and everything is all my fault because I haven't paid the $275 for her to get her driver's training class.


So we're home for a few minutes while she gets ready to go to the movies. YES, we are going out AGAIN. She's ready so her and I hop in the car and go on our way. As we are driving a little black and white bunny comes out of freaking no where and commits suicide by running under my car :( Poor little bunny. Then not a full minute later this dog runs out in the middle of the road and I almost hit it!! THEN we are almost to the movies and I'm stopped at the stop sign when a car going the other direction just BLOWS through the stop sign going at least 50 miles an hour. 

I sat there stunned that if we had just moved a little faster we so would have just DIED by getting hit by that car!!  I'm convinced that that little bunny was throw at me by God to slow me down. Apparently I didn't slow down enough so he threw in the dog to freak me out. That worked.

Scary stuff!!

Luckily I made it home safely (confirmed I did actually hit the poor bunny) although I was really questioning myself that it was even safe to drive. I've talked Scott into going to pick her up later. I've had enough driving for today!
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Life isn't fair. Sometimes you learn that early on.

Ahhh what a day! And it's only 6:30.

I went to work today and didn't take a lunch so that I could leave early to go watch Jessica's first softball game! If you know me, you know I LOVE to watch my girl play! She actually got a ride to the game which was good because they got out at 11:30 today, which is HELLO way too early to get off work. I got to the place they were having their game and I was excited to go inside. The game was at the new ball park that I hadn't been to before. It's awesome! They were on the Yankee field.

So I got there just in time to see her get up to bat.

She struck out, but that's ok, almost everyone else did too. Then she was out in right field? She's never played right field before. She's usually right in the game, playing 3rd base or catcher. THEN she warmed the bench for the rest of the game. She was NOT HAPPY.

The game today was part of a tournament  and this was the only game she was able to play in because of the stupid Spanish lip sync contest. Thank God that thing is over on Saturday. Her teacher is a total beotch. She emailed her yesterday to ask if it was ok if she was 1/2 an hour late today to practice so that she could go to the game. She emailed her back and said only if she wasn't later than 1/2 an hour and then proceeded to make a big deal about it in front of the class today. If the witch wasn't such a beotch I'd be in there throwing a fit but I don't want my kid to end up with a bad grade because I made a scene.

Anyhow. So you'd think that the kid's softball coach would have let her play since she knew it was the only game that she was able to play in the tournament. Nice huh? It's like you can't win no matter what. She shed some tears on the way to the car. Poor kid!

Since she got done a little early I took her to get something to eat before the lip sync practice. Then she went back to school for that. She's still there and it's 7:00. (and counting Scott's sitting outside waiting for her to get done) Practice started right after school. I hope the kids that didn't get home were served some kind of dinner??

After I got home I decided to mow. Scott did some the other day but didn't finish and that drives me crazy. So after a couple hours I was done.

I did this whole lot (the brown part is front the neighbor's love of round up, he did all along his fence :sigh:)
The back which you can't really see and involved moving huge concrete brick things that someone (the man) moved and didn't put back)

and the side to the left here and the back until I got tired. I was going to go until I ran out of gas but the dog was getting a little brave and going a bit too far over to the neighbors.

I've been sitting here playing farmville since then (dinner was carne asada in the crock pot) . Here's Rusty after being outside with me the whole time I was working out there.

Yeah that's about how tired I am too!
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cleaning windows is expensive

Well yesterday was exciting! I did the usual go to work thing. I had to get off early so that I could pick up Jessica to get her to her softball practice. Her school has early release day on Mondays. So they get out at 1:30ish and that means they moved softball practice up to 2:30. Across town. No bus. So I got off work an hour early to rush over there and pick her up. I ended up giving two other girls a ride also (because hello? we live in a bedroom community city and all the parents work at least an hour away). It took us 20 minutes to get across our small town, even witnessing a fender bender along the way. Crazy! Everyone and their brother was out.  Got her there on time and dropped her off.

Drove home and picked up the little kids and got busy working on cleaning their window in their bedroom. I wanted to get to the far side and the bunk bed covers that part up so I was attempting to pull it out when CRASH BOOM BANG. Shit.

I broke the bottom bed. (Yes all that shit was under the bed!) It might be dead although Scott is attempting to fix it. We'll see. Their room looks like a bomb went off in it! So amid all that chaos I got the window clean :) then it was rush to pick up Jessica again.

We got there right on time but what's this? She's not coming to the car?? She's talking to a bunch of people so I don't want to embarrass her and honk but WTH hurry up! She sends me a text that she has to practice for another half an hour for catchers and pitchers. Nice.

So Trevor, Rusty and I sit in the car. Trevor can't even get out because he didn't bring his shoes (they got buried in the bedroom fiasco). That was a long half an hour. Finally she got done.

Get home and work on the bedroom a bit trying to clean it up a bit and started taking down the border that was up in there. Trevor's been slowly picking it off anyhow. I guess I'll be painting their room soon.

While I was waiting for Jessica a  friend called me and reminded me that they were doing a line dancing class down at the hall at 7 so I heated up some left overs for me and the kids and got ready to go. Jessica had used one of my contact lens top cover thingies on her contacts and somehow MY contact case ended up with two R lids. Great. So I was giving her crap about that and she got all pissed at me and then didn't want to go to the line dancing thing with me anymore because I'm SO MEAN. (nevermind the fact that I spent all day waiting and running around for her?) So Melissa and I went down to the hall and my mom was down there too and she had brought 2 friends which was fun. My next door neighbor was there and the lady that was teaching the class is in my book club. I knew almost everyone there! Amazing :)

So after an hour I finally got the dance down the last time we did it! I'm so uncoordinated but I was happy to see I wasn't the worst lol. After we got done my friend and I wanted to go have a drink so I sent Melissa home with my next door neighbor. We went into the bar and sat down. There were two other people in there not counting the gal that was running the bar. When we first sat down she was cleaning the grill. Then she walks past us and starts folding towels? After five minutes my friend asked if we could have a drink? Sheesh. Finally she came over and I ordered a drink and she got it and took the money with no talking at all. Nice huh? I think we were being dogged!! Whatever! Weird weird weird.

Went home after having my drink and put the bed back together for Melissa. Trevor slept on his mattress in the living room. So either we'll be getting new beds soon or Scott will fix them, but that sure is going to cost me a lot of money to get their window clean!
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Monday, March 1, 2010

Because I'm a slacker, here's another catch up post

Well I guess it's time for another catch up post! We've been so busy and I've hardly had anytime where someone isn't breathing down my neck.
Last week Melissa got her cast off on Thursday. She walked around touching things with her arm and rubbing it to get reaquainted it with it. Silly girl! We got back next month again. Hopefully it will be all back to normal by then. She has one more month of getting out of PE too!

Saturday we went to Chuck E Cheese for Trevor's birthday. He had a blast! I got him a DS from one of my online friends awhile back and gave it to him for his present along with a new game and then my mom got him a game and a case for it. He is in heaven with it. My mom got him Mario cart and you can do more than one player with it so Melissa’s ds and his can both play the same game together. It’s pretty cool.

Isn't my niece cute!

After the party we came home and I took a nap lol. Then later we went to my brother’s for my niece’s party. We took Rusty with us not realizing it was going to be a lot of people there but he did REALLY good and I felt like the proud puppy momma. Scott’s nephew recently moved to the same town that my brother lives in and he came and brought his girl friend that is originally from Russia. They moved here when she was 7 and she was so much fun to talk to! I ended up talking to her most of the night.

Sunday we had no water until almost noon! Something happened with the electrical that went to the main well and you get really limited in what you can do with no water! TG there was some water in a big can outside from the rain that we could use to flush the toilet! Ended up cleaning up the living room and TG the water finally came on so I could take a shower for book club.

Went to book club and everyone seemed pleased with my book for next month . I picked the Grapes of Wrath. I read it in high school but I want to read it again. Book club was at this one lady’s house and she is an artist and so is her husband so you can just imagine how cool it is! Eclectic and everything is painted!

After I got home I went out and worked in the yard a bit and got the area where I’m going to put some bricks all weeded out and then it was dark and Scott went and got some Chinese food for Trevor’s birthday dinner while I cleaned up the kitchen. Poor kid was coughing his head off when they got home and just wanted to sleep. We got him to eat a bit and then he headed for the recliner and a blanket. I thought I was going to keep him home today but he wasn’t coughing too terribly bad this morning so I sent him on his way.
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