Friday, March 5, 2010

If God throws a bunny at you, you might want to duck.

Well today was a rather exciting day! I spent the morning at work "out in the field". We were waiting for a dairyman at a dairy today and we were parked right facing a tallow truck that was getting ready to do a "pick up". What? You don't know what a tallow truck is? I didn't know anything about tallow trucks until after I started working at this job and all these farm people.

If you've ever drove by a dairy and saw a dead cow out front, it's out there waiting to be picked up by the tallow truck. Here's how it worked today.

Man backs up to the pile of dead cows & calves. He lowers this tray like part of the truck. Drags all the animals on it. Hits a switch and dead animals rise, rise, rise and DUMP into the back of the truck.

Yeah I kind of threw up in my mouth a little. I really don't want to know what happens to them next.

Moving on....

So I go back to work and our girl that is a Humboldt graduate is in tears. She's all worked up about "The Cove" (hasn't seen the movie, she's just hearing about it from a co-worker) which then leads in to a rant about how she "doesn't know if she can work in a business that doesn't support her beliefs" or something like that.  I guess I'm the only one that is just there for the paycheck??

Everyone is so deep.

I guess I'm shallow.

Oh and while I was at work today I heard that I *might* get laid off again. SOON. I'm torn between jumping up and down with excitement and mourning my job. I'm leaning towards the signing up for unemployment and actually being able to go a day without my eye twitching.

I got home and let the dog out  to chase the stick and look at this beauty in my garden.

Such pretty poppies! I've never planted poppies before but I'll definitely be looking for them in the stores this year. I just bought them on a whim last year and they are really doing well! Lots of buds! Yesterday these 2 flowers looked like their siblings hanging there.

Threw the stick
Threw the stick
picked up dog poop
Threw the stick

Loaded everyone up in the car, including Rusty so we could go get Trevor's baseball uniform. Picked it up (Detroit Tigers) and chatted with the coach for a minute. He's always going 20 different directions when they are having practice so it's impossible to talk to him. I told him how I used to wait on his wife and little girls (who are now in college!) when they used to come in a store I used to work in. 

Got in the car, picked up some McFlurries to enjoy while we waited for Jessica to be ready to pick up.

We ended up going to the park for a little bit since we still had half an hour to kill. I got out for a bit and the kids were playing on this monster thing.

Does anyone else get totally wigged out by these things? It's freaking HUGE! One slip of the foot and accidentally letting go and your head first into a bunch of poles and the ground!! I took the picture and then whimpered back to the car while the kids played.  I guess they are good for their motor skills but man they scare the crap out of me!

Finally time to go get Jess and we don't even get a quarter of a mile from the school and she's already digging into me. UGH. I swear the kid stresses me out!! She wants me to drive her to town tomorrow to a friends house so she can do her hair (the freaking Spanish teacher wants their hair curled for tomorrow night's performance?? Give me a fucking break!) and make up. Then I'd have to pick her up from town and then drive her to the bigger city (about 30-40 minutes away) for her performance, which she doesn't want me to watch, then pick her up afterwards to drive her home. 

That's in addition to taking Trevor to his pancake breakfast (which ends at 11) and his picture day for baseball (same place as breakfast) at 12:30. 

I was already feeling like a bit of a ping-pong ball so I put up a little fight about driving her for the hair and make up thing. Seriously the girl spends all her time straightening her hair. All she has to do is NOT straighten it and it will be fine. Of course she doesn't see it my way though. I'm just a big bitch for suggesting I DON'T DRIVE her somewhere and everything is all my fault because I haven't paid the $275 for her to get her driver's training class.


So we're home for a few minutes while she gets ready to go to the movies. YES, we are going out AGAIN. She's ready so her and I hop in the car and go on our way. As we are driving a little black and white bunny comes out of freaking no where and commits suicide by running under my car :( Poor little bunny. Then not a full minute later this dog runs out in the middle of the road and I almost hit it!! THEN we are almost to the movies and I'm stopped at the stop sign when a car going the other direction just BLOWS through the stop sign going at least 50 miles an hour. 

I sat there stunned that if we had just moved a little faster we so would have just DIED by getting hit by that car!!  I'm convinced that that little bunny was throw at me by God to slow me down. Apparently I didn't slow down enough so he threw in the dog to freak me out. That worked.

Scary stuff!!

Luckily I made it home safely (confirmed I did actually hit the poor bunny) although I was really questioning myself that it was even safe to drive. I've talked Scott into going to pick her up later. I've had enough driving for today!
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Sara Strand said...

I asked my parents for a ride one time. My dad gave me a bus schedule. SO...I learned the public bus system at age 13 while hanging out at bus stops with skeezy people and the guy who constantly had his hand down his pants and talking to the posted schedule.

And even when I got my license? I never got to take the car. Nope. I had it for two years before my parents bought me a 1988 Ford Taurus TANK that had more temporary than permanent parts in it. My dad said I'd build "character". But I can picture my mom's face if I had asked her for a ride. heehee...

Chris H said...

We all end up being taxis mate! It's part of the parent contract. Sad about the bunny. But good you didn't collect it at the intersection!

Mary~Momathon said...

That whole taxi drama thing made me cringe with memories. It's not only fresh in my memory, but it's in my future too. ACK! The whole "Mom you are ruining my life! Will you give me a ride?" thing drives me nuts.

Maybe I'll make the next batch of kids ride the public transit bus. Eww, smart ass sarah may have more character than I hope my kids ever have. Ick, guy with his hand down his pants?

way to drive that taxi, mama!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

She doesn't want your blog title to be a lie!

Sometimes the universe does seem to be looking out for us. I'm glad it worked for you.

Gordostyle said...

I'm so glad God made angels to show us his work! :o)

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