Monday, June 14, 2021

Fun and Stress and Sewing Repeat

Good morning, Happy Monday!

Well lets hope it is happy anyways. 

Friday afternoon I went to meet up with my friend Sarah who I helped move to Texas years ago.
We went to our usual lunch meet up spot La Morenita's in Ceres.

Our world is so weird now. I THINK we're still supposed to be wearing masks until the 15th of June but no one was wearing them when I got there except the people actually working. IDK why the 15th is the magic day. It's tomorrow though so I hope it is true. So sick of masks.

Anyhow, LOVE hanging out with Sarah, she is so much fun. We can be apart for years and get right back in the grove of it all when we hang out.

Sarah had been traveling a bit and she was telling me how she noticed everywhere has scaled back how much food they put on the plates. She was right. For example this used to be twice as big, made with a bigger tortilla. It is PLENTY of food but they used to have bigger portions. This is a beef chimichanga by the way, so good!

Selfie on the way out. 

After I left there life had SO MUCH STRESS. Can't talk about it here but somethings are just so so stressful I wonder how I don't keel over from a heart attack.

Here is my sewing while I try to keep myself together. Finished off these bird wine totes Friday night. I LOVE them. I was going to sell off the rest of the fabric but decided to keep it in case I want to make some more stuff out of it.

Saturday was low key. Scott went to get new tires for his truck, came back and washed it and then SLEPT ALL DAY on and off. I was like I don't know how you can even go to bed at night. He said he didn't really think he was sleeping all that well. Uh sure. 

A few more things made up out of bird fabrics. I pulled out a lot of fabrics to sell off. 

After birds is bunnies! The little bags I had already had cut out from before and didn't have any cozies made out of the cute print yet so made those up. Pulled out more fabric to sell.

Sunday Scott was having palpitations again. He ONLY has had this happen on the weekends which leads me to believe it is anxiety induced. He's already on all the meds they would give someone for that unless it was REALLY bad so he just waits it out. Fun.

I had the 2 bunny fabrics on the borders here that I decided to make a little quilt with. I love the bunny fabric on the top because I had a bunny costume when I was a kid. My mom made it out of the same print only with a pink background. It was super cute. I donated it years ago in one of my cleaning out frenzies. Can't keep everything in a small house.

Anyhow, decided to use some of my vintage sheets to add to it and do a disappearing 9 block again. I don't know what I did but I had to trim the blocks a lot. A few of them were REALLY crooked.  I got it all sewn together though, just need to iron it really good and do the backing and quilting parts (and binding of course). Going to try and do that before I do any other projects. BUT I think I'll have to make a trip to Joann's maybe for more batting. I need to pull out what I have and see if it will work.

I'm going to plan a little get away trim for my mom and I. Just checked with my boss for what dates I can take off in August and she said she personally was approved for the first week in August so probably will shoot for then. Trying to decide where to go for a couple days!


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