Friday, June 4, 2021


Good morning! Happy Friday!
I have the day off today to go swimming over at my friend's house later. I should have just taken 1/2 a day off but I had already requested it off before I realized they didn't want to do anything until 1 ish.  Oh well guess I'll bum around the house BY MYSELF. Trevor went to work with Scott again today so it is just me and the animals.

I went into work yesterday and did some file maintenance and letters. Still have some more to do for the latest contracts so I am going to go into work one day next week. I need to go back to going in like once a week or so. Honestly I'm kind of looking forward to going back to work in the office. Being at home is nice but after awhile the whole day just feels like a work day. You don't really get that transition of work to home life. Although I might change my schedule once we do go back since I don't have to get up to get the kids to the bus anymore.

After work I finished up the rest of the bee themed bags I was working on.

Then I made the masks Melissa wanted. I have made 1704 masks. I wonder if these will be the last? At work the people in the other department were not wearing masks. We have got mixed emails about if we have to or don't have to wear masks in the office. My boss said to be on the side of caution we should just wear them so I did when I was walking around (don't have to wear them when working in a room by yourself).

I am going to work on my "bird" themed fabrics now. Holy Moly I have a lot of bird fabrics. I decided to start with the flamingos first. I think I am going to make a couple mug cozies with the smaller prints, probably some zip bags out of the prints I don't have stocked already and maybe some mug rugs. I don't want to make too many things that are different from what I have in my craft booth since I know that things sell better if I have a lot of the same item but in different fabrics. That beings said I do get tired of making the same things lol. The 2 blue prints in the middle are pretty large so I might make something different with those.  We shall see! I don't have much yardage of any of them so whatever I make will be on the smaller side.

As usual I had my little helper supervising. 

Have a good weekend everyone!


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Chris H said...

Lol... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you two as well. Bit early.

Chris H said...

So is ours. 6/6/87.

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