Friday, March 19, 2010

Lovely Day, Looking forward to a LOVELY weekend!!

Hello out there my little bloggy readers. I've been seriously sucking in the "theme" blogging department lately. But really I'm more of an "all over the place" type of gal anyways!

So I'm getting off work in 15 minutes and THANK GOD I don't have to go anywhere after I pick the kids up. I have to pick them up at school today because their rinky dink country school only has two buses and the one they ride is bra-oken!  Sucks for me. So I went in to work an hour late this morning and have to leave a little bit early. Good thing it's the "try to find something to work on" time around here.

My big dilema for today is; after I get home, should I

1. work out in the yard and plant the $30 worth of petunias I bought
2. finish painting the trim in the hallway.

I'm leaning towards #1 since it's so nice outside and I've been sitting in a room with no windows all day.

Anyone have any great plans for the weekend? I'm going to the scrapbook expo with a couple friends tomorrow. I haven't "scrapped" in ages but it's a good excuse to go out and have some girl time. I'll be missing Trevor's 2nd T-ball game but hey, it's T-ball and I do the run around all week so I think we'll give Scott a chance to play the "only parent available" card.

Nothing planned for Sunday but that will be ONE WEEK until bookclub and I haven't even broke out the toothbrush to clean the grout yet. I need to get busy and stop being such a slacker at 10:00 when I can hardly keep my eyes open.Pin It

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