Thursday, June 10, 2021

Sewing Tote Bags

Happy almost Friday!

I've been having fun making these tote bags out of the bird and flower panels. 

I have one more to make out of these. There is a butterfly set also but I'm putting those in with my butterfly fabrics for when I get there.

Loved this picture I stole from somewhere. I was feeling pretty down for most of yesterday but sewing is a nice mental break from other stuff.

Today I'm supposed to go over to my friend's house again after work. I don't think it is warm enough to go swimming but we'll see. I have to figure out where I put my swim suit after last week haha. My house is a mess but I spend all my time in my little office/sewing room. I need to do some cleaning up soon but I am going to make the boys clean too. Not feeling like being the maid!

Trevor stayed home today and left a bit ago to go mow his grandma's yard. She doesn't have much grass so it will probably take him longer to drive over there than to do the actual mowing.

Hope you all have a great day!

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