Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cleaning windows is expensive

Well yesterday was exciting! I did the usual go to work thing. I had to get off early so that I could pick up Jessica to get her to her softball practice. Her school has early release day on Mondays. So they get out at 1:30ish and that means they moved softball practice up to 2:30. Across town. No bus. So I got off work an hour early to rush over there and pick her up. I ended up giving two other girls a ride also (because hello? we live in a bedroom community city and all the parents work at least an hour away). It took us 20 minutes to get across our small town, even witnessing a fender bender along the way. Crazy! Everyone and their brother was out.  Got her there on time and dropped her off.

Drove home and picked up the little kids and got busy working on cleaning their window in their bedroom. I wanted to get to the far side and the bunk bed covers that part up so I was attempting to pull it out when CRASH BOOM BANG. Shit.

I broke the bottom bed. (Yes all that shit was under the bed!) It might be dead although Scott is attempting to fix it. We'll see. Their room looks like a bomb went off in it! So amid all that chaos I got the window clean :) then it was rush to pick up Jessica again.

We got there right on time but what's this? She's not coming to the car?? She's talking to a bunch of people so I don't want to embarrass her and honk but WTH hurry up! She sends me a text that she has to practice for another half an hour for catchers and pitchers. Nice.

So Trevor, Rusty and I sit in the car. Trevor can't even get out because he didn't bring his shoes (they got buried in the bedroom fiasco). That was a long half an hour. Finally she got done.

Get home and work on the bedroom a bit trying to clean it up a bit and started taking down the border that was up in there. Trevor's been slowly picking it off anyhow. I guess I'll be painting their room soon.

While I was waiting for Jessica a  friend called me and reminded me that they were doing a line dancing class down at the hall at 7 so I heated up some left overs for me and the kids and got ready to go. Jessica had used one of my contact lens top cover thingies on her contacts and somehow MY contact case ended up with two R lids. Great. So I was giving her crap about that and she got all pissed at me and then didn't want to go to the line dancing thing with me anymore because I'm SO MEAN. (nevermind the fact that I spent all day waiting and running around for her?) So Melissa and I went down to the hall and my mom was down there too and she had brought 2 friends which was fun. My next door neighbor was there and the lady that was teaching the class is in my book club. I knew almost everyone there! Amazing :)

So after an hour I finally got the dance down the last time we did it! I'm so uncoordinated but I was happy to see I wasn't the worst lol. After we got done my friend and I wanted to go have a drink so I sent Melissa home with my next door neighbor. We went into the bar and sat down. There were two other people in there not counting the gal that was running the bar. When we first sat down she was cleaning the grill. Then she walks past us and starts folding towels? After five minutes my friend asked if we could have a drink? Sheesh. Finally she came over and I ordered a drink and she got it and took the money with no talking at all. Nice huh? I think we were being dogged!! Whatever! Weird weird weird.

Went home after having my drink and put the bed back together for Melissa. Trevor slept on his mattress in the living room. So either we'll be getting new beds soon or Scott will fix them, but that sure is going to cost me a lot of money to get their window clean!
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Sara Strand said...

That is no good. I have to get Jackson a "big boy bed" pretty soon. I have the bed, just need mattress/box spring. Not fun.

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