Friday, June 18, 2021

Kittens & Groceries

 Good morning Happy Friday!

At the last minute yesterday they gave us Friday off for the new Federal holiday of Juneteenth

So I can go over to my friends house for swimming a little earlier. Last night was so hot I ended up sleeping on the couch in the living room. This is the couple times a year when I wish I had central heat and air. Then it's over and our wall AC is fine. 

Our wall AC works really well but if you put it on the automatic setting it kicks on and off so much. Like that 1 minute you ran did not change a thing I'm sure. Really annoying. I need to play with it a bit and see if there is a better setting. 

Here's the morning kitten picture. They are snoozing after being fed. They are starting to get really rowdy when they are hungry now. Usually about 2-3 hours.

Last night when Scott got home he was like hey come look at this cat out in the field, maybe it is there mom! I went out and looked (but didn't have my glasses on) and was like yeah maybe. 

If she was the mom she would be feral so not sure how we'd go about getting them all back together. BUT this morning he saw that same cat with another litter of kittens that are a bit older. So guess that wasn't the mom. Sadly there will be more kittens to try and get fixed. My neighbors have been feeding them and taking them in to get fixed the last few years but they never get them all so there are always more kittens.  At least these ones won't be wild and can go somewhere else when we find them homes. Several people have asked about them so that is good. 

I put in an Instacart order this morning for a few things and messaged the person shopping to please read the directions. I did that last time and the guy just drove around and was like I thought maybe it was one of the houses I delivered to before. Now why would you just drive around instead of looking at the delivery instructions someone specifically told you to look at? I hope this one is smarter. 

Well I guess I should get dressed and work on cleaning up the kitchen and doing some laundry. What every woman wants to do on her day off haha.
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