Saturday, June 5, 2021

Swimming Day

Yesterday we spent the day at my friend Carolyn's house. Both my girls came to swim and the baby :)
 This is the first time my 2 friends and I have hung out together since Jessica's baby shower, so it has been 8 months.

The baby loves the water

My friends finally got to meet him in person

Dee's boys and Carolyn's granddaughter in the hottub

Her backyard was so nice to hang out in, made me want to work on my backyard mess haha

Carolyn's husband ordered us an ice cream cake from Cold Stone to celebrate our missed birthdays. So funny

I'm dragging today, so tired. They are having a little thing for my nephew Tony's graduation so need to get ready soon to go to that. 

Life is starting to get back to normal finally. Soon we'll be busy all the time again!


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