Monday, June 28, 2021

Sewing & Kittens

 Good morning we made it to Monday again. 

I pretty much spent the whole weekend sewing and of course feeding kittens. Last night I had a  horrible stomach ache. I still have a little bit lingering today. I used to get pains like this quite a bit when I had a gall bladder. It's like I ate too much fat and my body can't process it. Although the only thing I ate that would qualify was some tortilla chips. I can't think of anything else that would have triggered that. Hopefully it leaves soon!

Friday I got my free stuff put out. I think most of it is still there except for the big cabinet and the rolling scrapbook bag. I am going to bag up what is left and put it in the car to take to the donation place tomorrow when I go into work.

I have been waiting to do more sewing until I finished up this little quilt top. I finally finished it on Saturday. Tubby insisted on helping. It didn't matter where I laid it out she'd come help haha.

I tried using a spray basting adhesive this time. It worked pretty good. A lot easier than using a ton of safety pins to hold it all together until it is sewn. Not perfect but it is finished!

Then it made up some more tote bags out of the super cute bunny fabric panels I have. My mom bought 2 of the panels from me to make herself some pillows.  The prints are just so adorable.

This is the other side

bag #2

Other side. Hopefully I can actually sell these or I'm going to have a lot of tote bags haha.

Other than a couple small pieces left of bunny fabric I got all of that sewn up. Next in my stash is butterflies. I'm thinking of going into my character fabrics next though since those sell faster at my shows.

The kittens are very mobile now. I'm just waiting for them to figure out how to scale the baby gate keeping them in the bathroom. I let them out to run around the kitchen and living room when we were all watching them and three of them ended up taking a nap. 

Trevor brought them in my sewing room at one point and I was like they can't around in here (too many places to get lost) so he plopped them in Tina's box.

Of course they figured out how to get out of there.

Sometimes I sit on the toilet lid and feed them on the bathroom counter. They figured out how to climb the toilet paper to get closer to me. That is put up now haha.

I've started giving them wet food. I can't wait to not have to bottle feed them anymore. Then we can work on getting them adopted some more.

I watched this show on Netflix it was really good! Totally enjoyed it. It was like music through the years and different genres of music. 

Ok off to do my 3 emails sitting in my in box. Tomorrow I have to go into the office to mail out letters. I got all the letters done on Friday so the hard part is done.
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Friday, June 25, 2021


Good morning! It's Friday woohoo

I do not have any plans for this weekend, which is nice!
Hard to believe this is the last weekend of June already.

Yesterday I got an email for two free nights in Reno for July so I booked two nights at the end of the month for Scott and I.

Should be fun! We are going camping in July too so it will be some nice vacation time (hopefully).

I still need to pick some dates and book a place for my mom and I to go to in August. I think we are going to go to Solvang which is a really cute Dutch touristy place. She has never been there.

Yesterday I was a sloth after work and didn't do anything. I think I inhaled a little too much dirt out in the garage the other day. I probably should have used my inhaler yesterday but didn't really think about it other than thinking hmm my chest feels tight. Duh.

Today I would like to get back to what I was working on out there and get my free table stuff set up a bit and wash the rest of the misc stuff I had found in the garage to wash.

I was looking at Tik Tok this morning and came across this gal who as 11 children. She had her first one when she was 14. She's only like 36 or something. I can't imagine having 11 kids. Her first one flew the nest already (surprise, she was probably like I need to get the hell out of this place).  She supports herself by her artwork and her husband does odd jobs.  I wonder how the story sounds from the kid's perspective.  Always find people with alternative life styles so interesting. I'd be a basket case I know that. Thank God for birth control and getting tubes tied. Who can even have sex with that many people in the house. 

Well guess these work letters aren't going to write themselves. Sigh. So boring. Hope you all have a good weekend!

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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Cleaning and Crap

Good morning happy Thursday!

Here is your kitten photo for the day. After they get fed they like to hang out on me. I need to look up when they can start having some canned cat food, they all want to eat at once and get cranky.  I need one of those multi bottle holders people make for goats haha.

Yesterday I finished all of the regular laundry. FINALLY. 
Scott has his old car he's been working on since 1993 in the garage with the trunk open. Over time he throws random shit in the truck. I ended up cleaning that out since there was some sleeping bags in there that I wanted to wash then one thing lead to another and I cleaned a big portion of the garage up.

Oh look more paystubs. I found a bunch of them from 2020 in the truck of that car. WHY WHY would you put them there? I think I'm going to buy a small shredder for the house so I can shred them faster instead of waiting until I go to work.   I also found a BAG of them on top of his tool box and some in a 2nd tool box. One was even from his old job he hasn't worked at in years. 

Inside of his tool box drawers was almost no tools. They are all over everywhere. I started organizing them a bit which I know men hate but at least now I'll know where I can find a screwdriver. Still loads to clean up out there but at least we can walk around a bit. Oh and I need to finish washing more of that laundry I made for myself.

Here's a picture you haven't seen in awhile. Food! I did an episode of Chopped to make dinner. It turned out pretty good. Chicken I had cooked the other day, some pasta, spicy diced tomatoes, partial jar of pasta sauce, a zucchini and cheese on top. I need to get some more groceries soon haha. I kind of like the challenge of coming up with something to cook from what's left around here though.

They posted the rest of the selections for new contracts today and there are SO MANY. Happy for the farmers but sad for me haha. Lots of work to do for a few days while I see what they need to complete their eligibility and write their letters.

Hope you all have a great day!


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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Grandma Time

Good morning! It's Wednesday already. The week is going by fast.  Scott and Trevor are off to work. I was up early to feed the kittens, cats, got the laundry going and the last load folded. I'm about out of hangers. Funny how that happens when you get all the clothes washed. Time to purge more stuff out of the closet ;) I have a pile going to do another free table outside. I think I will do it on Saturday.

This little cutie came over for a little bit while his mom went to the store to get some new shoes for WORK! She got a job as a server at a little restaurant/bar down the road.

He is just about the cutest I think haha.

and we had a little snuggle nap which is the best

I moved the kittens into the bathroom so they have more room to run around and hopefully get the cat box figured out soon.

I was laying on the floor playing with them and they all ended up here. They must like me or something. Milk Lady!

Still haven't done any sewing. I went and laid down on my bed at like 8 last night and I don't think I lasted long. Getting up a bit earlier is exhausting haha. BUT I do really wish I was a morning person, it would make life so much easier.

Still working on my laundry monster. Only a few more loads and I'll be all caught up. Then I need to wash my bedding again lol. Never ends.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Busy doing nothing

 Good morning happy Tuesday!

I feel like I've already been up for days. Get up feed the kittens, feed the cats, take a shower, on my second load of laundry. I'm on a laundry mission!

Melissa is going to come over later today to play kittens. Assuming we'll have lunch when she comes over. Jess if off on a job interview, hope it goes well!

I cleaned off my sewing table a bit to get my quilt backing started but that's as far as I got for some reason. Need to get back to that today. 

Other than that it is just trying to keep the house cleaned up and putting all these clothes away.

I thought this was sad

Yesterday I was almost out of kitten food so I ordered some from Petco/Instacart which was AWESOME. Delivered in about an hour.

This is the can when you open it up. Hellooooooo is there anything in there? Hey lets use this giant can and only partially fill it up so we sell more.

This is 2 cans minus 10 scoops put into one. Now that's more like it.

I've had the kittens for a week now. They are getting so big. Last night we let them play on the kitchen floor and after awhile they finally got a little braver and walked around a bit.

My work made some stupid new payment policy. It goes like this.

1. boss or other employee marks that we can pay it in the system.
2. emails me
3. I get everything ready and email/mail to the customer
4. customer sends it back (hopefully the right way
5. I click a few things, upload a few things
6. Email the program assistant who goes through a checklist and clicks a button
Today's 6a. Finds a mistake Julie made and sends it back
7. She emails my boss for her to now click a button
8. Boss emails me to tell me it is done I think.. haven't got that far yet.

So stupid. Before we left out the boss part so we've added several more steps on someone that is super busy.

Well hope you all have a great day it's almost time to change the laundry over again.
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Monday, June 21, 2021

Joe's Birthday and Weekend Organizing

Good morning! I spent a big chunk of Friday cleaning my room up. I finally got ALL my scrapbook and other craft stuff out of my bedroom. This whole top section of my closet organizer was scrapbooking stuff with some crafty stuff on the very top. I also had some stuff in the top and bottom drawers too.

 I worked on it a bit on Sunday too and got all my sheets moved over (I have a lot in the wash) which got rid of a tall cabinet in my room. I also put the little bit of records and my little record player in there for now. I had a cute wire record rack but everything kept falling off of it.

Still need to figure out what I want do do for flooring but kind of waiting on getting the back door in there either taken out and filled in or replaced. I'm leaning towards just putting in another sliding glass door since that will be less time consuming. (Learned from how long it took to put the windows in..)

Also need to take the wall paper off, texture and paint but that will happen later too. Just nice to not be tripping over crap in there.

Rusty posing. He has been licking his paw he's got an owie in between his toes I think. I can't really see anything wrong with it other than his nail looks a little croooked. Hopefully it starts to feel better for him and I don't have to take him in.

Saturday Scott's side of his face was all swollen up. So weird! He said it didn't really hurt. He took some Benadryl and iced it a bit and it went down by the end of the day.

We went over to my brother Joe's house around noon for his birthday. He is 38 now!  My sister in law put this fire torch thing on his cake. I thought for sure the thing over the table was going to catch on fire. The smoke alarm ended up going off too.

We spent most of the party out by the pool. The baby saw the water and was all excited. All the little cousins had fun playing together.

Scott went in with him too. He is such a water baby!

This is my newest niece Stella with my mom and of course Daniel and Jess. Funny that Stella and Jess are the 1st cousins. I was like that with most of my 1st cousins on my mom's side.

Playing with the boxing ball

Jess taking a mirror picture with the cousins

My mom and dad with all the grandkids and one great grand. Melissa is the only one missing since she had to work.

and Scott having a siesta out on the patio haha. He cracks me up.

The kittens continued to be cute ;) I think I have homes for at least 2 maybe 3 of them so that is good!

Hope you all have a good day it isn't supposed to be quite as hot today TG. ONLY 91!

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Friday, June 18, 2021

Kittens & Groceries

 Good morning Happy Friday!

At the last minute yesterday they gave us Friday off for the new Federal holiday of Juneteenth

So I can go over to my friends house for swimming a little earlier. Last night was so hot I ended up sleeping on the couch in the living room. This is the couple times a year when I wish I had central heat and air. Then it's over and our wall AC is fine. 

Our wall AC works really well but if you put it on the automatic setting it kicks on and off so much. Like that 1 minute you ran did not change a thing I'm sure. Really annoying. I need to play with it a bit and see if there is a better setting. 

Here's the morning kitten picture. They are snoozing after being fed. They are starting to get really rowdy when they are hungry now. Usually about 2-3 hours.

Last night when Scott got home he was like hey come look at this cat out in the field, maybe it is there mom! I went out and looked (but didn't have my glasses on) and was like yeah maybe. 

If she was the mom she would be feral so not sure how we'd go about getting them all back together. BUT this morning he saw that same cat with another litter of kittens that are a bit older. So guess that wasn't the mom. Sadly there will be more kittens to try and get fixed. My neighbors have been feeding them and taking them in to get fixed the last few years but they never get them all so there are always more kittens.  At least these ones won't be wild and can go somewhere else when we find them homes. Several people have asked about them so that is good. 

I put in an Instacart order this morning for a few things and messaged the person shopping to please read the directions. I did that last time and the guy just drove around and was like I thought maybe it was one of the houses I delivered to before. Now why would you just drive around instead of looking at the delivery instructions someone specifically told you to look at? I hope this one is smarter. 

Well I guess I should get dressed and work on cleaning up the kitchen and doing some laundry. What every woman wants to do on her day off haha.
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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Kitten Land

 Good morning happy Thursday! It really is Thursday today haha.

I am super tired from doing kitten duty over night and then trying to fall back asleep to someone snoring. Finally put headphones and some music on and that worked.

Look everyone is still alive! They have all gained a good amount of weight and definitely know what to do when presented with a bottle now.

Tina and Tubby are taking out their anger of having kittens here by scratching my couch and the rug. Naughty kitties. Got the couches covered up again so hopefully that helps. 

Melissa came over and we went to La Villa for lunch. It was so  yummy. Melissa was like the burritos are smaller and I'm like yep just like all the other places, stepped down to the smaller tortillas. Hey whatever they have to do to stay in business works for me.

Later we took a ride to Joanns so I could get some batting for the little yellow quilt top I made. I bought some basting spray to try too. Now just need to figure out where to lay it out at.

No plans for today other than kitten duty and work (which is super slow still). Tomorrow after work we are going to my friend Carolyn's again for swimming. It is supposed to be 109 today and 108 tomorrow. Blech so gross.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Babies! The Furry Kind.

 Good morning happy Wednesday!

I really thought it was Thursday but just double checked haha.

So my neighbor tried to take the kittens to all the shelters within like 40 miles and no one would take them. I told her if she picked up some bottles and formula I would take them since I was afraid they were going to die from not eating for so long. We think the mom may have got hit by a car since my neighbor's son moved a hit cat off the main road and the house they were found near is not too far away.

So now I have a box of kittens on my kitchen table. Everyone made it through the night TG. 

Yesterday I just fed them every time they cried. Everyone has the bottle figured out now but it was a little hard at first.

Jessica & Melissa came over to help with them too. Jess gave them all a bath in Dawn and picked the fleas off of them.

I gave them all nick names. This one I am calling Buster Jr since he looks like my Buster boy. He's got a bit of a janky eye. My other neighbor brought over some eye cream for them so the girls put a little on there.

I'm calling this one Felix. I'm most worried about him, he doesn't eat as much and isn't very vocal. Hoping he makes it.

Calling this one Spot since she/he is spotty. I THINK this one is a girl.

and a little Tiger. Think this one might be a girl too but not sure.

Spot & Tiger

My other cats are NOT HAPPY haha. The dogs are just interested in them, especially Snookie. She probably would have been a great doggy mom.

Well that's my world for the last bit haha. Melissa might cover over today since she doesn't have any work. Trevor went with Scott to work today too so it's all quiet at the moment.

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