Monday, June 21, 2021

Joe's Birthday and Weekend Organizing

Good morning! I spent a big chunk of Friday cleaning my room up. I finally got ALL my scrapbook and other craft stuff out of my bedroom. This whole top section of my closet organizer was scrapbooking stuff with some crafty stuff on the very top. I also had some stuff in the top and bottom drawers too.

 I worked on it a bit on Sunday too and got all my sheets moved over (I have a lot in the wash) which got rid of a tall cabinet in my room. I also put the little bit of records and my little record player in there for now. I had a cute wire record rack but everything kept falling off of it.

Still need to figure out what I want do do for flooring but kind of waiting on getting the back door in there either taken out and filled in or replaced. I'm leaning towards just putting in another sliding glass door since that will be less time consuming. (Learned from how long it took to put the windows in..)

Also need to take the wall paper off, texture and paint but that will happen later too. Just nice to not be tripping over crap in there.

Rusty posing. He has been licking his paw he's got an owie in between his toes I think. I can't really see anything wrong with it other than his nail looks a little croooked. Hopefully it starts to feel better for him and I don't have to take him in.

Saturday Scott's side of his face was all swollen up. So weird! He said it didn't really hurt. He took some Benadryl and iced it a bit and it went down by the end of the day.

We went over to my brother Joe's house around noon for his birthday. He is 38 now!  My sister in law put this fire torch thing on his cake. I thought for sure the thing over the table was going to catch on fire. The smoke alarm ended up going off too.

We spent most of the party out by the pool. The baby saw the water and was all excited. All the little cousins had fun playing together.

Scott went in with him too. He is such a water baby!

This is my newest niece Stella with my mom and of course Daniel and Jess. Funny that Stella and Jess are the 1st cousins. I was like that with most of my 1st cousins on my mom's side.

Playing with the boxing ball

Jess taking a mirror picture with the cousins

My mom and dad with all the grandkids and one great grand. Melissa is the only one missing since she had to work.

and Scott having a siesta out on the patio haha. He cracks me up.

The kittens continued to be cute ;) I think I have homes for at least 2 maybe 3 of them so that is good!

Hope you all have a good day it isn't supposed to be quite as hot today TG. ONLY 91!

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