Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Bear & Bees Bag

Good morning! Happy June 1st!
This year is flying by even though some days seem so slow.

I spent most of the day yesterday playing with a new project. I cleaned up my sewing room before the graduation party and it was so nice to just start with a nice clean work place. I opened up my drawer of fabric for some inspiration of something to work on. "Bees" is the first thing so I pulled out all the bee fabrics thinking I'd probably make some more little bags or something. 

I had this vest print that I probably got at the thrift store. I cut it out and looked at it trying to decide what I wanted to do. I thought about doing a little quilt but didn't really feel like it. So I decided I'd make a tote bag. 

I went on Pinterest for some ideas and ended up buying a pattern on Etsy. The pattern I bought was for a scrappy type tote and super confusing so I basically just used the one pattern piece it included which was the top handle piece and winged the rest.

Pictures are a little dark since I took them when I finished last night. I think it turned out pretty cute!

This is the other side. It is a pretty good sized tote bag. I will probably make some more in this style. I have a lot of panel prints that would be fun.

I put the remaining printed piece inside for a pocket.

I finished just in time to make a late dinner. I swear we eat dinner later and later all the time. I made some pepper steak which we haven't had in forever. Jess came over and got a plate for herself haha. Nice thing about her living so close.

Today I'm going to work with the left over pieces from the vest print and make a zip bag and maybe something else, possibly a mug rug. 

It is already hot in my sewing room/office. It is supposed to be 101 today.  I just remembered I'm going to the movies tonight to see Cruella. Hopefully their AC is working :)

While I was sewing I was watching the latest Dirty John Betty movie on Netlix. It took a bit to get going since it jumped around a bit but it was pretty good. It is based on a true story so of course I had to go look up the real person afterwards. 

Ok off to do some payments, hope you all have a great day!

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