Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Sewing, Working, Babies and Graduates

Hello! Happy Hump Day!
I worked in the office yesterday so never got around to blogging.

Monday night I got all my owl stuff finished up and even put in my Etsy shop. My Etsy shop is dead dead dead. Almost thinking about not even having it. It is a lot of work to list stuff on there. Easier to just set up for a booth sale and sell that way.

The gal that does a lot of the shows I do has been doing some shows in Reno. Reno is like three hours away from here. They do Saturday & Sunday which is a lot but if it was turned into a little mini vacation... thinking it might be kind of fun.

Pretty sure scrappy keychains are my favorite thing to make besides string quilt blocks.

Look at this cutie pie, he is 8 months old now! Jess planted sunflower seeds all along the front and side of the cabin and they look amazing. So much fun. 

My dog just barked and my eye twitched. I swear their barking drives me nuts. One good thing about working in the office.

When I got home yesterday someone had been making a mess with my fabrics. Pretty sure this is Tina doing this.

I'm in to the "bird" section of my fabrics. I have quite a few panels. Here is the first one to work on. I asked my Facebook friends what I should make with these and tote bags won.

Here is the first one in progress that I was working on last night. I am going to do a flower on one side and bird on the other. The other side is put together just have to do the "quilting" that I did on this side.

My nephew Tony graduated yesterday. I watched it live on You Tube. I have to say I kind of like how everything is streaming now. You can participate without having to deal with driving there, crowds, etc. Although people were so stupid in the comments that kept scrolling through. I pretty much just listened until they got close to his name though.

I love how all the 18 year olds giving speech give advice about how to go out and live their lives. Ohhh if only you knew haha.

I kind of cracked myself up when I looked down before bed last night. Anyone else have this situation when they are done sewing for the night?

Today is the last application ranking deadline of the fiscal year (we start over October 1st) which usually would mean all kinds of crazy for me but since they have changed the order of how things are done it's not really anything for me to do with it today.  Looks like they will pick who gets contracts on the 23rd. THEN I'll be busy again for a bit. Sounds like there won't be a whole lot of selections so maybe not even then.

Ok off to catch up on some reading I missed yesterday! Have a good day everyone!

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