Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Babies! The Furry Kind.

 Good morning happy Wednesday!

I really thought it was Thursday but just double checked haha.

So my neighbor tried to take the kittens to all the shelters within like 40 miles and no one would take them. I told her if she picked up some bottles and formula I would take them since I was afraid they were going to die from not eating for so long. We think the mom may have got hit by a car since my neighbor's son moved a hit cat off the main road and the house they were found near is not too far away.

So now I have a box of kittens on my kitchen table. Everyone made it through the night TG. 

Yesterday I just fed them every time they cried. Everyone has the bottle figured out now but it was a little hard at first.

Jessica & Melissa came over to help with them too. Jess gave them all a bath in Dawn and picked the fleas off of them.

I gave them all nick names. This one I am calling Buster Jr since he looks like my Buster boy. He's got a bit of a janky eye. My other neighbor brought over some eye cream for them so the girls put a little on there.

I'm calling this one Felix. I'm most worried about him, he doesn't eat as much and isn't very vocal. Hoping he makes it.

Calling this one Spot since she/he is spotty. I THINK this one is a girl.

and a little Tiger. Think this one might be a girl too but not sure.

Spot & Tiger

My other cats are NOT HAPPY haha. The dogs are just interested in them, especially Snookie. She probably would have been a great doggy mom.

Well that's my world for the last bit haha. Melissa might cover over today since she doesn't have any work. Trevor went with Scott to work today too so it's all quiet at the moment.

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